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Dr. Romantic Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Much More

Dr. Romantic is a popular South Korean television series. The show has released its season 2 after a huge success of the first one. The drama was originally released by SBS. As the name suggests the main plot of the story revolves around doctors and their lives. The drama is written by Kang Eu Kyung.

She has written many famous dramas like What Happens to My Family? and Where Stars Land. Forecasting Love and Weather is the recent drama she has written. All her stories are just serene and beautiful on screen. The drama is directed by Yoo In Shik and Park Su Jin. Park Su Jin has previously directed amazing dramas like While You Were Sleeping and The Hymn of Death. Some of Yoo In Shik’s works are Vagabond and Mrs. Cop.

Dr. Romantic has motivated many people and also changed the perception of many people about hospitals and doctors. The drama shows different types of doctors- money-making doctors and life-saving ones. The drama is well presented revolving around their lives, love, and learning. The drama gets intense in a few episodes. It keeps up with the hype and would be a great watch.

Dr. Romantic Plot

Dr. Romantic Plot
Dr. Romantic Plot

Dr. Romantic is an emotional rollercoaster with a new lesson in every episode. It has nailed the medical genre taken it to another level.

Kim Sa Bu is one of the best doctors and gains a lot of fame while he works at a huge hospital as a surgeon. One day, he decides to leave everything and move to the countryside. He starts working at a small hospital named Doldam Hospital. He treats patients and gains enough money to repair the hospital. Somehow, things go wrong and all his students had to leave the hospital. His injured hand starts to act weird.

He then goes to a bigger hospital while he gets treated, he finds two doctors whom he could teach. He was fond of them but at the same time they were very different as they had their traumas to deal with. Dr. Kim decides to teach Seo Woo Jin, who was a sucker for money and was blinded by it, and Cha Eun Ja who was extremely scared to perform any operation since her failure. Dr. Kim wanted to help them find the right path and fight the politics at the hospital. The drama takes us through the journey of their trauma and healing.

Dr. Romantic Cast

Dr. Romantic Cast
Dr. Romantic Cast

Han Suk-Kyu plays the main role in the drama, Dr. Romantic. He is an unexceptional actor, nailing every role given to him. He was recently seen on the bigger screen, Forbidden Dream and Idol. He plays the role of a successful surgeon Dr. Kim. He was the character that binds the show together. He plays the role of a teacher at the hospital. Teacher Kim is significantly one of the best characters in the show. Sometimes it might be frustrating to see him but he can never receive hate. He motivated people at both personal and professional levels.

Yoo Yeon-Seok has played various roles in the medical genre. Some of the dramas he acted in are Hospital playlist 1-2, Replay 1994, and Mr. Sunshine. He always manages to steal the audience’s heart with his realistic acting. He plays the role of Kang Dong Joo. He is not the character you would like as soon as he is introduced.

We see him grow from a jerk to a better person. He is one of the most unpredictable characters. At first, it might seem like he works at the hospital his dad passed away to avenge him but it is more than that. He might go wrong in many places but makes sure he keeps up with his strong sense of justice.

Seo Hyun-Jin has always done justice to all the roles she picked. She was awarded for her role in the dramas Another Miss Oh and Feast of the Gods. She is gonna make an appearance soon on the small screen with Hwang In-Yeop in “Why Her?”. She plays the role of Yoon Seo-Jung. She is a very relatable character as she has her sufferings and healings. She has regrets in her life which makes her a weak person but she works hard to overcome them and be acknowledged by people. She wants to become a better person and doctor.

Where To Watch Dr. Romantic

The South Korean Medical television series has made a great impact on people. Dr. Romantic was originally released by SBS. The drama is available on Netflix. It is a 20 episode + 1 special drama with each episode being around 60 minutes long. The drama is a great watch on a dull and gloomy day as it brings back the light and motivates you.

Dr. Romantic Trailer

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