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A Vigilante Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More!

A Vigilante typically refers to a person or a member of a group of people who illegally volunteer to act as law enforcement to suppress and fight against crime, usually when they feel that proper actions are not taken against the crime committers and towards the betterment of its victims. This movie follows one such woman who is ready to stand up for other women who are being subjected to domestic abuse.

This is one of those movies that stays with you for a while, you keep thinking about the characters, the injustice, and the unfairness of it all. It makes your eyebrows rise, your mouth stay open, and leaves you with numerous uncontrollable shivers down your spine. Written and directed by Sarah Daggar-Nickson, each frame shows how capable the star of the movie, Olivia Wilde is in terms of her surreally real acting which makes the viewers uncomfortable, in a good way.

A Vigilante has a rating of 5.6/10 according to IMDb. It is an R-rated movie due to many scenes that may be emotionally hard to watch for children, violence, abusive language, and alcohol consumption. It was also nominated for three awards at the American Film Festival, SXSW Film Festival, and Women Film Critics Circle Awards.

A Vigilante Cast

A vigilante cast
A vigilante cast
  • The character of Sadie is played by Olivia Wilde.
  • The character of Sadie’s husband is played by Morgan Spector.
  • The character of Beverly is played by Tonye Patano.
  • The character of Straight up shelter woman is played by Judy Marte.
  • The character of Andrea Shaund is played by Betsy Aidem.
  • The character of Michael Shaund is played by C.J. Wilson.
  • The character of the lawyer is played by Chuck Cooper.
  • The character of Zach is played by Kyle Catlett.
  • The character of Counseling Group Woman #1 is played by Estefania Tejeda.
  • The character of Margaret Turner is played by Olivia Gilliat.
  • The character of Charlene Jackson is played by Cheryse Dyllan.
  • The character of Joyce Richards is played by Margot Bingham.

A Vigilante Genre

A Vigilante is an American drama, crime, mystery, and thriller film that has taken off the cover from the boundless emotional trauma that the survivors of domestic abuse are left with.

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A Vigilante Plot

a vigilante plot
a vigilante plot

The plot of the movie A Vigilante starts with Sadie attending a support group for women who have been abused in the past. Sadie who herself is a victim of domestic abuse and is now suffering from PTSD – which causes episodes in which she gets flashback leading to difficulty in breathing, is on a quest to help women and children who are suffering from a similar fate, taking out her anger and frustration on their abusers.

To have an upper hand, Sadie trains hard to learn boxing and martial arts. In the following scene, she is shown disguising herself and entering the house of Andrea who is another victim of domestic violence and beats her husband up. She also forces him to give her estranged wife money and asks him to never even dare to go near her and her children again.

She is also shown rescuing a young boy and his infant brother from a mother who is addicted to consuming drugs. She calls the police and social services since she could not take the children with her but she leaves her number with the young boy in case they need her help in the future.

It is soon revealed that Sadie’s husband is a criminal who forced Sadie and her child to leave the comfort of their homes and live off the grid with him. As Sadie attempts to run away with her boy, her husband kills him in a fit of rage. Sadie uses the feeling of helplessness, pain, and hurt to avenge the death of her son and her abuse as the story further unfolds.

A Vigilante Characters

a vigilante characters
a vigilante characters

Sadie is nothing less than a hero who helps and avenges the women and children dealing with the ever-increasing domestic abuse. She is a woman with a strong heart, mind, willpower, and sense of justice which just makes her even more hero-like. She proves the fact that not all superwomen wear capes and have superpowers, some are just led by emotions of love, loss, hatred, anger, and distress.

Sadie’s husband, the main villain of the story is not even given a name to maybe signify how derogatory domestic abuse is. The husband is a completely flawed individual with no sense of what is right and wrong. He is a manipulator and a sociopath.

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A Vigilante Release Date

a vigilante release information
a vigilante release information

The producers Randall Emmett, George Furla, Andrew D. Corkin, Lars Knudsen, and Ambyr Childers of the production firms Badlands Entertainment, The Long Run, Uncorkd Productions,  Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films, and Parts & Labor banners, respectively announced in November 2016 that Olivia Wade had been cast as the lead in a film written and directed by Sarah Daggar-Nickson.

The movie appeared on the big screen for the first time on 10th March 2018 at South By South. It was released for the public to enjoy on 29th March 2019 after Saban Films acquired the rights to distribute it.

A Vigilante Trailer

Here is a glimpse into the traumatic and disturbing world of the protagonist of the movie A Vigilante through a trailer.

Where To Watch A Vigilante?

With a box of tissues nearby and a tub of popcorn in your lap. It is available for its viewers to watch on Amazon Prime Video and Apple Tv.

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