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Borgen Season 4 Release date, Creator, Cast, and Updates

Borgen is a Danish web series based on political and legal storyline shooting that took place in Denmark. The concept of the series is mainly about “The Castle ” which refers to Christiansberg Palace wherein the three departments are the Prime Minister’s Office, Supreme Court and Parliament which is used for parliament decision making. Borgen was first released in 2010 and after that, 2 other seasons were released by 2013 and stopped after that, as of 29 of April 2020 it announced that season 4 will be soon released in the year 2022.

Fans waited almost 9 years the next season and after its release it gained extremely high ratings and views. The story of the first female prime minister was to be the original concept but in season 2 it was shown otherwise as Helle was elected. In season 4 the minister affairs with respect to Brigitte Nybord is involved as she becomes the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Borgen season 4 Release Date

As per the collaboration of Netflix and DR, the releasing date was set on 13 of February 2022 and Nordic countries like Norway, Finland and Sweden it was released on 14 of April 2022 but it is yet to be released in most European and Asian countries, it is most likely to release by 2 of June 2022.

Who are the cast of Borgen?

To first focus on the main characters, Sidse Babett Knudsen, a Danish actress majorly works in films and theatres, she first made her debut in the year 1997 on the comedy show Lets Get Lost and won the Robert and Bodil Awards for Best Actress. She has also starred in The Duke of Burgundy and Inferno. She plays the role of Birgitte Nybord in Borgen. Birgitte Hjort Sorensen, a Danish actress nominated for the Robert Awards three times and Bodil Award once. She has starred in popular movies such as Marie Kroyer and Pitch Perfect 2. She plays the role of Katrine Fonsmark in Borgen.

Pilou Asbaek, is a Danish actor, he is popularly known for his role in Borgen and recently starred in A War in 2015. He plays the role of Kasper Juul in Borgen. Signe Egholm Olsen, a Danish actress starred in The Hour of the Lynx and Breeder recently and previously nominated for the Bodil Award for Best Actress in a leading role. She plays the role of Anne Sophie Lindenkrone in Borgen. Mikael Birkkjaer, he is a Danish actor best known for his role Forbrydelsen as the Inspector Ulrik Strange in the year 2009. He also starred on Oh Happy Day and Aftermath. He plays the role of Philip Christensen in Borgen.

The other casts include Soren Malling as Torben Friis, Lars Knutzon as Bent Sejro, Kasper Lange as Dan Vestergaard, Gitte Siem Christensen as Kirsten Sejro, Morten Kirkskov as Niels Erik Lund, Jens Albinus as Jon Berthelsen Laura Allen Muller Smith as Nadia Barazani and Freja Riemann as Laura Nyborg Christensen.

What to Expect from Borgen Season 4?

In the previous season, Birgitte in the beginning of the season is shown as a lecturer and member of board in a pharmaceutical corporation, later on in the season she joins the political forces and challenges Kruse in support of Hesselboe government, she plans on claiming the leadership but fails during the close vote, in the end she plans to start her own party.

In the season 4 Birgitte is shown struggling with her new path towards forming a party while Katrine Fonsmarks is standing against her as the head of department for nationwide television press studio. Birgitte goes through a tough phrase but plans a plot in order to climb the ladder again. The season portrays a huge political issue which is extremely important in reality in modern society. The entire story majorly refers to the concept of power and privilege and how it changes people. The Danish show has been brought back on air after 9 years of hold and yet the series has the fans hooked on the show with great interest.

Who are the Creators of Borgen?

Adam Price is the creator of Borgen, he is a Danish screenwriter and playwright, he was previously involved politically under the Romanian government, along with Jeppe Gjervig Gram and Tobias Lindholm. Borgen is directed by Soren Kragh Jacobsen, a Danish director and musician, popularly known for creating and directing shows and films without any artificial technologies, he has previously won Bodil Award for Best Danish Film.

Along with him Rumle Hammerich also contributed in directing Borgen, he is a Danish film director, previously nominated for the Robert Award for Best Danish Film. He has contributed to several mini series and films such as Young Andersen, Svart Lucia and Headhunter. The production companies involved in Borgen are Danmarks Radio (DR), Yleisradio (YLE), SAM Productions, Norsk Rikskringkasting (NRK), Nordisk Film, Sveriges Television and Nordvision.

Borgen season 4 Teaser

The teaser of Borgen season four was released on 19 of October 2021 by the official DR channel, it gave us a very tiny gist of how the new season is going to proceed. Birgitte is shown having troubles in the personal as well as work life, she is snatched off of her seat as the Prime Minister and from the position of Ministers of Foreign Affairs.

Where to watch Borgen Season 4?

All the seasons of Borgen can be streamed on Netflix.

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