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Black Bullet Season 2 Release Date, Cast, plot, and More!

Black Bullet Season 2 is the second follow-up of the Japanese Anime Television series Black Bullet which gave its entry in 2014. The series is directed by Masayuki Kojima and produced by Asuka Yamazaki, Fuminori Yamazaki, Mitsutoshi Ogura, and Yasutaka Kurosaki. The series is a original written work of Tatsuhiko Urahata that is illustrated by Morinohon. The series follows the foot print of novel series curated by Shiden Kanzaki which came into existence in 2012 with 7 volumes by 2020.

The series avidly came up with the plot that took the viewers to the epidemic in 2021. The epidemic came up with the weird disease that curse only the females and with the time, the children are born with the same. Rentaro along with security team and a cursed child Enjo proceed to find the way deep to the roots of this epidemic. It is to therefore see whether they will be successful in the same!

The series Black Bullet follows the genre of action and post apocalyptic which received good ratings overall attracting a lumpsum audience. The number of fans collected by the curators by the outstanding piece of anime, also collected their wanderlust eyes for the second season of the series that is Black Bullet Season 2.

Black Bullet Season 2 main characters and roles

Black Bullet Season 2 main characters and roles
Black Bullet Season 2 main characters and roles

The series inculcate multiple characters that were perfectly set to convey the real sense of the anime to the audience. the list of main characters along with their roles is mentioned below:

  • Rentaro Satomi voiced by Yuki Kaji and Chris Patton- The second-year student in Magata High School.
  • Enju Aihara voiced by Rina Hidaka and Luci Christian- Is a cursed child.
  • Kisara Tendo voiced by Yui Horie and Christina Kelly- The president of the society name ‘Tendo Civil Security’.
  • Tina Sprout voiced by Tomoyo Kurosawa and Caitlynn French.
  • Seitenshi voiced by Aki Toyosaki and Carli Mosier- The rule of the area of Tokyo.
  • Kikunoko Tendo voiced by Tamio Oki and John Swasey- Is the one with the political power who was also the advisor of Seitenshi.
  • Kagetane Hiruko voiced by Rikiya Koyama and Jay Hickman- The promoter in civil security.
  • Miori Shiba voiced by Ami Koshimizu and Margaret McDonald- The student council president of the high school.
  • Kohina Hiruko voiced by Aoi Yuki and Krystal LaPorte- The daughter of Kagetane.
  • Kayo Senju voiced by Megumi Han and Hilary Haag.
  • Takuto Yasuwaki voiced by Subaru Kimura and Scott Gibb- The guard of Seitenshi.
  • Kazumitsu Tendo voiced by Kazuyuki Okitsu and Houston Hayes- One of the Kisara’s four brothers.
  • Sumire Muroto voiced by Yuko Kaida and Joanne Bonasso- One of the four sages.
  • Ayn Rand voiced by Kosuke Toriumi and Mark X. Laskowski- One of the four sages.
  • Arthur Zanuck voiced- One of the four sages.
  • Albrecht Grunewald- One of the four sages.
  • Tamaki Katagiri voiced by Yoshimasa Hosaya and Adam Gibbs- The president of the civil security.
  • Yuzuki Katagiri voiced by Rumi Okubo and Brittney Karbowski- The sister of Tamaki.
  • Shoma Nagisawa voiced by Shinichiro Miki and Mike Yager- The friend of Rentaro.
  • Midori Fuse voiced by Yui Ogura abd Cunthia and Martinez.
  • Nagamasa Gado voiced by Tessho Genda and George Manley- The leader of the private security troops.
  • Asaka Mibu voiced by Inori Minase and Cara Duncan- The initiator of Nagamasa.
  • Hidehiko Gado voiced by Shinji Kawad and Clint Bickham- The son of Nagamasa.
  • Kokome- The initiator of Hidehiko.

The series had various characters for its season 1 and its uncertain what characters Black Bullet Season 2 will bring along.

Black Bullet Season 2 Plot Summary

Black Bullet Season 2 Plot Summary
Black Bullet Season 2 Plot Summary

The series brings the times of 2021 when the epidemic of Gastrea hit mankind to live within Monolith walls. The wall was created by the metal that can easily subdue it. The epidemic resulted in the children born with the virus and certain inabilities. One of them was Enju, who was called as the cursed child as it was the only trend to call these children by such names. The irony here was the cursed children born with the virus were to be only the females.

To beat the epidemic, civil security was formed with the cursed children as initiators and a promoter. The leap of 10 years brought a high school student, Rentaro Satomi, being a promoter in Tendo Civil Security operating a mission with a cursed child, Enju who was also an initiator. What transformation they will bring along with the twist in the story is worth waiting for.

Black Bullet Season 2 Trailer

Black Bullet Season 2 Trailer
Black Bullet Season 2 Trailer

Black Bullet Season 2 is ranking in the list of most awaited series. And it’s hard for the fans to wait any longer than this for it. They are deliberately longing for a sneak peek everywhere. This will be hard to swallow for the viewers that the first season of the series, Black Bullet Season 1 had no official trailer being out for the public. Following the same trend, the trailer of Black Bullet Season 2 is not yet up on any of the platforms. Therefore it’s highly involving to get any update about the same, over time.

Black Bullet Season 2 Release Date

Black Bullet Season 2 Release Date
Black Bullet Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the series Black Bullet was premiered on 8 April 2014 with its first episodes. The season continued for the 3 months that is till July 2014 and is now giving a hype in the heart of its fans for its season 2. The excitement of the fans reached to the peak when the makers made an official announcement to renew the series for the next season in July 2020 after almost 6 years when the fans almost stopped expecting the follow-up.

The excitement of the fans however went to the vain when the makers didn’t make up with the second series in 2020 and since then the flame of expectation for the next season is exaggerating among the fans. To the note, there is no further official update for the Black Bullet Season 2 but it can be anticipated that it will arrive soon.

Where to Watch Black Bullet Season 2?

The initial season of the Black Bullet Season 1 was made available for a release on Netflix and the platform is still streaming the season. The fans can give multiple watches with a good subscription plan and popcorn to the first season which consists of 13 episodes in total with an average run time of 30-50 minutes. It is not certain though which platform will provide access to the second season of the series, Black Bullet Season 2 but it can be estimated to give its appearance on the same platform as Netflix .

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