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Fate/ Zero Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Plot, And More

Fate/ Zero Season 3 is a superhero and adventure-based anime series. The first season of Fate/ Zero was aired from 1st October 2011 to 24th December 2011. It featured 13 episodes. The second season aired from 7th April 2012 to 23rd June 2012 featuring 12 episodes. The series is based on light novels written by Gen Urobuchi and illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi.

Filled with the perfect amount of romance, adventure, and team spirit, the show demands your full attention. Fate/ Zero is technically continued in the first season of Fate/Stay Night. The show has left us attached to our screens and seats. We all want to know what happens after the Holy Grail Tournament. After another great season, fans are eager for a new season. Here’s what we know about everything about the latest season so far!

Fate/ Zero Season 3 Previous Season Recap

In the second season of Fate Zero, war rages on with no winner in sight. Risei Kotomine calls each master and Servant to band together. Kiritsugu and Saber, his servant has torn apart as their ideas of heroism and chivalry clash against each other. Everything is happening all at once while the countdown to the end of the war is reaching zero. Lines between victory and defeat, right and wrong are blurring as the story comes to an end.

Fate/ Zero Season 3 Storyline

Fate/ Zero Season 3 Storyline
Fate/ Zero Season 3 Storyline

Fate/Stay Night revolves around a boy, Shirou who battles with servants who are intended on hurting him. In case he is attacked again, Shirou finds himself an ally, Saber. They both continue to move together. Soon the duo learns they are in the middle of a war between Masters and Servants. The tournament of this brutal battle is for the Holy Grail, a magical chalice that is capable of granting wishes.

Fate/ Zero Season 3 Cast

Fate/ Zero Season 3 Cast
Fate/ Zero Season 3 Cast

The cast of Fate/ Zero includes:

  • Rikiya Koyama as Kiritsugu Emiya
  • Crispin Freeman as Kirei Kotomine
  • Ayako Kawasumi as Saber
  • Sayaka Ohara as Irisveil von Einzbern
  • Joji Nakata as Kirei Kotomine
  • Matthew Mercer as Kiritsugu Emiya
  • Kari Wahlgren as Saber
  • Bridget Hoffman as Irisveil von Einzbern
  • Miyu Irino as Kiritsugu Emiya
  • Lucien Dodge as Waver Velvet 1
  • Daisuke Namikawa as Waver Velvet 2

The cast of Fate/Stay Night includes:

  • Kana Ueda as Rin Tohsaka
  • Ayako Kawasumi as Saber
  • Junichi Suwabe as Archer
  • Tomokazu Seki as Gilgamesh
  • Hiroshi Kamiya as Shinji Mato
  • Nobutoshi Canna
  • Tadahisa Saizen
  • Mai Kadowaki as Illyasveil von Einzbern
  • Atsuko Tanaka as Caster
  • Noriko Shitaya as Sakura Matou
  • Joji Nakata as Kirei Kotomine
  • Miki Ito as Taiga Fujimura
  • Mela Lee as Rin Tohsaka
  • Yuu Asakawa as Rider
  • Bryce Papenbrook as Shirou Emiya
  • Kari Wahlgren as Saber
  • Mitsuaki Madono as Issei Ryudo
  • Fumie Mizusawa as Ayako Mitsuzuri
  • Doug Erholtz as Shinji Matou
  • Candice Moore as Rin Tohsaka

Fate/ Zero Season 3 Plot

Fate/ Zero Season 3 Plot
Fate/ Zero Season 3 Plot

Fate/ Zero revolves around Kiritsugu Emiya. It is set ten years before Fate/Stay Night. Kiritsugu is a merciless mage killer who joins the tournament for Einzberns, his wife’s family. The tournament is called Fourth Holy Grail War held in Fuyuki City, Japan.

Fate/Stay Night tells the story of a young boy, Shirou. After his parents died, he was adopted by Kiritsugu Emiya, a magician. Kiritsugu teaches him everything about justice, alchemy, and reluctantly magic.

One fine day, while cleaning his school, Shirou is attacked by two servants who are superhumans in disguise. The attackers intended on hurting him severely but he escapes with a few life-threatening injuries on his body. His life was still in danger with his attackers trying to kill him so he ties up with Saber, a knight.

As they move together, they find themselves in the middle of a war. They watch seven servants and the wizards fighting to win the Holy Grail. The series tells the story of the Fourth Holy Grail War. It’s a secret magical tournament held in Fuyuki City, Japan. In the tournament, seven magicians known as Masters summon Servants, who are reincarnations of legendary souls and heroes. Holy Grail is the legendary magical chalice capable of granting wishes.

Shirou along with Saber tries to destroy Holy Grail.

Fate/ Zero Season 3 Release Date

Fate/ Zero Season 3 Release Date
Fate/ Zero Season 3 Release Date

Two seasons of Fate/Zero have been released already. Any official announcement related to the third season can be expected to be made in the last trimester of 2022.

Season one of Fate/Stay Night is technically Fate/Zero season three. It was aired on 4th October 2014 and ended on 27th December 2014, featuring 24 episodes that were 24 minutes long each.

Although Fate/Stay Night is considered the third season of Fate/Zero, we are not sure if we will ever get a new season specifically of Fate/Zero or not.

Where To Watch Fate/ Zero Season 3?

Fate/Zero is available on Hulu, Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Funimation. Fate/Stay Night is available on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix. Watch the series to learn what happens to Shirou, Kiritsugu, and everyone fighting this brutal war.

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