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493 KM For You Release Date, Plot, Cast & Streaming Details

493 KM For You is an upcoming South Korean Television Series by KBS2. 439 Km is one of the most awaited dramas as another sport-romance will take over the hearts of Korean drama fans. If you loved watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim-Bok-Joo, this drama is gonna be a must-watch for you guys. A story of a sports center where two people fall in love with each other as they grow in their field.

As the poster suggests it is a drama where we might see the main leads of the drama 493 KM playing badminton either at the training level or at a professional level. A sports rom-com isn’t a new field for South Korean drama fans. The audience has always adored and encouraged dramas that portray stories that can be a fun watch while it also encourages people to live a healthy life taking care of their physical body and playing sports.

The drama is a KBS2 original which is written by Heo Seong Hye. She is known for her movie The Bros and dramas like Tomorrow With You and Beyond The Clouds. 493 KM For You is directed by Jo Woong. Miracle That We Met and Justice are some of his great works. Surprisingly they have worked together before on a drama special. More information about the drama is yet to share.

Synopsis Of 493 KM For You

Synopsis Of 493 km For You
Synopsis Of 493 km For You

A love story from the Badminton Court.A sports rom-com presenting passion and love for badminton. Park Tae Joon is the male protagonist of the drama. He is a badminton player as his parents rooted for him from the very beginning. His parents run a sports shop where all he has seen is badminton equipment. Park Tae Joon particularly does not enjoy playing badminton and considers it work. It all changes with the encounter of the female protagonist.

Park Tae Yang is the female lead of the drama. She is a charismatic woman who puts her blood, sweat, and tears into the sport. She is a former aspiring Olympian who had to quit as she was involved in the bribing scandal. It ruined her life but somehow makes a comeback and that is what the story is about. Tae Joon falls in love with her and discovers getting better at sports is the only way to impress her. He starts working hard as the passion for the game arises within him.

The drama is a blend of passion and struggle for the sport that binds the love story of Tae Joon and Tae Yang. The teaser of the drama is released where we see great chemistry between the two of them in a very short period.

Cast Of 493 KM For You

Cast Of Synopsis Of 493 km For You
Cast of 493 km For You

493 km For You is a rom-com starring amazing actors who are yet to steal the hearts of the audience. Chae Jong Hyeop is known for his role in the television series Webtoon Hero – Tundra Show Season 2, Hot Stove League, and Sisyphus: The Myth. He recently appeared in the South Korean drama Nevertheless. He will play the role of Tae Jo, a goofy badminton player. He does not seem to enjoy the sport and considers it more like wor. The tables turn when he meets Tae Yang.

Park Joo Hyun will appear as Park Tae Yang. Park Joo Hyun is a beautiful South Korean actress who was seen in some of the best dramas like Extracurricular and Zombie Detective. She plays the role of a former aspiring Olympian who had quit and vanish for three years due to a scandal.TaeYang is referred to be the “Smash Queen” who returned to badminton after years.

Kwon So Hyun is known as a member of the South Korean girl group 4Minute. She has also worked in a few amazing dramas like Class Of Lies and The Secret Life Of My Secretary. She is gonna appear as a supporting cast of 493 km For You as Cheon Yoo Ri. Seo Ji Hye will play the role of Lee Yoo Min as supporting role. Seo Ji Hye is well-recognized for her role in Crash Landing On You. As of now, not a lot of information about the supporting roles is disclosed. However, it will be released soon.

Release Date And Streaming Details of 493 KM For You

Release Date And Streaming Details Of 493 KM For You
Release Date And Streaming Details Of 493 KM For You

493 km For You will be released on the 13th of April 2022. The drama is expected to end on 2 June 2022 but the final dates are not finalized yet. KBS2 is the original network of the drama where the South Korean audience can enjoy 493 Km For You. The international audience can stream the drama on online platforms. The duration of the episodes is likely to be 60 to 80 minutes each.493 km For You is a 16 episode drama. It is scheduled to air two days per week, Wednesday And Thursday. The timing of the drama will be 6:00 pm,7:30 pm, 11:30 pm, and 12:30 pm in India, Canada and USA, Australia, and the United Kingdom respectively.


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