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Am I Actually The Strongest? Anime Release Date, Plot, Where to Watch, And More

Manga being adapted to anime is a pretty common thing, as anime is gaining a great number of fans and expanding very quickly as a business.

Every now and then, a good manga or novel series gets chosen to be made into an anime, and Am I Actually The Strongest? is another one of the famous mangas that will soon be airing as an anime. Read on to learn more.

Am I Actually The Strongest? Anime Storyline

Am I Actually The Strongest? Anime Storyline
Am I Actually The Strongest? Anime Storyline

The story begins with a kid who struggles in life. He was in his third year of middle school when, due to being bullied a lot, he became a shut-in. For five years, Harut did nothing except being immersed in video games and anime all the time. He had no life and no hopes for the future when suddenly a strange woman dressed in a crisp dress with a halo of light surrounding her appeared.

She congratulated Harut, informing him that he had been chosen to be reincarnated in a different world after a careful screening process. Harut is shocked at the turn of events, never having expected that, so he is stumped. That woman then explains to him how the world he’ll be born in will have magic, and he’ll also be given a cheat skill of sorts.

The protagonist remembers how sad a life he has had, and then thinks of the life that he actually wants, where he can play games and watch anime all the time. So he agrees to be reincarnated.

In his next life, Harut is born Prince Lionheart, the second son of a king and queen. The royal couple is excited and hopes to have a magically powerful son. The newborn boy looks like his mother and father both, and he has a royal crest on his chest too. The parents anticipate him to have great skills, with his father voicing, “He should be powerful, as he is the son of Lightning Princess, who defeated Demon Lorn myself,” but when his power level is checked, he only has the magic of levels 02 and 02d.

The young prince had a magic level of 02, only being able to perform barrier magic. The royal couple is devastated and furious as if the word got out that the prince is so weak, the royals would be a laughing stock. So the king orders the baby to be left in the forest alone. And the story continues its epic trajectory from there.

Am I Actually The Strongest? Novel

Am I Actually The Strongest? Novel
Am I Actually The Strongest? Novel

Written by Sai Summimori, “Am I actually the strongest?” is a light novel. Light novels are typically meant for middle-school and young adult readers and are particularly famous in Japan. But with the growing technology and advancement in expectations of people Printed books are quickly being replaced by digital novels, and for people who can’t invest time in reading, good stories are being made into anime.

“Jitsu wa Ore, Saiky deshita?” was this manga’s original name in Japan. It was originally published on the Shsetsuka ni Nar website in September 2018. The series was later bought by Kodansha, where it was published as prints. The illustrations in the book were done by Ai Takahashi. Kodansha has released five volumes of printed books as of October 2021.

Ai Takahashi also helped with the illustrations for the manga adaptation of the story, which was released on the Niconico-based manga platform Suiybi no Sirius in a serialized form in April 2019. As of November 2021, six volumes of the book exist after taking all the individual chapters into account. Harut, Flay, Zemphis, and Charlotte are a few of the main characters of the show.

Am I Actually The Strongest? Anime Plot

Am I Actually The Strongest? Anime Plot
Am I Actually The Strongest? Anime Plot

After being born, The baby is the same age inside as Harut was when he was reincarnated, but being a baby, he isn’t able to talk. He expresses his emotions, and we can tell from his monologue that he’s bewildered by the turn of events.

Somewhere out there, that woman who suddenly appeared in front of Harut yelped in shock. She tells her colleague that the machine through which the baby’s power was checked can only show two-digit numbers, while the actual magical powers of the baby were 1002 and 1002. This indicates that the baby is very powerful in terms of magic.

The baby is left in the forest to fend for itself. The baby then discovers that he can do barrier magic. He creates one to protect himself and experiments around. Suddenly, a pack of wolves appeared. The baby attacks them with barrier boxes wrapped around trees. All but one wolf falls. It tries to attack the baby, but the baby’s power scares him into surrender.

The last wolf would later introduce itself as Freyma of the Fenrir clan. It was astonished at the level of power in the baby. It surrenders and accepts defeat.

The baby uses barriers in its vocal cords and suddenly starts talking, which scares the wolf, who can talk itself. It asks the baby to kill it, but the baby lets it live. The wolf says the baby is the demon lord’s reincarnation. The wolf then proposes that the baby accept the wolf as a servant and that it will serve him faithfully. The baby thinks for a while and agrees that having a protector will be safer. Wait for the official release to know what happens next!

Am I Actually the Strongest? Anime Release Date

The much-awaited anime series “Am I Actually the Strongest?” will air on television in 2023. The specific date hasn’t been revealed yet.

Where to Watch: Am I Actually the Strongest?

“Am I Actually the Strongest?” Anime will be available across the web in 2023. But if you are curious about the plot, you can purchase the manga at amazon.

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