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Blue Reflection Ray Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline, and More!

Blue Reflection Ray season 2 is a television series that falls under the category of anime. The story of the show is a connection of all the shining emotions of joy, anger, and sadness. The show is a spinoff of the video game Blue Reflection in the year 2017. The show has been directed by Risako Yoshida. The show has been written by Akiko Waba, Seishi Minakami, Yukie Sugiwara. The characters of the show are designed by Risako Yoshida.

The television series premiered in Japan from 10 April to 25th September 2021. It broadcasted originally on MBS, TBS, and BS-TBS. The opening theme of the show is DiViNe which is performed by EXiNA. The first season of the show came out with a total of 24 episodes. The series English dub is produced by Studio Nano which is premiered on June 7th, 2022 on Crunchyroll.  The series has received an average rating of 5.2 on 10 from IMDB.

The genre that the series deals with is the theme of role-playing which is based on a video game. The show is all about the two magical girls named. Hiori and Ruka both with opposite personalities called Refkrctors who with the use of their powers help to resolve all the emotional struggles and heal and protect the hearts of people.

Blue Reflection Ray Season 2 Cast

Blue Reflection Ray Season 2 Cast
Blue Reflection Ray Season 2 Cast
  • Hiori Hirahara is voiced by Manaka Iwami  (Japanese); Kayli Mills (English). is a Japanese voice actress. She won the award at the 13th Seiyu Awards. As a playable character in Blue Reflection Tie. She is a cheerful and kind girl who isn’t exactly the brightest but can hold her own nonetheless.
  • Ruka Hanari is voiced by Haruka Chisuga (Japanese); Brianna Knickerbocker (English). She is a Japanese voice actress and singer. The lead main character of the show.
  • Momo Tanabe is voiced by Yuka Takakura (Japanese); Erica Mendez (English). She played a role of an 18 year old girl who has repeated a grade twice before dropping out of high school and working a part time job.
  • Miyako Shirakaba is voiced by Hitomi Owada (Japanese); Madeline Dorroh (English). She played a role of an first-year high school student from a well wealthy family who is actually suffering.
  • Mio Hirahara is voiced by Reina Ueda (Japanese); Maureen Price (English). Is best known for voice acting Hideyoshi NAGACHIKA from Tokyo Ghoul.
  • Nina Yamada is voiced by Nina Tamaki (Japanese); Katelyn Barr (English). Blur
  • Uta Komagawa is voiced by Rui Tanabe (Japanese); Lindsay Sheppard (English).
  • Shino Mizusaki is voiced by Shiori Izawa (Japanese); Kimberley Anne Campbell (English).
  • Ryōka Tachibana is voiced by Yurika Hirayama (Japanese); Morgan Berry (English).
  • Amiru Sumeragi is voiced by Ayumi Mano  (Japanese); Jalitza Delgado (English).

Blue Reflection Ray Season 2 Plot

The show Blue Reflection Ray Season 2 is revolved around two magical girls named Hirahara Hiori and Hanari Ruka who are completely opposite to each other. Hanari always has a positive attitude and see anyone in trouble, on the other hand, Hanari is a socially awkward personality, who does want to get along with everyone but doesn’t know how to.

The show is filled with the comedy of daily normal lives as well as many situations which are faced by the two main characters. The show opens up with a very promising prologue. Where they showcase how these two girl characters’ powers got activated by a ring. It is like a mellowed-down version of the sailor moon.

Blue Reflection Ray Season 2 Genre

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Blue Reflection Ray Season 2 Genre

Blue Reflection Ray Season 2 falls under the genre of a role-playing video game genre.

Blue Reflection Ray Season 2 Storyline

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Blue Reflection Ray Season 2 Storyline

The show Blue Reflection Ray is a new magical girl show. Inspired and based on Gust’s Blue Reflection, a kind of a game a North American got in 2017.

The story of the show Blue Reflection Ray is all set in a supernatural world. It revolves around mainly the two girls Hiori Hirahara and Ruka Hanari. Both have opposite personalities, Hiori is an upbeat girl who won’t hesitate ever to help someone who is in need on the other hand Ruka wishes that she could be more close with those who are around her, yet at the same time too shy and only finds failure whenever she tries to reach out. As the show goes on, both of them become reflectors who must work together in order to control and heal the emotions and pain around them.

Later on, They both find themselves in several conflicts against the other reflectors. Sooner they both understand the real power of the ring that they hold. They learn to work together and become stronger so that they can save the people around them.

Blue Reflectors Ray Season 2 Release Date

image 21
Blue Reflectors Ray Season 2 Release Date

Although the first season of the show Blue Reflectors Rayit did make a lot of people fall in love with its beautiful visuals. Despite all this, the rating of the show is just 5.2/10 which is not even average. But still, the first season of the show was a double-cour, and it ended on a high note. Until now, the production house of the show doesn’t have any involvement with Blue Reflection Ray Season 2 anymore.

Blue Reflectors Ray Season 2 Trailer

As there is no announcement of Blue Reflectors Ray Season 2. Till then our viewers can enjoy watching the Blur Reflectors Ray Season 2 trailer.

Where To Watch Blue Reflectors Ray Season 2?

As the fans of Blue Reflection Ray are all excited about the second season of the show but as of now, there is no announcement made from the maker’s side. Till then viewers can watch Blue Reflectors Ray Season 1 on Crunchyroll.  We expect that season 2 of the series would also be made available on Crunchyroll. Unfortunately,  we don’t have any further news about any more platforms where viewers can watch the series.

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