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Air Gear Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot Speculation and More!

Air Gear is an animated television series based on a Japanese Manga of the same name written by Oh! Great and published by Kodansha. Hajime Kamegaki adapted a twenty-five-episode anime television series from this Japanese manga. The show was aired on Tokyo TV from April 2006 to September 2006. It’s been more than sixteen years since the release of the first season of Air Gear and the fans are still anticipating the release of Air Gear Season 2.

The story of Air Gear is set on Air Trek. Air Trek is a form of aggressive skating and according to the anime it has taken in most of the youths. Gangs are being formed that compete against each other with Air Treks. Air Gear covered twelve volumes of the original Japanese manga upon which it is based. 

The show gained instant popularity at that time and most of the viewers expected it to return with another season. Unfortunately, it’s been more than sixteen years and we haven’t seen the release of Air Gear Season 2. This article will cover every detail and information you may need to know related to the release of Air gear Season 2.

Air Gear Season 2 Cast and Characters 


The official cast for Air Gear Season 2 is not revealed. But we anticipate that most of the characters of the new season would be retained from the initial season of Air Gear. The cast and characters in Air Gear Season One were – 

  • Itsuki Minami 
  • Kazuma Mikura 
  • Issa Mihotoke 
  • Onigiri
  • Akito Wanjima
  • Emily Adachi
  • Yayoi Nakayama

These all were the members of the team Kogarasumaru. We suppose that these characters would cover the main lead of Air Gear Season 2. Other than them, the members of the teams Sleeping Forest, Behemoth, Genesis, Tool Toul To and a few others would also return in the new season of this animated television drama series. We also suspect that some new teams might also form in Air Gear Season 2.

Air Gear Season One Recap 

Air Gear Season One introduced us to the world of Air Trek. Air Trek is an aggressive form of skating prominent in the Japanese region. The whole anime series is based on this form of skating. 

It showcased to us how the youth of the nation got attracted to this new form of sport and almost everybody joined or formed a team of Air Trek. Air Gear showed battles between the various teams fighting with their respective A-Ts to prove each one better. 

Meanwhile, it also focused on the story of an individual named Itsuki Minami or Ikki. Ikki was a middle school boy who was arrogant and was an active participant in street fights. He also belonged to a gang named ‘The East Side Gunz’. 

Ikki lived with his four adopted sisters. He was taken in by his sisters when he was a kid and ever since then he lived with them. His sisters deeply cared for him and Air Gear also portrayed an emotional bond between the siblings. 

Ikki was once humiliated by an opposition gang, Skull Saders and got into a rift with them. He then soon discovered that his sisters were a part of an A-T gang named ‘Sleeping Forest’. It then didn’t take long for Ikki to explore the world of Air Treks. 

Air Gear then illustrated to us the hardships Ikki faced in perfecting the skill of Air Trek. Ikki’s sisters helped him regain confidence and pride after the incident with Skull Saders. He worked hard on himself and was completely determined to master himself in the art of Air Trek.

He eventually settled his grudge with Skull Saders but somehow he got obsessed with Air Trek and made it his fate. He dived deep into the world of Air Treks and A-Ts were irresistible to him. 

Air Gear Season 2 Release Date 

Air Gear is indeed one of the most popular anime among the fans but it has grown old and the fans now want a new season for this amazing animated television series. However, the makers have not renewed the show for Air Gear Season 2. 

It’s unlikely that we might see this anime drama television series returning to the screens almost after sixteen years with Air Gear Season 2. The makers could have made another series based on the remaining novels of the Japanese manga but they didn’t. We don’t know the exact reason why Air Gear Season 2 was cancelled but we don’t see any ray of hope for the show to return once again. 

Air Gear Season 2 Plot Speculation 

There is no official synopsis or brief which could give us a sneak peek into the storyline upon which Air Gear Season 2 would be based. The fans eagerly want the makers to release Air Gear Season 2.

The first season was based on the first twelve novels of the Japanese manga from which Air Gear is adapted. As of now, the manga has covered a course of thirty-seven novels. So, we are certain that there is no scarcity of source material for the makers to script Air Gear Season 2. 

But it will be a really tough and difficult task for the writers to script the storyline of Air Gear Season 2 because the time gap between the first and the second season would be huge and the writing has to be done in a way that it fulfils the gap of a decade.

The benefit with Air Gear is that the whole show is animated and if they release a new season even after a decade, they won’t have to worry about the ageing of the cast because the characters are purely animated. They can continue the series from where it left in the first season. 

They won’t have to give it a fresh start since it’s animated. Air Gear Season 2 could navigate us into the sport of Air Trek once again. It could illustrate the forming of some new teams forming. The screenplay would surely have binge-worthy battles between the teams. 

Air Gear Season 2 Trailer 

There is no news or information related to the trailer of Air Gear Season 2. We don’t know whether the show might continue or not. So, currently, it would be irrational to predict or assume anything about the trailer of Air Gear Season 2.

Where to watch Air Gear?

The first season of Air Gear was initially released on Tokyo TV and later the English dubbed versions were available to stream. Air Gear Season 1 can be streamed on Funimation and Hulu.

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