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Avenue 5 season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot Speculation, and more!

Avenue 5 Season 2 is the sequel of the United States Television Series Avenue 5. Avenue 5 Season 2 is a science fiction comedy that premiered on HBO. Avenue 5 had 9 episodes ranging from 25-30 min per episode. The series had total revenue of $ 60.32 million which is quite good for a Television Series. In terms of critics Metascore was mixed or kind of average with 30% positive, 35% mixed and 30% negative.

While in terms of IMDb has rated Avenue 5 a 6.5 which is above average and in the case of rotten tomatoes 67% which is also quite good. So this makes Avenue 5 a must-watch for those who love science fiction. This series was produced by HBO in the United States and Sky UK in the United Kingdom.

Avenue 5 season 2 Storyline

Avenue 5 season 2

40 years in the future, a luxurious space cruise traveling the solar system is named Avenue 5 with the perfectly groomed Ryan Clark as captain. It looks like everyone’s in for the ideal eight-week vacation until technical difficulties knock the ship off its route and Avenue 5 ends up stranded on the long way back to Earth from Saturn. The return trip will take years. Due to this concept, they named the series Avenue 5.

Avenue 5 season 2 Cast

  • Hugh Laurie as Ryan Clark, the captain of Avenue 5.
  • Josh Gad as Herman Judd, the billionaire owner of Avenue 5.
  • Woods as Matt Spencer, Head of Customer Relations for Avenue 5.
  • Rebecca Front as Karen Kelly, a passenger aboard Avenue 5.
  • Suzy Nakamura as Iris Kimura, an associate owner of Avenue 5.
  • Crichlow as Billie McEvoy, second engineer on Avenue 5.
  • Nikki Amuka-Bird as Rav Mulcair, head of mission control for Avenue 5 back on Earth.
  • Ethan Phillips as Spike Martin, a former astronaut and first Canadian on the Moon, who is now a womanizing alcoholic on Avenue 5.

Side characters:

  • Himesh Patel is Jordan Hatwal, a stand-up comedian who takes up an eight-week residency on Avenue 5.
  • Jessica St. Clair as Mia, a passenger and Doug’s wife.
  • Kyle Bornheimer as Doug, a passenger and Mia’s husband.
  • Andy Buckley as Frank, a passenger and Karen’s husband.
  • Matthew Beard as Alan Lewis, Rav’s assistant on Earth.
  • Daisy May Cooper as Sarah (season 1), bridge crew.
  • Adam Pålsson as Mads, bridge crew.
  • Julie Dray as Nadia, bridge crew.
  • Neil Casey as Cyrus, an engineer.

Avenue 5 season 2 Release Date

Avenue 5 was launched on 19 January 2020 and preparation for the second sequel Avenue 5 season 2 started just a month after release in the 3rd week of February. But the shooting was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic which just stopped our lives. But then in 2021 shooting again started. It’s not officially the release date but the series is expected to come on the air on 12 March 2023. Avenue 5 season 2 is expected to be the last season of the series.

Avenue 5 season 2 Plot

As said before the movie is under production and there are no details yet revealed about the storyline twist and plot. But according to the audience, after the accident that turns their three-hour tour, eight-week space cruise into a three-year nightmare and the actual, much smaller one work together to devise a solution that will get them back to Earth in six months, rather than three years, all while trying to maintain some semblance of calm and order among the passengers. 

There’s little clue so far as to whether there will be other opportunities to get the ship home faster, but it’s safe to say conditions on the ship are bound to deteriorate now that they know the caliber of the person in charge of the operation and how much longer they’ll be stuck with each other. Is there anything that can keep crew and passengers pulling in the same direction now? Will any of them actually competent people ever get a chance to shine? How will everyone involved fall on the scale between silliness and despair? Audiences will have to wait to find out. 

Avenue 5 season 2 Trailer

There is no teaser yet for Avenue 5 season 2 then talking about the trailer is just a long way. As the series is under production and a lot of things are yet to be finished. Avenue 5 season 2 is rumored to release in March 2023 we can expect the trailer in January 2023. Now let’s see when will the Avenue 5 team make it official about the release date and trailer. Until then you can enjoy the trailer of Avenue 5 Season 1.

Where to watch Avenue 5 season 2

Avenue 5 season 2 will be streamed on HBO max in starting or mid-2023 most probably.

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