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Bump Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Storyline, And More

Curious about Bump Season 3 latest updates? Read on to know everything you need to know. Bump is an Australian television series on Stan (a video-on-demand channel). It is a comedy-drama series that premiered on January 1, 2021, with the first season of ten episodes. And, as of now, the series includes two seasons, each consisting of ten episodes. Claudia Karvan and Kelsey Munro conceived the series. It is a popular show with a devoted following.

The series has a 7.6/10 rating on IMDB. It’s also believed to be a superb comedy series. Each episode is 33 minutes long. Because the series is “Video-on-demand,” all of the episodes of a season are available on the same day. Bump’s story is incredible and well worth seeing.

Bump Season 3 Cast

Bump Season 3 Cast
Bump Season 3 Cast

Bump’s ensemble was assembled from a diverse array of outstanding performers. Season 3 will most likely use the same cast. However, the director said that there would be a significant change in Bump season 3. We expect the following cast members to reappear in season 3:

  • Claudia Karvan as Angie Davis
  • Nathalie Morris as Olympia ‘Oly’ Davis-Chalmers
  • Carlos Sanson Jnr as Santiago ‘Santi’ Hernandez
  • Ricardo Scheihing Vasquez as Matias Hernandez
  • Sarah Meacham as Madison
  • Miguel Andrade as Alejandro
  • Paula García as Rosa Hernandez
  • Ioane Saula as Vince Ingram
  • Peter Thurnwald as Lachie Koh
  • Roman Delo as Zac Russo
  • Catalina Palma Godoy as Angel
  • Safia Arain as Reema
  • Claudia de Giusti as Bernadita Hernández
  • Angus Sampson as Dom Chalmers

Bump Season 3 Plot

Bump Season 3 Plot
Bump Season 3 Plot

The plot for Season 3 has yet to be announced by the creators. Bump Season 2 received high praise from reviewers. The third season of Bump appears to be receiving a great reception from the audience.

The show’s core concept follows Oly, an ambitious and high-achieving adolescent girl who had a surprise kid. Two families’ lives are complicated by an unexpected pregnancy. The show was shot on and around the Sydney Secondary College Blackwattle Bay Campus.

Bump Season 3 Storyline

Bump Season 3 Storyline
Bump Season 3 Storyline

The first season follows the main heroine as she deals with the surprising news that she is pregnant while at school. Everyone in Oly’s life strives to adjust to their new lives in the second episode. This, however, proved challenging at first. Because Oly and her baby daddy, Santi, are still young, their families are having difficulty communicating.

The second season begins with Oly and Santi attempting to balance the parenting load following Matia and Angie’s divorce. In the following episode, it is shown that, of the two, Oly is the one that keeps her aspirations high, whilst Santi is overwhelmed with concerns. In Episode 5, Santi and Oly are trapped at home while their pals have a great night out. Using Angie’s guidance, Oly attempts to solve the Santi mystery. Then, in episode 8, Santi and Oly run into some financial difficulties.
Santi’s plan is put into effect at the end of the season. The two endeavor to synchronize their future goals.

We anticipate that the tale of Bump’s second season will be continued in the third season. It’s because there’s an extremely slim probability of the series restarting. The creators have said that they will not be stretching the tale with other pregnancies or anything of the kind. They have stated that the upcoming season will undoubtedly be unique and shocking. More fun and humor are on the way, but the plot may undergo significant alterations in the coming season.

Bump Season 3 Release Date

Bump Season 3 Release Date
Bump Season 3 Release Date

The Bump Season 3 release date has yet to be announced. However, according to online rumors, the third season will begin production in 2022. Given this, the third season should be available by the end of 2022 or in mid-2023. The first season of Bump premiered on Stan and The CW on January 1, 2021. Bump’s second season premiered on Stan and The CW on December 26th, 2021.

The next season, like the past two, is slated to include 10 episodes. Other facts about the future season have yet to be confirmed by the producers. The creators have said that the third season will feature a ‘Massive shake-up,’ as well as some exciting new content for the series. Perhaps the third season of Bump will be released in 2023. Bump’s third season will most probably begin production in 2022.

Claudia Karvan, the film’s co-creator, producer, and star, stated that if she had known there would be a season 3 from the start, she would have adjusted the plot. The crew is now hard at work on season three.

Bump Season 3 Trailer

No official trailer has been released for this audience-loved series. We’ll have to wait a while for that announcement. Fans can watch the previous trailers while waiting. Both the season 1 and 2 trailers are available on Youtube and have over 2 million views collectively.

Where To Watch Bump Season 3?

The first season of Bump launched on the CBC Gem streaming service on June 18, 2021, with the second season following on July 29, 2022. The series premiered on BBC One on October 20, 2021, and was also made accessible on the BBC iPlayer streaming service. The second season premiered on June 17, 2022. The series was picked up by The CW in the United States in March 2022, and it aired on August 11, 2022.

While waiting for the much-awaited third season of Bump, fans can rewatch the first and second seasons online on Stan and HBO Max. The show also premieres on Thursday night on The CW.

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