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Boo Bitch Release Date, Storyline, Cast, Plot, and More

Did you know the fun fact about viewing the comedy genre- You will never get rid of the humor for whatever type of comedy genre you are seeing. Likewise to delighter for your mood and humor presenting the most awaiting miniseries is in the door away known as Boo Bitch.

It is a story of a high school senior who lived her life safely under the radar and seizes the opportunity to change her narrative until she got to know when one morning she turns into a ghost.

Boo Bitch Plot

Boo bitch is a comedy genre, through Ehrlich and Iungerich and they are making a comeback. It is a story of a shy senior named- Erika Vu, who is in her final weeks in high school. She is not the type of girl whom everybody knows but all credit goes to one a mean girl named Riley, who doesn’t leave any chance to make Erika’s life worse.

One of their closest friend of Erika named Gia- tries to convince her to come to a big high school party, and by overcoming her shyness she visits the party and become the toast of the evening. Not only this, their recent ex of Riley called Jake C seems quite interested in her.

However, after the party when hungover Gia and Erika retrace their steps to find the missing necklace at the party spot, Erika will acknowledge the most unexpected fact that she turned into a ghost.

Boo Bitch Release Date

Boo bitch is most likely to premiere on Netflix. Sadly, more update on its release date has not been disclosed yet. Truly, the Netflix users will eagerly be waiting for this binge-worthy miniseries which is most likely to have 8 episodes in its 1st season.

Boo Bitch Cast

  • Lana Condor- The familiar which we have already seen in previous Netflix series known as ” To all the boys” is the lead and producer of boo bitch.
  • Zoe Colletti- In the works done binge-worthy like Fear of walking dead and Wildlife, Zoe will play the character of Gia, Erika’s best friend. Gia is a bit of a goofball and an upbeat optimist who never gives up hope that she and Erika will finally make their mark in high school.
  • Mason Versaw- The actor is a part of famous shows such as Sex appeal and Gossip girl. He will play the character of Jake C who is the recent ex of Riley the mean girl of high school.
  • Aparna Brielle- Aparna will play the role of Riley who also worked on shows such as A.P. Bio, Jay, and Silent Bob reboot.
  • Tenzing Norgay Trainor- He will play the role of Gavin, who is a member of after lifers, a group that is dedicated to exploring the paranormal which will definitely help Gia and Erika.
  • Jason Genao- Will play the role of Devon.

Why Boo bitch?

  • Represents the comedy genre with a mixture of some paranormal concepts.
  • Breaking the stereotype by making a lead bold and confident, sometimes it’s okay to become shy.
  • Showcasing the high school reality with a touch of fiction.

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