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American-Born Chinese Release Date, Storyline, Plot, Cast, and More

American-Born Chinese is an upcoming television series. It is created by Charles Yu and Kelvin Yu. It is based on a book named American-Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang. The country of origin is the United States and the original language will be English. The series will later be dubbed into different languages as well. Executive producers are Destin Daniel Cretton, Asher Goldstein, Jake Kasdan, Melvin Mar, Gene Luen Yang, Charles Yu, and Kelvin Yu.

American-Born Chinese will be released in the year 2023 on disney+ and later, it may also get released on other streaming platforms as well. The show is a blend of action and comedy that mainly focuses on the issues of different cultures, identities, and family issues. The storyline is additionally explained in brief below. To know more about the upcoming series, please read further.

Here is everything you need to know about American-Born Chinese.

American-Born Chinese Storyline And Plot

American-Born Chinese Storyline And Plot
American-Born Chinese Storyline And Plot

American-Born Chinese is a story of an average teenager Jin Wang who is juggling his high school sociable dash. Later he met Wei Chen who is a new foreign exchange student. Jin is unwittingly involved in a conflict of Chinese mythical gods. And the mythological world involved various kinds of heroes. One of the heroes he faced was Monkey King.

Who is monkey king? Why is it the hero of the mythological world? Let us clear it up for you. Monkey King is very famous and in fact one of the most famous and popular in Chinese culture. It is not that famous internationally but among the Chinese culture, it’s on the top.

The storyline is going to be the exact same as the novel by Gene Luen Yang. If you are interested in spoilers before the release of the series, you can check out the novel. It is available online.

American-Born Chinese Cast

American-Born Chinese Cast
American-Born Chinese Cast

American-Born Chinese features a remarkably talented global cast. Each of them has done a great job in their previous personal projects and is ready to break records for their upcoming series. Here is the casting of American-Born Chinese –

  • Michelle Yeoh(Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings) will be seen as Guanyin
  • Ben Wang (MacGyver) will be seen  as Jin Wang
  • Yeo Yann Yann(Wet Season) will be seen as Christine Wang
  • Chin Han (Mortal Kombat) will be seen as Simon Wang
  • Daniel Wu(Reminiscence) will be seen as Sun Wukong
  • Ke Huy Quan (Finding Ohana) will be seen as Freddy Wong
  • Jim Liu(Taekwondo champion) will be seen as Wei-Chen
  • Sydney Taylor(Just Add Magic) will be seen as Amelia
  • Stephanie Hsu will be seen as Shiji Niangniang
  • Poppy Liu will be seen as Princess Iron Fan

The series has also contributed to the reunion of  Cretton and Yeoh, who have worked  previously  on the Marvel film “The Legend of the Ten Rings and Shang-Chi.”The chemistry of team members and casting actors and actresses were very sweet off camera as well. 

Get ready to catch your favorite actor and actresses setting new records in the upcoming series.

American-Born Chinese Genre

American-Born Chinese Genre
American-Born Chinese Genre

American Born Chinese is a “genre-hopping action-comedy” series. Fans are pretty satisfied by the genre as it combines everything that they wanted to see in a series. The show doesn’t stop just by featuring a bunch of incredible action and adventure but has also planned to delve into more human compositions of individuality, culture, and family. How interesting is that sounding right?

Moreover, The fans are super hyped and excited for the release of American Born Chinese as the genre and the plot makes it worth watching. 

Keep reading to know about the release date and where to watch it.

AmericanBorn Chinese Release Date

The network has not yet revealed the release date but other than that, the upcoming series is most likely to get air at the end of 2022 or in the mid of 2023. We can’t be sure about the exact time and date as it’s not been unleashed yet. The information about the number of episodes and further series is also not revealed but it may get announced on the day of the announcement of the release date.

Further details related to the show are yet to get publicized by the creators. Viewers are asked to stay updated as the end of 2022 is already near and makers may reveal the good news anytime now. 

Where To Watch American-Born Chinese?

Coming to the end and the main question arises. Where can we watch American-Born Chinese? How many streaming platforms will be available to watch it? Well, you can watch it on Disney+ and further, it is not confirmed yet but due to the huge popularity American-Born Chinese is gaining, it might get available on other accessible streaming platforms as well. You can watch it anytime and anywhere once the series launches. 

And for those who do not have access to Disney+ yet, no need to worry you can get their affordable subscription anytime and can enjoy your favorite shows immediately. 

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