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Fakes Release Date, Storyline, Plot, Cast, And More

Fake’s Release Date, Storyline, Plot, Cast, And More are here. Hey guys! The Netflix lovers out there, here comes a show which you all will love a lot. Fakes is a crime comedy series. If you wanna know all the latest updates on Fakes then this is the right place to know.

David Turko will soon release this epic crime comedy series. The show revolves around the concept, to drink and party legally and escape their pre-adulthood, two best friends in the show wind up doing things that temporarily propel them to success but ultimately bring them blatant shame.

Fakes Storyline

Fakes Storyline
Fakes Storyline

The story of Fakes centers on Zoe and Becca, two best friends who unwittingly create one of the biggest false ID businesses on the entire continent of North America. At first, the company took off like a rocket, landing them a major deal. This comes after they cooperate with an unscrupulous store employee who transports their finished goods and gains access to wads of cash. Things quickly start to go wrong, and one of the females is arrested.

Fakes is a story about friendships, strained friendships, success, failure, and ultimately betrayal. It is about the modern world of impulsive actions and their results. According to the teaser, what starts as creating two false identification cards so they may purchase booze develops into an empire that rises and falls.

Even though Zoe (Emilija Baranac) believes anyone could manufacture the first two cards, she manages to make them, dazzling Rebecca (Jennifer Tong). They test them out in a store only to have the false address pointed out to them. They consider what they could do if they kept creating fakes as they flee, carrying their cards and alcohol.

Fakes Plot

Fakes Plot
Fakes Plot

They approach Tryst (Richard Harmon), gift him with their work, and he estimates he will move two hundred close cards for them. They seem to be printing them for him, marketing them to a variety of shoppers, and creating a profit. they seem to be creating loads of cash with their new business since they get cars and an apartment. They throw parties and dress fantastically, presumably solely potential because of their recent monetary success. Considering their age, everything goes well for them.

All of this appears to come back tumbling once Tryst pursues them and demands $30,000 or two hundred fakes as payment. Had they broken their pledge to convey him 200? Did they confiscate those they gave him? He threatens them, throwing objects into a body of water, burning papers, and causing the women to spiral within the trailer.

They’re unsure of whether or not they ought to ignore him or believe him once he claims to be ready to hurt them. It appears obvious that the police stony-broke up their enterprise throughout a raid on a celebration at their flat, however, it’s unclear whether or not he was known as the police or whether or not they merely happened to follow them down in Ross Ulbricht fashion.

Fakes Cast

Fakes Cast
Fakes Cast
  • Emilija Baranac
  • Jennifer Tong
  • Richard Harmon
  • Eric Bempong
  • Wern Lee
  • Matreya Scarrwener
  • Emily Leung
  • Mya Lowe
  • Dylan Sloane

Fakes Release Date

Fakes Release Date
Fakes Release Date

As “unreliable narrators fighting for the last word,” the two teenagers are described. Could this imply that a rift between the two is a contributing factor in their empire’s demise? Who can the audience trust to inform them of the truth if they are unreliable narrators?

The two are seen breaking the fourth wall in the trailer. Could they be attempting to win the audience over with this? A brief sight of Zoe in prison is shown. Is the viewer, who serves as their jury, being told what transpired in the series? The show is going to be a wild journey from beginning to end, that much is certain.

On September 2, 2022, Fakes premiered on Netflix. Ten episodes, each lasting roughly 30 minutes, make up the show.

Where To Watch Fakes?

The Fakes is currently streaming on Netflix. Go and watch out for this mind-blowing series. You will be set on a wild journey while watching the series.

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