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Bonfire of Destiny Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plotline, and More!

Here is good news for all the Bonfire fans Here is the Bonfire of Destiny Season 2 known as Le Bazar de la Charite is a French drama miniseries that is based on a true event that happened in 1897. The French drama miniseries was released and aired on the major OTT streaming platform Netflix from November to December 2019. The series was initially aired and released as free to air through the famous French telecommunication and television network channel known as TF1, the channel is known for shows such as ‘Tomorrow is ours’, ‘High Intellectual Potential’, and the sensational ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’.

Bonfire of Destiny Season 2 About

The Bonfire of destiny, is a French period horror drama created by Catherine Ramberg and Karin Spreuzkouski and directed by Alexandre Laurent. The French series, which is basically a depiction of a tragic accident that happened in real life at ‘Bazaar of Charity’ also known as ‘Bazar de la charite’ in Paris in 1897, in which in the fire approximately 130 people had lost their life. 

The series follows the future events that happened in the life of three women- Adrian de Lenverpre, Alice de Jeansin, and Rose Riviere; soon after the fire which happened in the Bazaar of charity on 4th May 1897. Although the fire was considered as an accident but later according to the victims and other spectators’ statements the fire wasn’t an accident but was an outcome of a planned attack. The series was followed by a wave of protests and strikes by people conducted in the Paris city and streets to find the culprit. The series consisted of a total 8 episodes in the first season. 

Bonfire of Destiny Season 2 Plot

The series follows the events of a trio of females which includes the titular role of Adrian de Lenverpre, a woman who belongs to a royal family who is married to a business tycoon and the candidate for the upcoming election for the President of the senate, Marc Antoine de Lenverpre. And Alice de Jeans, Adrian de Lenverpre’s beloved niece, also named Rose Riviere, the maid of Adriann.

Adrianne, was actually trying to escape from the suffering toxic marriage relationship with Marc throughout in this drama miniseries and while together three of the women team had set out for a journey to the Bazaar of Charity and there they confronted with the massive tragic accident which caused huge damage to the lives of people as well as the fate of these three women’s lives forever.

Bonfire of Destiny Season 2 Plot
Bonfire of Destiny Season 2 Plot

The series begins with the charity event which takes place in the Le bazaar of Paris in France. Soon after the event starts the cinema projector of the Bazaar was faced with a fire outbreak.  After the fire outbreak, the titular character Adrienne finds herself desperately searching for her daughter, who is controlled by her exotic husband Marc Antoine, who looks after her in the aftermath of the fire believing that his wife has to be dead in the fire. But by this time, Adrienne sets out to experiment her luck to try and get her daughter back from her husband’s life without her husband suspecting that she is still alive.

The second central character Rose Riviere the maidservant of Adrianne finds herself badly burned by the fire after the fire outbreak in the Charity Bazaar and is forced herself to assume the identity of the character named Odette, one of the richest women in Paris who is actually lost her life in the fire by taking Odette’s identity.

The third character is Alice, Adrianne’s niece who finds herself confronted with the truths which are surrounding her future husband ‘Julien’ who saved himself to escape from the fire by abandoning Alice in the fire and finds out that her heart is staying with Victor, the man who helps her in the fire outbreak by rescuing her with the other women. 

And the series follows onwards with the story of how the fire outbreak changed their life forever and how they will face the Paris post-fire outbreak.

Bonfire of Destiny Season 2 Cast

The exquisite cast of the French romantic drama series ‘Bonfire of Destiny’ is included many familiar faces of the French cinema industry such as ‘Audrey Flenrot’, ‘Julie de Bona’ and ‘Camilia Lou’ as the titular roles of Adrienne de Lenverpre, Rose Riviere, and Alice de Jeans. The rest of the centular characters includes Gilbert Mellchi as Marc Antoine Lenverpre, Florence Pernel as Mathilda de jeansin, Josiane Balasko as Madame Huchon, Theo Fernandez as Julien de la ferte, Victor Meutelet as Victor Minville and Adele Galloy as Odette and many more. 

Bonfire of Destiny Season 2 Release Date

The series is about a 120-year-old tragedy with an amalgamation of some relevant aspects such as modernity, class divisions of the prevalent French society, and the romantic and relationships into a new brand show which is welcomed by spectators as the series left an addiction and worth for a perfect binge-watch.

Bonfire of Destiny season 2
Bonfire of Destiny season 2

The series has full potential to continue for a second season but still there is no official confirmation from Netflix or TF1 or the creators as well. But one can expect news regarding a renewed season from the creator’s side very soon. 

After the French miniseries became a part of the global chart hits of Netflix in 2019, the series was later adapted to the Turkish language in 2020 as ‘Alev Alev’ starring ‘Demet Evgar’, ‘Hazar Erguclu’ and ‘Dilan Cicek Deniz’ as titular roles. The Turkish remake was a complete hit with an increase in viewers. This Turkish adaptation also gives hope for a new season of the series. 

Bonfire of Destiny Season 2 Trailer

The official trailer os Bonfire of Destiny Season 2 is not released yet. Until then you can watch the trailer of the Bonfire of Destiny Season 1 here.

Where To Watch Bonfire of Destiny Season 2?

The French drama mini-series ‘Bonfire of Destiny’ is available to stream in French as well as in English audio with English subtitles on Netflix.

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