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10 Shows Like Pose You Must Watch

Here is a list of 10 Shows Like Pose You Must Watch! “Pose” is an American drama TV series. It is based on the drag concept featuring the LGBTQ community. The show inspires and motivates people to stand up for themselves.

It is based on New York City’s ballroom culture scene set in the 80s and 90s. The show is family based and has characters who are in the performance field like dancing and modeling. Set in a gruesome underworld full of competition, it also has the members supporting one another in need as they are stuck in a network of chosen families called Houses. Those who love drama with a bit of the vulnerability of glitz and glamour, showing out the real facet of the glamour world would love to know that there are other shows Like Pose just for you. Take a look.

1. Magnificent

Magnificent - 10 Shows Like Pose You Must Watch

It is a 2018 American reality tv series. It has a total of 2 seasons now and is one of the most awaited shows of 2022. It stars Alexis Michelle, BeBe Zahara Benet, Jujubee, and Thorgy Thor in lead roles. Its total running time per episode is 40 to 42 mins. It is one of the “drag me down the aisle” movies which features 4 drag queens who are sassy and bold in their way.

It has everything to do with the elite, fabulous, all glitz and glamour genre with sassy and classy women. They are all part of Ru Paul’s Drag Race alumnae and help with the preparations for the wedding of an engaged woman. Those who love drama with a bit of the vulnerability of glitz and glamour showing out the real facet of the glamour world would love this show. You must watch it.

2. We Are Here

We Are Here
We Are Here

Yet another of the reality TV Shows Like Pose, from American television, We Are Here has the content you have been looking for. It features former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants as the lead characters. The show follows the drag queen trio beginning to recruit small-town residents to participate in their reality show drag me down which is a one-night show. It is a very focused concept with the right amount of sass, and true LGBTQ essence and if you are a fan of the pose series, then this is a must-watch for you.

3. Legendary


Another one on the list of Shows Like Pose is this 2020-based American Reality TV show directed by Rik Reinholdtsen. It is an HBO Max creation. The show is like Dragnificient we previously discussed. It follows as the contestants explore Ball culture and successive competitions in the form of dancing, voguing, and walking events.

The contestants are from the LGBTQ group and have action adventures, fun, finger-sucking, and breathtaking performances as the contestants have a comeback like never before. Those who are reality tv show lovers and especially when who have watched drag me down previous shows, you’ll simply love it.

4. It’s A Sin

It's A Sin
It’s A Sin

It is a British drama miniseries based in London. Created and written by Russell T Davies and brought to action by directors Peter Hoar, it stars Olly Alexander, Omari Douglas, Callum Scott Howells, Lydia West, and Nathaniel Curtis in the lead role.

The show is based on the lives of a group of gay men as they struggle with their everyday lives and stereotypes about being gay daily until their struggle theme changes to HIV and AIDS tremendous crisis in the UK. For all drama and LGBTQ theme lovers, this show is a must-watch that has stories and relatable everyday issues of a common man.

5. Bonding


Bonding is a 2019-based American dark comedy streaming television series that just had to be on our list of Shows Like Pose. It has a total of 2 seasons created and directed by Rightor Doyle and stars Zoe Levin, Brendan Scannell, Micah Stock,  Theo Stockman, and Nana Mensah in the lead roles. The show is based on the life of its creator Rightor Doyle himself.

The story follows the life of Tiffany Chester also called Tiff who works on the dominatrix as she struggles to balance her personal and work life and the life of her gay best friend who is a waiter com stand up comedy aspirant who she wants to make her assistant. The show is a must-watch as the characters find their true calling and make their own identity in the world. For anyone who is a fan of Dark comedy, Comedy-drama, and Sex comedy, this is worth your time.

6. A Queen Is Born

A Queen Is Born
A Queen Is Born

A Queen Is Born is a 2020-based Brazilian television series. It is a reality-TV series and stars Phillip Jordan, Gloria Groove, Alexia Twister, and Silvero Pereira.

The show is based on the lives of drag queens and is yet another epic classic of the drag down the aisle franchise. The story follows as the drag queen aspirants endure the journey of self-discovery under the tutelage of Alexia Twister and Gloria Groove. The drag queen series lovers and some drama enthusiasts must watch the show.

7. Feel Good

Feel Good
Feel Good

Next on our list of Shows Like Pose is Feel Good. Feel Good is a 2020-based British comedy-drama television program. It is written by Mae Martin and Joe Hampson and it stars Mae Martin, Charlotte Ritchie, Lisa Kudrow,  Adrian Luki  Sophie Thompson, and Phil Burgers in the lead role. Originally released on Channel 4, All 4, and Netflix.

The show is the fictional version of the life of its writers Mae Martin and Joe Hampson as they struggle in their daily life funnily and dramatically and has Charlotte Ritchie plays Mae’s college-time girlfriend George who complicates his life and makes him realize his true sexuality and the man he is attracted to. The journey of self-discovery is awesome with a serious social issue presented in light storytelling with an ample dose of drama and comedy which is just what you are looking for. Am I right?

8. Snowfall


Next on our list of Shows Like Pose is Snowfall. Snowfall is a 2017-based American crime drama television series. It is created by John Singleton, Eric Amadio, and Dave Andron and stars Damson Idris, Carter Hudson, Emily Rio, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Michael Hyatt, and Amin Joseph.

It is the story of a tragic and unusual family who would do anything for money. Set in Los Angeles in the early 1980s, the story follows the lives of people during the epidemic of drugs and the struggles they face in dealing with the rise of drug trafficking meanwhile another family known for its history of crimes decides to trade cocaine to make money while also taking a CIA operator in confidence. This is a must-watch crime drama for your perfect tongue-tied family time.

9. The Americans

The Americans
The Americans

The Americans is an American period spy drama television series. It is created by Joe Weisberg and stars Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Maximiliano Hernández, and Holly Taylor. Anybody who is a fan of period drama, spy thriller, and serial drama would love to watch this show. It has everything from suspense to drama to finger-sucking nail-biting twists and turns.

It is a full suspense thriller and keeps you hooked till the end. The story follows a married couple during the Cold War between America and Russia as they are seen residing in Washington DC, America while in reality are Russian spies and pose as American citizens to spy on the American government. The show is a gritty plot exploring the real-life miseries faced by the people during the actual war and doesn’t disappoint at all.

10. The Bold Type

The Bold Type
The Bold Type

The Bold Type is a 2017-based American comedy-drama television series. It is created and developed by Sarah Watson and stars Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee, Meghann Fahy, and Sam Page. With a total running time of 41 to 45 mins, it enthralls us all. The show is low-key based on Joanna Coles, a long-time magazine editor and the executive producer for the show.

The show has the characters all leaning on each other for support and to survive in the publication house as they endure everyday struggles in The Global Woman’s  Magazine named Scarlet. The show has real-life struggles, Comedy, and drama that is just the show for viewers looking for a light comedy without much romance and action.

This concludes our list of Shows Like Pose You must Watch!

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