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7 Movies Like Wild Card You Must See

Here are 7 Movies Like Wild Card You Must See. The Wild Card is a 2015 action thriller that follows a bodyguard with a gambling problem. Stuck in Las Vegas, Nick Wild takes on an odd job to support his gambling addiction. However, when things change for him he has to make the decision that will kick things faster for him and his mob. He has one last audacious play that could save him from the mob, then Nick decides to take the chance.

Directed by Simon West, Wild Card is based on the 1985 novel titled Heat by William Goldman and is a remake of the 1986 screen book starring Burt Reynolds. If you enjoyed Wild Card’s fast-paced action and subtle bits of humor, we have a complete title that you will dig.

1. Killer Elite

Killer Elite - 7 Movies Like Wild Card You Must See
Killer Elite

In Killer Elite (1980), some mercenaries like Danny Bryce, Hunter Davies, and Meier were in Mexico to assassinate a man. Danny is shot when he becomes absorbed after realizing he has killed the man in front of his young child. Affected by this incident that Danny retires and returns to his native Australia. The following year, Danny is forced to meet in Oman to meet a handler known as the agent. After arriving he gets t know that Hunter failed a $6 million job. If Danny does not complete his mission, the hunter will be executed. Watch the movie on Amazon Prime Video.

2. Parker (More Like Wild Card)

Parker (More Like Wild Card)
Parker (More Like Wild Card)

Parker in the series could be a skilled thief: his mentor hurley asks him to require an amendment to the job with the crew he doe, not apprehend, consisting of Melander, Carlson, Ross, and Hardwicke. They succeed in robing the Ohio truth, however, exhausting Hardwicke alters the arrangement and makes him a trap. They need him to be killed, however, he survives the accident and bets them with the grateful ally. You can watch the movie on Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and Peacock.

3. The Hitman’s Bodyguard

The Hitman's Bodyguard
The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Hitman’s Bodyguard is a movie in which the male lead (Ryan Reynolds) is given the task of protecting Daris Kincaid (Samuel L Jackson) one of the world’s most dangerous assassins. Watch this movie on Amazon Prime Video.

4. Get Carter

Get Carter
Get Carter

New castle-born malefactor Jack Carter has lived in London for years under the use of gangland crime bosses Gerald and Sid Fletcher. The male lead is sleeping with Gerald’s girlfriend anna and he plans to escape with her to monetary Pakistan, however, he must first return to Newcastle and Gateshead to attend the ceremony of his brother, Frank who died in a pretend drink-driving accident. Watch the movie on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

5. The Transporter

The Transporter
The Transporter

Frank Martin is a former special operations soldier and now highly skilled driver/mercenary residing in southern France whose callsign is the transporter. He strictly follows three rigid rules while transporting. In Nice, Frank is hired to transport three bank robbers with his black BMW735i, but they hoist the fourth man in his car after the robbery. You can watch the movie on Hotstar.

6. John Wick

John Wick
John Wick

John Wick, after losing his wife Helen to a terminal illness, receives a beagle puppy named Daisey whom Helen had arranged to send before she died, to help him with his grief. Despite John’s stoic demeanor, he bonds with the puppy eyes and they spend the day driving around in his car. At a gas station, he encounters a trio of Russian gangsters whose leader Losef insists on buying his car, which John refuses to sell or be crowed by Losef’s attempts at intimidation. That evening, the gangsters break into John’s home knock him unconscious, kill Daisey, and steal his car. Watch this movie on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and Apple Tv.

7. Heat (Similar To Wild Card)

Heat (Similar To Wild Card)
Heat (Similar To Wild Card)

Neila Mc Cauley is a professional thief based in Los Angeles he and his crew- Chris Shiherils, Michael Chitto, Trejo and newly hired hand Waingro rob $1.6 million in bare bonds from an armored car. During the robbery which they planned, Waingro kills a guard without goading. McCauley kills a second guard who attempts to pull out his concealed weapon and Chitto kills the third to not leave any witnesses. Later Mc Cauley prepares to kill Waingro, but Waingro escapes. Police investigate the robbery. Watch the movie on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple Tv.

This was our list of 7 Movies Like Wild Card You Must See! Hope you liked our recommendations!

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