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A Silent Voice 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More!

A Silent Voice 2 is an animated Japanese Drama film. It was first released in 2016. It is based on the manga of the same name “The Shape of Voice”. The film was directed by Naoko Yamada. The film was produced by Eharu Ohashi and Shinichi Nakamura. The story of A Silent Lover is written by Reiko Yoshida. A Silent lover is a mixed genre movie i.e. a Rom-Com Manga film.

A Silent Voice movie was planned for an adaptation in 2014 and it was released in September 2016. The movie was produced by Kyoto Animation. The movie features characters designed by Futoshi Nishiya.  Miyu Irino and Saori Hayami signed on as voice casting in May 2016 and the theatrical release poster and official trailer were released in July 2016. A Silent Voice premiered in Tokyo on August 24, 2016. It was released in Japan on September 17, 2016, and worldwide between February and June 2017.

The film was highly praised by critics. The movie also won the category of Best Animated Feature Film in the Japanese Movie Critics Awards. A Silent Voice movie has a score of 9/10 on the MyAnime list. It also holds a score of 8.1/10 on IMDb. The movie was loved by the fan and now fans are waiting for part 2 of the movie.

A Silent Voice 2 Plot

A Silent Voice 2 Plot covers elements of coming of age and psychological drama that deal with themes of bullying, disability, forgiveness, mental health, suicide, and platonic love. The story follows with compassion and understanding and involves the former bully turned social outcast. There’s a girl named Shoya Ishida who intends to kill herself but at the last moment, she changed her mind and decides to wrap up all the loose ends.

She remembers the school days when she met a guy Shoko Nishimiya who was deaf and became an easy target for everyone to get bullied. When word of the bullying reaches the principal, everyone puts fingers toward Shoya. Shoya Blames Shoko and both get into a physical fight after which Shoko gets transferred to another school. While leaving he left a notebook for Shoya.

Shoya, who once was a bully becomes a depressed loner when she enters high school. she can’t face people. She takes out the notebook left by Shoko and decides to apologize to him, instead ends up being friends with him. One day the notebook fell into a river and she jumps into the river to retrieve the notebook, which was prohibited. at the same time, Yuzuru, Shoko’s younger sister takes her photo and posts it online to take revenge. Shoya got suspended.

Later Shoya and Shoko fell in love with each other. One day Shoya calls all her old school friends were one of the guys named Naoka Ueno also came and he seems to get Shoko as he created a fight between Shoya and her, the girl whom he had an infatuation with. Miki exposes Shoya’s past to the students who already knew about it and later apologized for the same.

Shoya learns Shoko and Yuzuru’s grandmother died recently. So to cheer them up, she takes them to the countryside. During a firework festival Shoko goes home, Shoya follows her and gets to see that she is standing on her balcony, attempting to suicide. He rescues her, and himself falls into the river. He was saved by his friends.

later after the festival Shoya went back to school, he is reunited with his friends and comes to understand how much they still care for him.

A Silent Voice 2 Cast

A Silent Voice 2 Cast
A Silent Voice 2 Cast

A Silent Voice 2 cast is going to be somewhat the same as part 1 as the story revolved around them. there are a few main characters who are for sure going to be a part of the sequel as the storyline will be incomplete without them.

Here is a list of characters predicted to be seen in the sequel of A Silent Lover

Shoko Nishimiya is a deaf girl who becomes a victim of bullying and harassment.

Shoya Ishida is a high school boy who bullied Shoko Nishimiya. Later becomes the victim of bullying when the principal finds out about it and later tries to mend things with Shoko.

Yuzuru Nishimiya is the younger sister of Shoko Nishimiya.

Naoka Ueno is Shoya’s friend who accompanied him in bullying Shoko.

Takeuchi, Shoya’s teacher in elementary school.

A Silent Voice 1 End

A Silent Voice 1 end on a happy note as Shoya realizes his mistake of bullying people when he got bullied in high school. he went and apologized to Shoko and became good friends with her. He also confronts all his friends and apologizes to them for bullying. He saved Shoko from committing suicide and later reunited with all his school friends. he realized that all his friends and family care for him.

A Silent Voice 2 Trailer

A Silent Voice 2 Trailer is not yet out as the makers have not come up with any statement regarding the sequel. As the film received a positive response from the audience, we are expecting to get a sequel of the anime film soon. As of now, no official trailer is released for A Silent Voice 2 but we are high on hopes and expecting it to be coming up soon.

A Silent Voice 2 Release Date

A Silent Voice 2 is not yet confirmed. There is no update about the sequel of the film. But as said before, the response to the movie was great, and that’s why we are expecting part 2 of the film. The first part of the film, A Silent Lover was released in September 2016 so if we follow the lead, then we can expect the new season to be out by the end of 2024. Keep checking on us for more information about your favorite shows and movies.

Where to Watch A Silent Voice 2

A Silent Voice 2 is a Rom-Com anime drama that was loved by the audience. It is available on Netflix

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