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10 Best Donald Sutherland Movies You Must See!

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Here is the list of 10 best Donald Sutherland movies you should never miss. Donald Sutherland is a Canadian Veteran Actor who has been working with a career spanning more than 6 decades. He has won a Primetime Emmy Award and has been nominated for 9 Golden Globe Awards.

Below are our top recommendations for 10 best Donald Sutherland movies you should see.

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Ordinary People

10 best Donald Sutherland movies- Ordinary People
10 best Donald Sutherland movies- Ordinary People

Genre:  Drama
Runtime: 2h4m
Release year: 1980
Imdb Rating: 7.7/10

It is a story of Ordinary People, as the name suggests. This is an emotional Story that draws in the viewer and gives real emotional connection with the actors and ups and downs in their lives.

Conrad, troubled by his elder brother’s death, attempts to take his own life by jumping from a ship. This only ends with him going to the hospital. He then tries to console his mother and father and repair their relationships with the help of a psychologist. 

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a time to kill
a time to kill

Genre:  Crime, Drama, Thriller
Runtime: 2h29m
Release year: 1996
Imdb Rating: 7.4/10

Carl Lee is a the protagonist who takes revenge on the men who raped his daughter by chasing them and shooting them down. He is eventually acquitted for his crimes but hires a lawyer who he has full faith in, will he be saved from eventual punishment for his crimes or will he fail? This movie stars Samuel l. Jackson, Kevin spacey, Matthew McConhauge 


Donald Sutherland in six degree of separation
Donald Sutherland in six degree of separation

Genre:  Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Runtime: 1h53m
Release year: 1993
Imdb Rating:  6.8/10

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The movie is inspired by David Hampton, a real con artist who swindled his way into many high class or elite places, being able to extract much money and value out of people. It is also a satirical take on high class and culture in Manhattan, where the movie is set.

it focuses on how the con artist is able to charm his way into the house of a couple as he convinces them he is their son’s friend. They eventually kick him out of the house as his true identity comes forth.

Pride & Prejudice

pride and prejudice
pride and prejudice

Genre:  Drama, Romance
Runtime: 2h9m
Release year: 2005
Imdb Rating: 7.8/10

Next on our list for 10 best Donald Sutherland movies is Pride and Prejudice.

This adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel was highly criticized for not delivering the storyline accurately, instead deciding to zoom in on the romance between Elizabeth and Mr Darcy and calling it inferior to the 1995/other versions that came before it. Despite that the characters gave a good performance and many felt an undeniable chemistry, albeit hindered by Elizabeth’s reserved nature.


dont look now
dont look now

Genre:  Drama, Horror, Mystery
Runtime: 1h50m
Release year: 1973
Imdb Rating: 7.2/10

A grieving couple get a chance to connect with their daughter from beyond the afterlife, although John(played by Donald) is skeptical at first he too comes to believe that his daughter has become a ghost after seeing something unsettling.

What is the truth behind this appearance? Regardless the movie demands a certain emotional captivation and sucks the viewer in with its interesting storyline. This also takes a look at the psyche of the parents affected by the death of their young child and how they decide to deal with it. 


the day of locust
the day of locust

Genre:  Drama, Thriller
Runtime: 2h24m
Release year: 1975
Imdb Rating: 6.9/10

The movie is a satire in which Los Angeles shines and gives hope to the people, awakening their aspirations and making them motivated to work for their goals. Greed and ambition increases and Donald, playing a rather docile accountant, sees all of this unfold before his very eyes.

Felini’s Casanova

Felini's Casanova
Felini’s Casanova

Genre:  Biography, Drama, History
Runtime: 2h35m
Release year: 1976
Imdb Rating: 6.5/10

Casanova is a famous womanizer in history, he was known to have many mistresses over the course of his lifetime and is a name that is popular to this day. Felini’s Casanova is based on a similar premise where Donald plays an eccentric individual who makes his place among an even more weird people by using his sexuality. 

Kelly’s Heroes

Kelly's Heroes
Kelly’s Heroes

Genre:  Adventure, Comedy, War
Runtime: 2h24m
Release year: 1970
Imdb Rating: 7.6/10

During World War II, some American soldiers found the equivalent of a Treasure Map for gold hidden in Germany. It may contain a large amount of gold and these officers are motivated to seek it.

They try to slip past German officers and procure the money for themselves. More than 7 members gather and the plan is set into motion. These men are hell bent on getting the treasure through any means possible, even if it means forming an alliance with the opposing party. 

The Dirty Dozen

the dirty dozen
the dirty dozen

Genre:  Action, Adventure, War
Runtime: 2h30m
Release year: 1967
Imdb Rating: 7.7 / 10

Major Reisman wants some highly trained soldiers to use parachutes and cross into enemy territory assassinating the leader. For this purpose he hired 12 convicts and men who were criminalized for different reasons, despite their origins these men made up for soldiers with zest and enthusiasm to release their pent up energy and fight the enemy.

WWII films were popular at the time and Donald featured in more than a few of them, they also earned a part in spreading his fame as an actor in the starting of his career. 


ad astra
ad astra

Genre:  Adventure, Drama, Mystery
Runtime: 2h3m
Release year: 2019
Imdb Rating: 6.5/10

At the end of our list for 10 best Donald Sutherland movies is Ad Astra.

A mysterious solar surge threatens the lives and existence of all human beings. Brad Pitt, playing an astronaut must go into outer space in order to figure out the reason behind the disappearance of his father’s crew in space.

It may also be connected to the forces which now threaten to harm the solar system. The movie is a recent classic in sci-fi and may be a fun watch for those interested in the stunning visuals astrophysics has to offer.

All of these movies are available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu and all the other streaming services.

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