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Anatomy of a Scandal Season 1 Release date, cast, story condensed in short

Anatomy of a scandal is a historical British web series that has electrified people around the globe. The series, even though not released, has made its way up to the pick of the week list. The series is perfect binge-watch-worthy content for a person who is extremely fascinated by the thriller genre as the series includes a controversial storyline.

The series took almost 2 years to be filmed and now is ready to release on OT platforms. Anatomy of a scandal is based upon a series of novels written by Sarah Vaughan, she is a writer and journalist. As per the author, the story is not based on any particular politician but she has never written a storyline such as the anatomy of a scandal.

The series has been noticed to release six episodes which had its shooting in London. The show begins with a prestigious U.K politician James and Olivia, a common woman having an affair, the scenes are shown from two perspectives, one from Olivia and one from James, two very different from each other while shown during the court proceeding.

Further, Sophie enters the screen who is the wife of a powerful politician i.e, James. Her life was like any other rich privileged citizen but everything changes after her husband is accused of rape by his former love interest, Olivia Lytton.

The series has one of the best cinematography, it does not have a warm texture as it is a dark-themed series but the scenes are not typically of dull atmosphere which is usually used in other dark-themed movies or series. Although the series has been criticized already by the novel reader of the preceding series, it has been rumored to be disappointing compared to the novel.

Anatomy of a Scandal Release Date and Time

Anatomy of a Scandal Release Date and Time
Anatomy of a Scandal Release Date and Time

As of now, the series has been reported to release on the 15 of April 2022 at 8 pm Greenwich Mean Time zone. All six episodes are going to be released at the same time.

The cast of Anatomy of a scandal

Main leads

The Main cast of Anatomy of a scandal
The Main cast of Anatomy of a scandal

Anatomy of a scandal has quite a few familiar names starred, the main leads are played by Sienna Miller previously BATFA television awarded playing as Sophie Whitehouse, Michelle Dockery as Kate Woodcroft popularly recognized from Downton Abbey and Rupert Friend starred in many popular series such as Starred up, Pride and Prejudice as well as in The Young Victoria, now playing as James Whitehouse.

Besides everyone knows Olivia Lytton has been played by Naomi Scott from Aladdin and also seen in Charlie’s Angels and Josette Simon as Angela Regan.

The other Casts

The other cast of Anatomy of a scandal
The other cast of Anatomy of a scandal

Geoffrey Streatfeild as Tom Southern, Joshua McGuire as Chris Clarke, Liz White as Ali Conlon, Nancy Farino as Holly, Hannah Dodd as young Sophie, Ben Radcliffe as young James, Jake Simmance as young Tom, Annie Haworth as young Alison, Amelie Bea-Smith as Emily Whitehouse and Sebastian Selwood as Finn Whitehouse

Anatomy of a scandal Trailer

The work of Anatomy of a Scandal worth 2 years was released as a trailer on 17 March 2022. The trailer caused a tremendous amount of people to indulge in the series and wait for it to release with its amazingly well-hidden mystery scenes.

What is Anatomy of a scandal about?

What is Anatomy of a scandal about
What is Anatomy of a scandal about

Typically, Anatomy of a scandal is a best seller novel by Sarah Vaughan in the year 2018. In the year 2020 announced the book to be featured on Netflix as a mini-series. Anatomy of a scandal is a courtroom thriller series with a plot of a public scandal.

James Whitehouse is a powerful politician involved in a love affair with Olivia Lytton which proceeds with a sexually appealing ending. James at the time of the affair has a wife, Sophie Whitehouse who is shown to be a wife who trusts her husband dearly. James on the other hand utilizes the trust of his wife in a wrong manner and is shown taking a repulsive path.

Soon after the affair, James was charged with rape and this is rumored around the town, this brings a scar on his marriage as he goes on justifying to Sophie his innocence. James in the court of law admits that he indeed was involved sexually with Olivia but the action was consensual and plead not guilty.

In the court trial, the prosecutor in charge is Kate Woodcroft who believes that James is guilty of a crime and also is personally involved with him from past scenarios. Kate in the series was wronged by James in the past and since now she has the chance to take her revenge she proceeds to fight the trial in support of the victim and will do everything to convict James with a personal grudge.

Anatomy of a scandal literally is a story about a scandal of a respectable politician trying to clear his name as a criminal in society. The story includes the small parts of Kate’s story and the major parts of James and Sophie’s marriage. Further, as Sophie always went to court trials, she began to doubt and to some extent believes that her husband is guilty of the crime.

The creators of Anatomy of a scandal

The creators of Anatomy of a scandal
The creators of Anatomy of a scandal

David E. Kelly, creator of big sky and big little lies, previously an Emmy Award winner, contributed to the series as a creator along with Melissa James Gibson, producer and writer. They have announced that the Anatomy of a scandal shall have different public scandal storylines in different seasons, much similar to Bridgerton.

In may 2020 to be specific, it was announced that S.J Clarkson would be directing the series. Sarah Vaughan contributed while the shooting of the series for a detailed screening, the other supporting director executives were Margaret Chernin, Allie Goss, Liza Chasin, and Bruna Papandrea.

Where can you watch Anatomy of a scandal?

Anatomy of a scandal is a Netflix original web series, the series is noted to be released only on Netflix as of now. The series may be released on Hulu in August.

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