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Eternal Love Of Dream Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More

Eternal Love Of Dream Season 2 latest updates are here! Continue reading till the end to know everything. The show depicts three lifelong and complicated love affairs between Donghua and Kita Fengjiu. Bei Fengjiu, who was helped by Donghua in her childhood, is moved by her return of kindness. Love eventually replaces their admiration and gratitude. Eternal Love of Dream, popularly known as Three Lives, Three World the Pillow Book, is a 2020 Chinese web series.

It belongs to the specific genre of Xianxia, ​​fantasy, and romance, and is based on Tangqi Gongzi’s book. The concept was written extensively by Liang Zhenhua and directed by Yang Xuan.

The web series features multiple characters, but the main actors are Dilraba Dirmulat and Vengo Gao. The composer of this web series is Tan Xuan and the original language of this web series is Mandarin Chinese. This series has 56 episodes. Gao Shen executives with Zhao Jie as his producer, the production site is his Hengdian World Studios, and the average running time of a series is 40-45 minutes. The production companies for this series are Tencent Penguin Productions and Jiaxing Media.

Eternal Love Of Dream Season 2 Cast

Eternal Love Of Dream Season 2 Cast
Eternal Love Of Dream Season 2 Cast

The Eternal Love of Dream season 2 cast has two categories of stars. The main cast includes Dilraba Dirumrat as Bai Fengju. Bai is known as the youngest female monarch. Her reputation includes her being the world’s only red nine-tailed fox and her rule as monarch of Qing Qiu. Another main character is Dong Hua Dijun character played by Vengo Gao. Dihuan is the emperor of the Celestial Tribe and is known as the first heavenly emperor to undertake an attempt to unify the world. 

Zhang Gong plays the character Bai Zhi, the king of the fox tribe. Ma Rui will play the role of the Fox Queen, known as the King’s Wife. Baron Cheng plays the character of Zhejiang, a famous peach winemaker, and the first Phoenix god. Ren Haimin as Bai Yi, Zhang Yufei as Feng Jiu’s mother, Huang Junjie as Bai Zheng, Yang Mi as Bai Cheng, Zhang Minkang as Ali Li, Kou Jinghao as Bai Gungun, and Migu as Zhao Zhiqi. Other characters include Wang Yiming as Xiao Jinwei.

Eternal Love Of Dream Season 2 Plot

Eternal Love Of Dream Season 2 Plot
Eternal Love Of Dream Season 2 Plot

Bei Fengjiu was rescued by Donghua after being attacked by wild animals when he was stuck in the monster world when he was young. Fengjiu, feeling both his gratitude and devotion, has pledged to repay this life debt of his. With Siming’s help, she enters Taichen Palace, Donghua’s residence, as a fairy girl. She trades some of her Nie Chuyin’s power for her nine-tailed fox pelt to transform into a normal one-tailed fox. She eventually develops a love for him out of her gratitude. 

Fengjiu leaves her Taichen Palace and after being physically injured by Jiheng’s pet lion and psychologically hurt by Donghua’s decision to marry her Jiheng, she returns to Qingqiu. When Chun Ling reports the fox is missing, Dong Hua goes looking for her but is unsuccessful. By helping Donghua with a deadly challenge, Fengjiu can pay off his life debt. 

Her obligation to the human Chinti, who died to save her, is soon repaid. She promises to revive him when she returns from her mortal world. In both Qingqiu and Heaven, Donghua and Fengjiu cross paths several times and he falls in love with her instantly. 

Fengjiu becomes a handkerchief to escape from Donghua, but he takes it and claims it as his own. While fighting Yang Qiu, a cyclone washes both Donghua and Fengjiu into Fannin Valley. Half a year later, we arrived at Tokagaya. Fengjiu enters a contest to win a ping-pong fruit that revives Qingti. In preparation for the tournament, Donghua Fengjiu trains. After winning, Feng is quickly disappointed to learn that her reward has been changed to peaches, and is devastated by Ziheng’s explanation that Donghua gave her sunflower seeds at her request.

Fengjiu enters Aranya’s Dream after finding the Serpent’s Labyrinth during a mission to obtain the fruit at any cost. Donghua eventually saves her once more and the two agree on their love for each other. Fengjiu heals the injured Qingti with fruit on his return. Jiheng uses her emotional blackmail to force her to remain unmarried forever, so Donghua will not attend her wedding. He must never leave the monster realm as he transfers the poison from her body to his own.

Fengjiu leaves, leaving his son Bai Gungun behind and starting a new life in the human realm. Declines the offer of a ring made from half of Donghua’s heart when he last met with Mialua before Donghua’s critical clash. The moment she unknowingly finds out that Donghua is willing to lose her life in battle, she rushes to Donghua’s aid and joins the fight.

Even if it succeeds, Feng Qi will be injured. Dong-Hwa runs into his son Geun while tending to Feng-Ju. Fengjiu awakens after both admit their mistakes and Donghua appoints Ye Qingti as his successor.

Eternal Love Of Dream Season 2 Release Date

Eternal Love Of Dream Season 2 Release Date
Eternal Love Of Dream Season 2 Release Date

For a season of 56 episodes, Eternal Love of Dream was a decent performance. The show is currently rated 9.7 out of 10 on Rakuten Viki and  8.6 out of 10 on MyDramaList. IMDb also gave IT a rating of 8.1 out of 10. With these promising results, it can be said that Chinese dramas have successfully shaped audience perceptions. 

Still, it’s a shame that his production company, Tencent QQ, has decided not to do overtime next season. Therefore, Eternal Love of Dream Season 2 does not exist.

Where To Watch Eternal Love Of Dream Season 2?

Eternal Love of Dream season 2 will not be released, according to production company Tencent, which has refused to renew the show for a second season. So it’s no surprise that it’s not streamed online. However, Eternal Love of Dream’s first season has 56 episodes and interested fans can watch it on Rakuten Viki and Amazon Prime Video.

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