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Alba Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More

Alba Season 2 latest updates are here! Continue reading the full article to know everything. Alba is a TV series produced by Atresmedia and Boomerang TV. The series is an adaption of the Turkish series ‘Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?’. The country of origin and original languages of the series in Spain and Spanish respectively.

One of today’s most influential television shows, Alba offers a sobering perspective on contemporary problems like feminism and gender norms. The protagonist of the story is a powerful woman who isn’t afraid to fight for her ideals, which include romantic connections.

Alba Season 2 Cast

Alba Season 2 Cast
Alba Season 2 Cast
  • Elena Rivera as Alba
  • Eric Masip as Bruno Costa
  • Alvaro Rico as Jacobo Entrerrios
  • Adriana Ozores as Mercedes Entrerrios
  • Pol Hermoso as Ruben Entrerrios
  • Tito Valverde as Victor Entrerrios
  • Jason Fernandez as Hugo Roig
  • Beatriz Segura as Clara
  • Jorge Silvestre as Tirso
  • Franky Martin as Tono
  • Caterina Mengs as Bego
  • Candela Cruz as Miriam

Alba Season 1 Summary

Alba Season 1 Summary
Alba Season 1 Summary

Alba and Bruno leave Madrid as summer approaches in order to reconnect with Bruno’s pals in their hometown. Things go wrong when Alba wakes up the next morning with no memory of the previous night and learns that she has been raped. The results of Alba’s DNA test surface, indicate semen from four men. The rape of Alba is captured on video. A warning is made to Bruno to leave town with Alba. Alba and Bruno’s relationship breaks down when she learns that Bruno was caught on camera participating in the rape.

She understands that trying to report the rape will be riskier than she anticipated after a 4×4 tries to run her over. Lieutenant Giner makes an effort to solve Alba’s case. Hugo is maintained on the Entrerros’ side by Jacobo. Alba understands the danger of turning over the tape to the authorities when Clara has an accident. Tirso is threatened by Jacobo in an effort to keep him from naming Alba’s rapists. Due to the release of the video showing Alba being raped, Jacobo, Rubén, Hugo, and Bruno are all subject to punishment. While the Entrerros investigate Alba’s past in an effort to learn more information about her, Alba looks for a lawyer for the upcoming trial.

To stop Alba’s rapists from going to jail, Eloy tries to bargain with Marta. Bruno, who formally joins the Entrerros out of need, decides to move on from Alba so that she can finish healing when the time comes. Marta starts to wonder if Bruno really did participate in Alba’s rape while Bruno envisions himself with a gender violence accusation on top of it. A letter from Miriam that Too discovers may help Alba win her case.

To Alba’s surprise, Hugo decides to lie about Bruno’s true role in the rape. Marta learns that the Entrerros’ rape allegations weren’t made by Alba alone. According to Tirso, the medicine that the Entrerros used on Alba was a product he sold to them. To prevent having Rubén taken to prison, Mercedes resolves to take extreme steps. Mercedes reveals her relationship with Manuel Cruz in an effort to get the trial thrown out. Hugo kills himself because he can no longer stand the stress.

Bruno makes an effort to regain the Entrerros’ confidence. Alba and Bruno intentionally give the impression that their relationship is still tense to avoid drawing unwelcome attention from the Entrerros. More proof against the Entrerros is found by Bego in the form of an online chat. The Entrerros’ family goes to great lengths to conceal the truth at any cost. Mercedes intends to leave the nation. To finally reveal the Entrerros’ sins, Alba and Bruno devise a daring strategy.

Alba Season 2 Plot

Alba Season 2 Plot
Alba Season 2 Plot

The plot centers on Alba, who discloses that she and Bruno have started dating when she and Bruno return to their hometown. After spending her first night in the city, she chooses to go out and party at Kevin’s Bar as she waits for Bruno. The incidents set off the entire plot, which is Alba seeking to bring her criminals to justice and punish them because law enforcement, her friends, and her family keep failing her and placing barriers in her way.

Alba Season 2 Release Date

Alba Season 2 Release Date
Alba Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 of Alba is not yet released. Season 1 premiered on the 28th of March, 2021. As of now, we can expect the release of Alba Season 2 to happen in 2023.

Alba Season 2 Trailer

The trailer of Alba Season 2 is not yet released on YouTube. If you are looking to binge the series from start and waiting to decide, you can decide after watching the trailer below. It is not an official trailer but it gives you a hint of the plot of Alba.

Where To Watch Alba Season 2?

As per sources, Season 2 of Alba is expected to release in 2023. So, we have to wait for some more time to binge season 2. For now, Season 1 of Alba is streaming on Netflix.

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