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Death Note Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Storyline, and More!

Death Note season 2 is a Japanese manga series. Manga series are comics or graphic novels originating from japan. it was developed in the late 19th century. it is an animated television series. it is written by Tsugumi Ohba and is illustrated by Takeshi Obala. the story is based on a novel of the same name. the show Death Note was first released on 6 October 2006 and ran till June 2007. it has 37 episodes. it is produced by Madhouse and directed by Tetsuro Araki. it was broadcasted on Nippon Television.

The Death Notes series was so amazing that it has been used in 3 live-action films in Japan- in June 2006, November 2006, and February 2008. A television drama was also created with the same name in 2015. the show holds an IMDb rating of 9/10. it received a huge response from the audience after its first season. And after Death Note season 1, the audience is eagerly waiting for season 2.

Death Note Season 2 Plot

The Death Note season 2 plot follows a guy named, Light Yagami. he is a teenager who discovers a mysterious notebook, “Death Note”. the book belonged to Shinigami Ryuk. Ryuk grants the user to kill people whose name is written inside the notebook, Death Note. Light realizes the power of the notebook and starts killing criminals and evil people. he wanted to clean the society but no one was able to track him. as he went on killing people, the criminals around the world started calling him ‘Kira’ which means killer.

as the show progress, an actress named Misa Amane also receives the second Death Note called Rem which allowed her to kill people only by seeing their face. to find the killer, an investigator named L was recruited. he gets to know that Misa is Second Kira. Rem kills L lately. Misa disintegrates and Light obtains her Death Note.

By the end of the show, Mikami gets to know that Light is only Kira. Mikami manages to track Kira. after which, Light begged Ryuk to write Mikami and Mello’s names in the Death Note so that he can kill them as well. but unfortunately, Ryuk wrote Light’s name in the notebook and Light dies.

Death Note Season 2 Cast

Death Note Season 2 Cast

Death Note received huge appreciation after the release of its first season. after the first season ended people started screaming for season 2. yet there is no official news about the release of season 2 but as the audience is demanding a new season, we might get to see Death Note season too soon. if season 2 is coming, who is going to be seen in that is still a mystery. but few characters are expected to be seen in season 2 as well.

here is a list of few main character who will be apart of the upcoming Death Note season 2-

Light Yagami, is the main protagonist of Death Note. he discovered the mysterious book which gave him the power to kill people. he took it as an opportunity to clean the society and started killing criminals.

L- Lawliet is the world’s greatest investigator and he was recruited to find Kira. he is seen as one of the main antagonists of Death Note. he was successful in finding Kira, but seems that he was killed by Kira.

Ryuk is the one who drops Death Note, a notebook that gives the power to kill people whose names are written inside the notebook. he is the reason, why in the end, Light is killed.

Misa Amane is a popular Japanese idol. she also received the notebook called Rem. she becomes the second Kira. she owns the magical power of seeing everyone’s lifespan except the life span of the owner of the notebook.

Near, real name is Nate River is a young detective who was hired to detect Kira. he is the Head of the Organization that was catching Kira.

Mello, real name Michael Keehl was also an investigator. he was always competing to succeed L.

Teru Mikami is a criminal prosecutor. he was the supporter of Kira as he adored her. Mikami was the replacement of Misa after she was killed by Light.

Minoru Tanaka becomes the new possessor of Death Note: Special One-Shot. he sells the notebook instead of using it.

End of Death Note Season 1 Explained

Death Note season is a series based on the concept “Humans will all eventually die and never come back to life, so let’s give it our all while we’re alive”. Death Note acts as an instruction manual that tells the rules of killing people.

the entire series can be summarised as Lights (Kira) receiving the Death Note and starting killing people after which an investigator L was recruited to find him because no one was able to track Kira. later on, Misa also gets the second Death Note and she becomes the second Kira.

L manages to find Kira. Light kills Misa. after Misa was killed, Mikami was hired to find Light. Mikami was successful in finding Kira and at that time, Light asks the Shinigami to write Mikami’s name on the Death note so he can kill him. instead of that, rem wrote Light’s name in the Death Note and he is killed. Minoru becomes the next owner of the book and decides to sell it off instead of using it.

Death Note Season 2 Release date

as mentioned before, no statement has been made by the creators of the show for Death note season 2 but as the fan base is continuously increasing and people are waiting for season 2, it might release soon. we can expect to release the series by the end of 2023.

Death Note Season 2 Trailer

the makers have not yet announced any official news regarding the renewal of Death Note season 2. Death Note season 2 is blurry and that’s why we have no official information regarding the trailer. as and when we receive any news regarding the trailer we will inform you soon.

Where to Watch Death Note Season 2

Death Note season 2 is originally a television series but it is available on Netflix as well.

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