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Clickbait Season 2 Release Date, Storyline, Cast, and More!

Clickbait Season 2 on the internet brings to us all that we want with just a click away on our devices. Be it entertainment, news, communication, or any kind of information, the internet has proved to be a boon for development and progress with technology.

But if we flip the coin, the internet has a really dark side as well. This show on Netflix portrays exactly that side of the internet. Clickbait includes a story of how a video anonymously gets uploaded and starts revealing secrets that affect and devastate a family.

The show’s escalating point shows its evidence, when a father is kidnapped and a video goes viral of him showing sign boards that say, “I Abuse Women and at 5 million Views I Die”. The season goes through the twist and turns involved in the family finding the kidnapper.

Clickbait Season 2 Storyline

Clickbait Season 2 Storyline
Clickbait Season 2 Storyline

The show follows a dark theme which signifies how the internet can spin lives and how we are nowhere out of its reach. The show starts with an episode that picturises a man who lives with his family, his mother, two children, wife, and his sister is kidnapped out of nowhere and all of a sudden, a video goes viral on YouTube that claims he has abused women, murdered someone, and at five million views I’ll die.

The video spreads massively on the internet. The police are into investigating and the family is secretly doing everything to find him. Although, there are some doors that have to be opened, behind which their things that none knows and the story goes on to reveal what’s behind it.

Clickbait Season 2 Cast 

Clickbait Season 2 Cast        
Clickbait Season 2 Cast        
  • Adrian Grenier – Nick Brewer
  • Zoe Kazan – Pia Brewer
  • Phoenix Raei – Roshan Amiri
  • Betty Gabriel – Sophie Brewer
  • Jessie Collins – Emma Beesley
  • Jayline Fletcher – Kai Brewer
  • Camaron Engels – Ethan Brewers
  • Ian Meadows – Matt Aldin
  • Daniel Henshall – Simon Oxley
  • Becca Lish – Dawn Gleed
  • Wally Dunn – Ed Gleed
  • Mia Challis- Jenny
  • Motell Foster – Cutris Hamilton
  • Kate Lister – Jeannine Murphy
  • Steve Mouzakis – Zach De Luca
  • Elizabeth Alexander – Andrea Brewer
  • Akosia Sabet – Bailey Quinn
  • Alexus Watt – Jessica Ceteno
  • Jake Unsworth – Colin Howard
  • Lily Constantine – Elli
  • Renee Lim –  Alice
  • Emily Goddard – Linda
  • Dean Cartmel – Det. Feldman

Clickbait Season 2 Genre

      Clickbait Season 2 Gener
Clickbait Season 2 Gener

Clickbait Season 2 is a thriller drama that involves suspense. If you are a mystery and thriller freak, then this show has to be on your watchlist.

Clickbait Season 2 Release Date

Clickbait Season 2 Release Date
Clickbait Season 2 Release date

No wonder after bringing the show to Netflix’s most-watched list just a couple of hours after its release, Clickbait fans have been anxiously waiting for the show’s next season to come out. Season one went through a lot of ups and downs as its release was shut down due to a pandemic in 2020. The show then resumed and got aired in August 2021.

Well, there are two speculations about the second season. One is that the story from the first season would be continued in the second or two, and there would be an entirely new story as season one had a pretty defining end. Talking about the release date, there is no specific date, but it is assumed that there would be an announcement somewhere in the middle of 2022.

Clickbait Season 2 Famous Dialogue

  • Maybe it’s Deep Fake or something? Like that Obama video.
  • The video is not a confession it’s a death threat
  • Mainly weirdos with too much time on their hands.
  • They are calling it GeoNicking.
  • Wherever he is, your father is fighting to get home, He wants to be with his family.
  • This was at the house, Detective. Your team missed it.

Clickbait Season 2 Trailer

Where To Watch Clickbait Season 2?

The show is available on Netflix and you can binge-watch it there.

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