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Angelyne Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

Angelyne is an upcoming American web series based on the billboard legend from Los Angeles. Angelyne is an American actress, model, and singer who came up with a different idea of capturing people’s attention, she was everywhere around the Los Angeles billboard with the quote “Angelyne”. Although nothing special but this one word had people wondering about her and soon, she received a film and modeling offer.

This occurred in the year 1984 wherein she began her career in the media industry, she was known for her unique style of pink Corvette. As of now, her billboards have been featured in several films in Hollywood such as Moonlighting and even The Simpsons. In the generation of gray and brown, she believed to prefer pink and blonde and publicly promoted herself, she was the first to become widely famous for being famous. She is an artist as well and a candidate for the California Gubernatorial recall election of Gavin Newsom in the year 2021.

She did not reveal her real name, age, or identity until reporter Gary Baum released her information in 2017, the series is based on this reporter’s information while showing the struggles and things she did to become famous and how things actually ended up. Many people from Los Angeles are looking forward to streaming the Tv series since they have witnessed the real billboards and find this show extremely fascinating.

Angelyne Release Date

Angelyne Release Date
Angelyne Release Date

The series has been announced to be released on 19 May 2022 by Peacock.

Angelyne Cast

The protagonist of the series is Emmy Rossum, she is an American singer and actress widely popular for her role in Shameless as Fiona Gallagher and The Day After Tomorrow, she plays the role of Angelyne in the series.

Jefferson Hall, he is an English actor majorly known for his roles in Game of Thrones as Vale and in the series Wizards vs Aliens as Varg, he plays the role of Rick Krauss in the series. Lukas Gage, is an American actor who starred in several shows like The White Lotus, Euphoria and You’ve Been Tagged, he plays the role of Max Allen in the series. Kerry Norton, she is a British actress and singer, worked on several projects such as Girls5eva, Rutherford Falls, and Shameless.

The other casts include Molly Ephraim, Alex Karpovsky, Charlie Rowe, Hamish Linklater, Michael Angarano, Scott Connors, Martin Freeman, Hamish Linklater, Philip Ettinger, Antjuan Tobias, Tonatiuh Elizarraraz, Blair Hickey, and David Krumholtz.

What is Angelyne all about?

The mini-series is inspired by the true story of Angelyne, with her help producers were able to make this series as accurate as possible. She gained fame even before she was on any social media videos or pictures, movies, or series, she began her journey as a celebrity by being known as the woman on billboards. When she started receiving offer calls for music videos and films, she was extremely happy only being unknown in the dirty industry.

Later she joins her boyfriend’s band but they fail massively, as angry as she was, she wanted to still work and continue her journey as a celebrity. The series will portray the story of Angelyne and also the things a person in the Hollywood industry has to go through.

Angelyne Creators

The series is created by Sam Esmail, he is an American director, screenwriter, and producer best known for his works in Mr. Robot and Homecoming. He has also written Mr. Robot: Red Wheelbarrow. The series was directed by Lucy Tcherniak, she is a British director and writer, she is an independent director who worked on The Truth About Stanley and Lay Me Down, and Matt Spicer, he is a producer and director popular for It’s Not You It’s Me and The Adventurer’s Handbook.

The executive producers are Chad Hamilton known for Mr. Robot and Comet, and Tim Miller, he is an American director, producer as well as visual director, who first began directing in the movie Deadpool, he was previously nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

Angelyne Trailer

The trailer of the series was released on 19 of April, it shows us a few situations she goes through due to her fame and the reputation which was damaged due to rumors. Either way she works her way to become an iconic legend contributing towards Hollywood.

Where to watch Angelyne?

The series can be streamed on Peacock.

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