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Another Self Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Recap, Plot, And More

Another Self Season 2 latest updates are here! Continue reading the whole article to know everything! Another Self is a Turkish series that runs with the powerful drama between three close friends who embark on a healing journey to retrace the past and repair the present. Sevgi decided to go to Ayvalik after cancer recurrence in her liver. She was willing to try it because she had heard that a healer could be able to treat her illness.

Another self is a show that didn’t emphasize its cinematography or production qualities, yet it nevertheless managed to attract viewers and compel them to click the “next episode” button. But unfortunately, it does not provide enough excitement or action to draw viewers with a short attention span.

Another Self Season 2 Cast

Another Self Season 2 Cast
Another Self Season 2 Cast
  • Tuba Buyukustun as Ada
  • Seda Bakan as Leyla
  • Boncuk Yilmaz as Sevgi
  • Murat Boz as Toprak
  • Firat Tanis as Zaman
  • Serkan Altunorak as Selim
  • Riza Kocaoglu as Fikret
  • Fusun Demirel as Muko
  • Umut Kurt as Erdem
  • Mehmet Aybars Kaya as Sarp
  • David Haack as Toprak
  • Paul Galliano as Selim
  • Dashiell McGaha-Schletter

Another Self Season 1 Summary

Another Self Season 1 Summary
Another Self Season 1 Summary

Having inherited Eleni’s fortune, Leila secretly met her fugitive husband and promised to flee with him to Greece. Knowing that her friends would not support her unrealistic and risky plans, she devised a plan for herself and, after selling the land, used the money she received to drive people across the border. Bribing a sailor who helped illegally. She arrived at the beach with her son Tharp at dawn as planned but could not board the boat with her husband. As luck would have it, the next morning, news broke that the police had arrested her fugitive husband after discovering a boat.

She wanted to protect her husband but eventually realized she needed to take control of her life and take responsibility for her son and unborn child. So she teamed up with Fico to create a restaurant and decided to start a business called “Eleni’s Tavern.” Sevgi always prayed for her next two things; their recovery and love. After meeting several men in an effort to fulfill her desire to find true love, she discovered comfort in Fico.

Finally, Fico expressed her love interest in Sevgi, although she couldn’t decide whether he was the right person for her or not. Though he wasn’t the ideal textbook guy, she eventually discovered how at ease she was with him and that he was ideal for her. Their marriage was honored by their loved ones. Ada made the decision to go with Toprak, and they were met by his ex-girlfriend Eva and their child Flor. Ada said she misses you. Ada was stunned by the sudden revelation, and Toprak tried to show that he was not interested in Eva, but Ada could no longer trust him. Came to see him, so she decided to leave.

Meanwhile, Sevgi’s mother wrote her a letter she found on her wedding night. In the letter, she explains that her father, Aram was a revolutionary who was shot during a meeting. Furthermore, Hugo was pregnant with Sevgi when Aram’s comrades stepped in and helped. Therefore, the man Sevgi believed to be her father was not her father but a friend of her father’s. After reading her letter, she lost consciousness and was hospitalized.

It was determined that her cancer had returned, and she needed treatment. However, she stopped taking medicine because she thought she was completely cured. Zaman explained that he never asked her to stop taking her medication because his treatment was non-medical. Instead, it made him realize how important it is to those who trust the process. The three friends hope to return to Zaman’s and heal themselves again. They thought they had discovered it but were confronting the connection between the past and present.

Another Self Season 2 Plot

Another Self Season 2 Plot
Another Self Season 2 Plot

The 2nd season of Another Self picks up from how Season 1 ended. The main plot of the 2nd Season of Another Self is that the three friends are unaware of how their journey will change due to their decisions. We will witness the progress of their life journey and the confused relationships they are in.

Another Self Season 2 Release Date

Another Self Season 2 Release Date
Another Self Season 2 Release Date

As of now, there are no updates regarding the renewal or announcement of Another Self Season 2. Although Season 1 of Another Self was released on the 28th of July, 2022, it became a huge success on Netflix.

Another Self Season 2 Trailer

There is no information regarding the trailer of Another Self Season 2. However, if you want insight into the show, you can watch the trailer of Another Self Season 1 below.

Where To Watch Another Self Season 2?

As of now, Season 2 of Another Self is not released yet. However, the first season of Another Self is available to binge on Netflix.

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