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Devil In Ohio Release Date, Plot, Cast, Where To Watch, and Much More

Devil In Ohio, premiered on September 2. It is based on actual occurrences and raises a lot of issues regarding cults, religious extremism, and those who become entangled in their harmful webs. During the Labor Day weekend, viewers binge-watched for over 35 million hours, demonstrating the topic’s obvious appeal to many. In 52 nations, the show also made the Top 10.

Based on Daria Polatin’s best-selling book of the same name from 2017, Devil in Ohio She was the showrunner and the show’s creator as well. If the cult in Polatin’s story is true, many viewers wonder. Both yes and no are the responses to that.

Cults are a very fascinating topic, and Polatin is aware of how and why people are interested in learning more about them. “I believe that the desire to belong to a tribe is an evolutionary drive. That has historically been the key to human survival in the wild. To ward off the elements, avoid predators, and get food, you needed to be a part of a tribe. It is deeply ingrained in our psychology.”

Devil In Ohio Plot

Devil In Ohio Plot
Devil In Ohio Plot

Devil In Ohio is about a young woman who flees a cult that worships the devil and the loving family that takes her in. In this 8-episode cult-thriller series, a psychiatrist, Dr. Suzanne Mathis, helps out the escapee by taking her back home to live with her husband Peter, and their three daughters. Immediately after they take in the enigmatic Mae Dodd, their world is flipped upside down.

Mae is initially only meant to stay for one night while Suzanne finds a foster family to care for her, but things end up taking longer than anticipated. They rapidly become aware of the risk to their family.

Jules, a thoughtful photographer, is having social difficulties at school to the point where even her older sister won’t let her sit with her at lunch. Suzanne’s family may not be prepared for such a disturbance. Additionally, the buyer of the home that Peter was remodeling abruptly pulled out of the agreement, leaving Peter with a pricey home that needed to be sold and a significant amount of debt. There are additional outside variables: Both the eerie Amon County Sheriff (Bradley Stryker) and Detective Lopez from the Remmingham Police Department are on the lookout for her.

Devil In Ohio Cast

Devil In Ohio Cast
Devil In Ohio Cast

This cult-thriller series has a stunning cast consisting of-

  • Emily Deschanel as Dr. Suzanne Mathis
  • Madeleine Arthur as Mae Dodd
  • Xaria Dotson as Jules Mathis
  • Sam Jaeger as Peter Mathis
  • Alisha Newton as Helen Mathis
  • Naomi Tan as Dani Mathis
  • Gerardo Celasco as Detective Lopez

What Other Shows Will Devil In Ohio Remind You Of?

In our opinion, Devil In Ohio gives MAJOR “The Following” vibes, just that instead of cops investigating a cult leader, here we have a cult member turning others’ lives upside down.

Our Take On The Show

Our Take On The Show
Our Take On The Show

Due to Daria Polatin’s significant TV expertise (Jack Ryan, Condor, Heels), which was based on her novel, Devil In Ohio, it doesn’t suffer from first-time showrunner novice blunders. When it came to adapting her book, she also didn’t fall in love with her writing; the first episode proceeds at the pace of a top-notch network thriller (one of the reasons we compared it to The Following), which doesn’t often linger on details for too long before driving the plot along.

It appears at first that the tale asides Polatin indulges in during the first episode, such as Jules’ struggle to fit in at school or Peter’s company rapidly going into debt, are unimportant. The main plotline seems to revolve around Suzanne’s attempts to help Mae, who is running from a lethal cult. However, Mae’s presence in the Mathis family’s life would completely change everything, thus it is necessary to reveal these side storylines at the same time as Suzanne’s relationship with Mae.

Even though Suzanne is a little more emotional than Dr. Temperance Brennan, Deschanel still makes Suzanne seem like she’s living the impossibly idealized fantasy of “having it all.” She has a high-stakes, demanding job, is a devoted wife, manages to make a family meal after a long day, offers loving counsel to Jules, and still finds time to take in this odd girl and persuade her family that taking her in is the proper thing to do.

The only reason we can deduce that Suzanne is set up in such an artificial manner is that so much is torn away when things with Mae become challenging. If so, once the defects in Suzanne’s personality and family life are revealed, we will be able to forget about how “perfect” she initially appears.

Devil In Ohio Trailer

The trailer of Devil in Ohio was released inĀ August 2022 and it did an amazing job of teasing the mysterious and ominous tone of the series.

Devil In Ohio Release Date And Where To Watch

Devil In Ohio’ has been out for quite some time now. The show premiered on Netflix on September 2, 2022. All the episodes are out and available for streaming now on Netflix!

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