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Chad And JT Go Deep Season 1 Ending Explained

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In Chad & JT Go Deep (Netflix), a six-episode prank comedy series inspired by the duo’s Go Deep podcast and popular YouTube segments where they pose as concerned citizens at city council meetings and push for issues like increased partying, a second Independence Day, or the commissioning of a statue honoring late Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker, California comedians Chad Kroeger (real name: Tom Allen) and JT Parr get hyped and do activism.

Chad And JT Go Deep Season 1 Ending Explained

Chad And JT Go Deep Season 1 Ending Explained
Chad And JT Go Deep Season 1 Ending Explained

Over a picture of surfers and the sparkling Pacific Ocean, a graphic says, “Chad and JT are activists from Southern California.” “They have permitted a video crew to record their work behind the scenes.” Activists JT and Chad. But in reality, it means convincing random beachgoers to sign a petition asking people to “stop the talking trash about e-scooter riders,” a group that includes themselves. Chad Kroeger and JT Parr identify as dudes who love partying, surfing, skating, tanning, being stoked, and doing dank shit, which for them translates as consciousness-raising about the chiller things in life.

After failing in their attempt to change the public’s perception of e-scooter use, the duo and their “squad” friends Strider Wilson (Michael Klimkowski) and Kevin “The Shmole” (Kevin Fard) perform an idiotic group dance to NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” and then craft a new petition, this time calling for the protection of “borders.” Yes, “borders” rather than “borders.” But as people pass by Chad and JT’s booth set up by the beach, they don’t appear to care how the term is spelled because they instead comment about immigration from Mexico and the defense of private property while the guys keep making references to skateboarding.

Later, Chad and JT realize their “protect the borders” campaign has been interpreted incorrectly while on a bus tour through Hollywood that only features filming locations for the Fast & Furious movies. A social media backlash then ensnares them in a counterculture wave. It’s not a good time right now. Chad and JT have recently been given the opportunity to promote their advocacy during their friend Zedd’s residency in Las Vegas. (The DJ who spins electronic music is pictured here.) But as their cancellation approaches, the stone lords must decide whether continuing with their activism at all would be wholly bog or wholly dank.

Chad & JT Go Deep take pleasure in fusing Cali bro surfing riffs with philosophic and social justice themes. Skateboarders have been persecuted in society for far too long! In an Instagram story, JT makes a claim. And when close friend Strider Wilson is questioned about the pair, it’s as if he is giving Shepard Fairey’s art a voice. They are campaigners. Why does that matter? They are stoking the fire. These people are designed to bring about change.

Chad And JT Go Deep Season 1 is available on Netflix.

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