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Aggretsuko Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot Speculation and More!

Aggretsuko is a Japanese animated comedy television series based on the life of a character created by Sanrio. The television series first appeared on TBS Television. A mobile game based on the same story was also released for Android and iOS in July 2020. An animated series was adapted from this television show by Netflix and launched worldwide in April 2018. Netflix released a new season for this comedy show every consecutive year. Aggretsuko Season 4 was released in December 2021. After the release of the last season of this show, fans are impatiently anticipating the release of Aggretsuko Season 5.

Aggretsuko revolves around the life of a 25-year-old red panda, Retsuko. Retsuko worked in the accounting department at a Japanese trading firm. It showcased to us the various events in the life of Retsuko. Her relation with her co-workers, the misery in her life, her anxiety for the future, and everything regarding Retsuko’s life was depicted purely in this comedy-drama. 

Netflix premiered Aggretsuko worldwide in 2018. The show was directed by Rarecho, the same director who directed the television show by which this animated series was inspired. It was released for four seasons till December 2021. Looking at the popularity of Aggretsuko, there are chances that we might see Aggretsuko Season 5 soon. This article will cover every detail and information you need to know regarding Aggretsuko Season 5.

Aggretsuko Season 5 Release Date

Many believed that season four was the last in this comedy series but that is not true. The last episode revealed the words ‘Retsuko will return’ and the number ‘5’ was masked in the background. We could believe it is a hint or a tease for Aggretsuko Season 5.

Netflix has released a new season for Aggretsuko every year, till December 2021. If the show follows its pattern, then we might see Aggretsuko Season 5 somewhere around the end of 2022. If the production and filming are delayed due to some reasons then it could release in early 2023. We don’t have any official information that could confirm the release date of Aggretsuko Season 5. These are just predictions based on the patterns followed by this comedy-drama show.

Aggretsuko Season 5 Cast and Characters 


Netflix has retained the cast and characters for Aggretsuko every year. We can assume that Aggretsuko Season 5 will also have most of its characters from the previous seasons. The members of the cast and characters of Aggretsuko are – 

  • Retsuko voiced by Jamison Boaz. Retsuko is a 25-year-old red panda working in the accounting department of a Japanese trading firm. She was constantly frustrated over little things. She let out her anxiety and stress by singing death metal at a karaoke bar. The show always revolved around her lifestyle. She had trouble at almost every point in her life. Aggretsuko has illustrated Retsuko as resolving her issues hilariously. 
  • Director Ton voiced by Josh Petersdorf. He was the director of the accounting department at which Retsuko served. He always put pressure on Retsuko by either taunting her or providing overwork. He had an incredible skill in accounting despite being illiterate. He had a tough character but cared for everyone. He believed in Retsuko as his successor. 
  • Fenneko voiced by Katelyn Gault. Retsuko’s co-worker and closest friend. 
  • Haida voiced by Ben Diskin. Haida was Retsuko’s Hyena co-worker. He had a crush on Retsuko. He shared qualities and characteristics with Retsuko. Haida being an introvert, found it difficult to confess his feelings and always put himself in a comical situation. At the end of Season 4, he was promoted to the Accounting Director but he quit the job due to the complications with the company.
  • Director Gori voiced by G.K. Bowes. A gorilla lady who worked as the director of marketing in the company where Retsuko worked. She had a good bond with Retsuko. They both used to do yoga together. She was an exciting character and was highly spirited in her career. Sometimes, she even accompanied Retsuko to the karaoke bar.
  • Tsunoda voiced by G.K. Bowes. Tsunoda was a gazelle co-worker of Retsuko. She frequently flattered Ton to maintain a favourable position in the office. She always participated in office politics. At the latter of the series, she was seen forming a relationship with Fenneko.
  • Komiya voiced by Todd Haberkorn. Komiya was Ton’s right hand. It was later discovered that he ran a popular blog on JPop idols and became a big fan of Retsuko after seeing her singing performance on stage.
  • Tsubone voiced by Debra Cardona. Tsubone was senior to Retsuko in the accounting department. She enjoyed watching others fail and used her seniority frequently over Retsuko. 
  • Kabae voiced by Misty Lee. Kabae was a chatty co-worker of Retsuko. She was a middle-aged woman. She had all the gossip of the office and claimed to never spread it. 

Aggretsuko Season 5 Plot Speculation


Aggretsuko has proven itself to be one of the best comedy animated series. Every episode of this show had a hilarious moment and did a comic relief for the audience. That’s the reason why Aggretsuko Season 5 is highly anticipated and appreciated by the fans. 

It covered the life of a 25-year-old red panda, Aggretsuko. She worked in the accounting department at a Japanese firm. The show has portrayed the problems she encountered in her office life. The actions of her that consequent in frustration.

Retsuko’s relation with her co-workers was also illustrated in Aggretsuko. Retsuko let out her stress and anxiety by singing death metal at a karaoke bar every night. The show tumbled between Retsuko’s personal and professional life. Retsuko was always in a trouble more than she expected. It was a humorous delight to watch this comedy-drama and see Retsuko struggling for peace in her life. 

The fourth season of Aggretsuko focused more on the life of her colleagues at the office. The problems of each individual were depicted while keeping Retsuko as the lead. 

We can expect that Aggretsuko season 5 could also focus on the other members at Retsuko’s office. It could also show us Retsuko settling in her life and finally getting married. Without any official synopsis by Netflix, we can only pre-assume based on the storyline of previous seasons.

Aggretsuko Season 5 Trailer 

We don’t have any kind of precise detail that could give us the release date of the Aggretsuko season 5 trailer. The trailer will release once the show has been processed through several steps. Till then we can only expect for Aggretsuko Season 5 trailer to release soon.

Meanwhile, you can watch the trailer of Aggretsuko Season 4 and can predict a storyline for Aggretsuko Season 5.

Where to watch Aggretsuko Season 5?

The show was exclusively developed by and released on Netflix. All four seasons of Aggretsuko premiered on Netflix. It is obvious, that Aggretsuko Season 5 will also mark its release only on Netflix.

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