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El marginal Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Updates, and More

Hello Folks, today in this post we are discussing an Argentine Crime Drama Television Series created by Sebastián Ortega and Adrián Caetano, named El marginal. El marginal debuted on Television Publica Argentina on June 2, 2016, and was released on Netflix on October 7, 2016, from then it was a complete hit. El Marginal along with Estocolmo was the first Argentine television series acquired by Netflix. This series has won many awards which include a Golden Martin Fierro award, a Tato award, a Festival Séries Mania award and many more, El marginal was also nominated for a Platino Award for Best Television Series.

El marginal is a crime prison drama series which revolves around Miguel Palacios, also known as Pastor, is a former police officer who goes undercover in the dangerous San Onofre jail to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a judge for which he has to infiltrate the Sub-21, a lethal gang of criminals who were engaged in criminal activities as they were supported by the prison guards. But his plan falls apart when in this dangerous prison he faces his former enemies, brothers Juan Pablo “Diosito” and Mario Borges, Both Diosito and Mario team up and plot a risky escape plan, but eventually, their plan has flaws, and they ended up getting arrested.

El marginal has released 5 seasons, with the fifth season being released on 4th May 2022. El marginal has received appreciation for its engaging incredible plot and characters from critics and viewers, El marginal has received an imbd rating of 8.2 out of 10 from votes of 3.7 k viewers, a 6.6 out of 10 rating on Film Affinity and 94 per cent Google users have already liked this TV crime drama series.

There is hardly been a few days since the release of El marginal season 5, but fans of this series are asking about the renewal of El marginal season 6, we have gathered updates regarding the renewal and releasing dates of El marginal Season 6, so make sure you read this post till the end in order to not skip any crucial update.

El marginal Season 6 Release Date

Season 5 of El marginal has been released on 4th May 2022 in its whole entirety, consisting of 6 episodes on Netflix. Season 5 has received an overwhelming response from critics, viewers and fans but season 5 brings the characters’ plotlines to a happy end and helps piece together what the future holds for each of them, despite its popularity creator Sebastián Ortega and Adrián Caetano has already announced that season 5 is going to be series finale season, and there will be no season released after this one.

This is the perfect time for El marginal series to end, as this series story has completed a cycle, Culell said. Many cast members and producers of this series have also announced in various interviews and social media posts, that season 5 will be the final goodbye from El marginal to its fans.

But as we know, Netflix is famous for renewing series based on their popularity and viewership, so it might be possible that Netflix will release some kind of reboot version of this series in near future, but currently, there is no official announcement from Netflix regarding renewal of season 6. But if any updates come regarding El marginal Season 6, we will immediately update this section till then stay tuned to cinesays.com for future updates and much more related to movies and web series.

El marginal Season 6 Cast

El marginal’s characters played an important role in making this series so popular among viewers, The cast of El marginal has outdone themselves in portraying characters as if they were in real life, El marginal has five seasons, and only a few main characters are repeated in all these seasons, El marginal has a vast Cast, and its cast members include faces like:

  • Juan Minujín as Miguel Palacios or “Pastor”
  • Martina Gusmán as Lic. Emma Molinari.
  • Gerardo Romano as Director Sergio Antín.
  • Claudio Rissi as Mario Borges.
  • Nicolás Furtado as Juan Pablo “Diosito” Borges.
  • Maite Lanata as Luna Lunati.
  • Mariano Argento as Juez Cayetano Lunati.
  • Verónica Llinás as Rita.
  • Alejandro Awada as Oliverio Bruni.
  • Carlos Portaluppi as El Morcilla.
  • Ana María Picchio as Estela Morales.
  • Mariano Argento as Cayetano Lunati.
  • Javier Pedersoli as Kalina.

and many more. The other cast members include, Gerardo Otero as Fernando, Marcelo Peralta as Barny, Emanuel García as Arnol, Daniel Fanego as Garofalo, Ignacio Sureda as Pantera, Ana Garibaldi as Gladys Borges, Javier Pedersoli as Kalina and many more. The cast for season 6 has not been announced yet from Netflix, but we are expecting some new faces to add, we will update this series once Netflix announces cast members.

El marginal Season 6 Expected Plot

Season 1 of El marginal, revolves around Miguel Palacios, a former cop who is on a mission to find the kidnapped daughter of a judge for which he is undercover and prisoned at San Onofre one of the most dangerous prisons, he has to infiltrate criminal gang of vicious criminals who are supported by prison guards to save her.

In the second season, Miguel finds Borges brothers his past enemies which adds more difficulties to his mission, and season 2 is a flashback that takes place three years before Miguel Palacios enters San Onofre. Mario and Juan Pablo “Diosito” Borges is taken to San Onofre to overthrow “El Sapo” Quiroga, the prison’s leader. To do so, they join forces with the “Sub-21” gang and Patricio Salgado, a corrupt doctor. There is no specific plot available for El marginal season 6, but we are sure that season 6 will continue from where Season 5 ends.

El marginal Season 6 Trailer

There is no official trailer available for El marginal Season 6, as Netflix has not announced any updates regarding El marginal Season 6, the trailer of any season comes 1 or 2 months before the release of the season itself, so we have to wait till next update. Till then you can watch the previous 5 seasons of El marginal in order to get hold of its incredible plot.

Where to watch El marginal

Currently, five seasons of the crime drama named El marginal are available on Netflix for online streaming.

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