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Cars On The Road Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline, and More

Cars On The Road is an American animated series that is a continuation of the Cars Movie Franchise produced by Pixar for Disney+ and directed by 3 directors who are Steve Purcell, Bobby Podesta, and Brian Fee. Each Director has directed 3 episodes. The series premiered on Disney+ on 8th September 2022.

Cars On The Road consists of 9 episodes filled with fun and adventure. This is a series that sticks to its genre and justifies it. The Series will be a fun ride for the kids and a nostalgic moment for the fans of the Cars Franchise.

Cars On The Road Cast

Cars On The Road Cast
Cars On The Road Cast

Cars On The Road is an animated series but the cars in it talk to each other which makes someone lend their voice which makes the cast of Cars On The Road.

  • Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen
  • Larry the Cable Guy as Tow Mater
  • Quinta Brunson as Ivy
  • Bonnie Hunt as Sally Carrera
  • Cheech Marin as Ramone
  • Jenifer Lewis as Flo
  • Tony Shalhoub as Luigi
  • Lloyd Sherr as Fillmore
  • Dana Powell as Mato
  • Cristela Alonzo as Cruz Ramirez

Cars On The Road Plot

Cars On The Road Plot
Cars On The Road Plot

Lightning McQueen joins on a cross-off road trip along with his best mate Mater to attend a wedding ceremony of Mater’s sister, Mato. The obstacles they face, the friends they make, the adventures they do, and their experiences are the main plot of the series.

The story is set in fresh locations and imaginative destinations with the return of old characters from the movie franchise and also a few new characters to make lots of fun. We also find out who is Mater and what is the bond between him and his sister Mato in this series which helps in building the character arc.

Cars On The Road Storyline

Cars On The Road Storyline
Cars On The Road Storyline

The story is based on the Road trip of Lightning McQueen and his best friend Mater. The series starts over with Mater announcing to his friends that he’ll be leaving the town for a few days to attend the wedding ceremony of his sister, Mato. Our main lead Lightning McQueen listens to the announcement and decides to join Mater on the journey to the wedding. The insistence of McQueen leads them to stop at a Dinosaur Museum because McQueen finds them cool but Mater is scared by the statue of the dinosaurs.

They continue their trip, they reach a desert which is a hub for experimental cars all over the world. Mater goes rogue like a tow truck with nitro which leads him to crash. The Speed Demon arrives to take his soul to heaven but Mater intelligently escapes from him. They continue to go towards Mato, now they come across Ivy and they help it run away from the hunters. Ivy joins McQueen and Mater on their road trip.

As they continue to go, they go to a Circus where we get to know the fears of McQueen and the talents of Ivy which are unexpectedly shocking. Ivy likes the circus so much which makes her stay. Lightning and Mater bid goodbye to Ivy and continue their journey. Mater joins with fellow trucks alike him at a stop and celebrates their unity through a song. Then, unexpectedly they slip onto a movie set and they are cast in a zombie sci-fi film in multiple roles as they were so good. They resume their road trip after the shooting of the film.

The duo thinks they are lost in nowhere and they find Road warriors. Road warriors steal Mater and McQueen and force them to fight at the Thundercone against each other. They escape from fighting each other with help of Jeremy. At last, Mater and Lightning arrive at Mato’s wedding. Mater and Mato are reunited and their sibling’s bond is too good to see. At the wedding, Mater makes a speech about his best friend Lightning McQueen and asks him to return to Radiator Springs by road instead of the plane as planned. This is the series of events that occur in the series.

Cars On The Road Release Date

Cars On The Road Release Date
Cars On The Road Release Date

Cars, Cars 2, and Cars 3 are the film series released in 2006,2011, and 2017 respectively. The Cars Movie Series is one of the most liked animated movie franchises among kids. The voice behind Lightning McQueen, Owen Wilson is one of the major reasons for the success of the film. Cars On The Road is an animated series that takes place after the events of Cars 3. The animated series was released on the 8th of September 2022. The series focuses on the adventurous journey of McQueen and Mater.

Cars On The Road Trailer

The trailer of Cars On The Road was released 1 month ago on YouTube through the official channel of Pixar. The trailer has over 5.4M views which proves the fanbase of Cars.

Where To Watch Cars On The Road Seas?

Cars On The Road is a series of 9 episodes and all 9 are streaming on Disney+.

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