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7 Shows Like Saturday Night Live

Sketch comedy shows like Saturday Night Live have always been super popular. They are a great way to ‘shake things up and a way to keep our attention engaged long enough to keep track of what’s going on.

Since 1975, Saturday Night Live has entertained American audiences with political satire and comedy skits that parody everything from aspects of pop culture to current events. I’ve been praising Saturday Night Live on this site, but what about other sketch comedy shows? Is anyone else worth noting? I could sit here all day watching all the great sketch comedy shows I’ve seen, but these are my top 7 favorite shows like Saturday Night Live. Some are still airing or have been sent over cable, but most have not and can be found on Netflix or YouTube.

1. In Living Color

In Living Colour
In Living Colour

For years, the Fox network seemed desperate to create its own Saturday Night Live-style hit show. They had dabbled in various concepts on The Tracey Ullman Show but went headlong into sketch comedy on In Living Color. The network hired Keenen Ivory Wayans to create the series, and the actor and comedian were determined to make a show that spotlighted minority stars. Unlike SNL, which was criticized for having cast members, the cast of In Living Color was almost entirely black.

In quirky skits that often push the boundaries of comedy, In Living Color dares to find humor within a variety of social taboos, including racial stereotypes and sexuality. The show, which premiered in 1990, was an instant hit, launching the careers of Carey, Damon Wayans, David Alan Grier, and Jamie Foxx. However, In Living Color’s era as a pop culture phenomenon was short-lived. The series was canceled in 1995 after the end of the fifth season.

In Living Color is available on FX and Amazon Prime Video.

2. House of Buggin

House Of Buggin
House Of Buggin

With the success of In Living Color, Fox sought to double its offering by releasing a similar show for Latin American audiences. Having found success with his two off-Broadway one-man shows, Mambomouth and Spic-o-his RamaJohn Leguizamo is recognized as the show’s star, producer, and creative force. The actor recruited a talented supporting cast, including Luis Guzman and David Herrmann (who later appeared in Mad TV and the movie Office Space). At the end of the first season, Fox invited Leguizamo to remake the show. When he refused, the network was unplugged.

House of Buggin is available on plex.

3. Mad TV 

Mad TV - Shows Like Saturday Night Live
Mad TV – Shows Like Saturday Night Live

We had to include this old gold in our list for Shows Like Saturday Night Live.

In 1995, By the end of the year, House of Buggin’ was replaced by another sketch comedy show, MADtv. In the Saturday Night Live imitator’s grand scheme of things, this was arguably the closest thing to a real rival: MADtv, like SNL, aired late Saturday nights. So the two shows were fighting for the same audience. MADtv also took more risks than SNL, challenging themes often considered too risky for network television.

Some of these sketches inevitably crossed the line of good taste, but that didn’t matter to many viewers. produced. The Fox series has never beaten its NBC rivals but held its own for 14 seasons. Alex Borstein, Nicole Sullivan, Artie Lange, Frank Calliendo, Ike Barinholtz, Keegan-Michael Key, and Jordan Peele had a long list of his MADtv alumni.

Mad TV is available on Apple tv and Amazon Prime Video.

4. Key & Peele

Key and Peele
Key and Peele

Due to Jordan Peele’s success as a horror director, creepy clips from Monkeypaw Productions have been associated with these film projects. However, in 2012 his Monkeypaw Productions was formed specifically to produce his comedy Key & Peele, an ambitious sketch of Peele and Michael His Key. Ten years later, many of the skits feel like they aired yesterday.

I wish this show was as radical as the other projects they’ve been a part of, but Obama-era optimism made some episodes difficult to watch, and no doubt has limited options. given to black women. All in all, a great show that gave black geeks who love wizards, vampires, and aliens some of their best moments… unless your name is Aaron.

 Key & Peele is available on Apple tv and Amazon Prime Video.

5. Chappelle’s Show

Chappells's show
Chappells’s show

Next on our list for shows like Saturday Night Live is Chappell’s Show.

Chappelle’s Show is an American sketch comedy television series created by comedians Dave Chappelle and Neal Brennan, in which Chappelle hosts the show and appears in most of the sketches. Chappelle, Brennan, and Michele Armor were executive producers of the show. The series premiered on the American cable television network Comedy Central on January 22, 2003. The show ran for two seasons. His three-episode third season aired in 2006, abridged, edited from unreleased sketches.

The show opens with Chappelle being introduced on the instrumental of the song “Hip-Hop” from the Dead Prez album Let’s Get Free. Chappelle performs a short standup in front of a live audience. The focus then shifts to the pre-recorded sketch. The show is noted for its treatment of the subject of sexuality and Chappelle’s occasional use of racial epithets.

Chappelle made sketches that premiered complex cultural themes such as prostitution, the entertainment industry, gun violence, numerous drug references (particularly marijuana, alcohol, PCP, meth, and crack cocaine), and music. The show may end with a performance by a hip-hop or soul artist.

Chappelle’s Show is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

6. The Kids in the Hall

The kids In the Hall
The Kids In the Hall

Although they gained a cult following only in the United States, the Canadian theater company The Kids in the Hall remained very influential. The group’s self-proclaimed series first appeared in the United States on HBO. After it aired, it became a regular show on Comedy Central, though it was structured similarly to SNL. Still, the comedy style resembled Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Quirky, bizarre, unexpected, hilarious – these words and many others would aptly sum up The Kids in the Hall. The show’s final episode aired in 1995. However, all members of the group (Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, Scott Thompson) have become familiar faces to US audiences through other projects. The force has announced his 2022 return.

The Kids in the Hall is available on Amazon Prime Video.

7. Roundhouse


In 1992, Nickelodeon First showed SNICK. This is his two-hour show aimed at children and youth audiences. The debut cast included four shows: Clarissa Explains It All, The Ren & Stimpy Show, and Afraid of the Dark? and Roundhouse. Filmed in front of a live studio audience and shot in real-time, Roundhouse was a bit more structured than SNL. Sketches could stand on their own but generally followed an overarching theme. Roundhouse lasted four seasons until it aired in 1996.

Roundhouse is available on Binged.

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That was the recommendation list for Shows Like Saturday Night Live. For more recommendations follow Cinesays!


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