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Five Days At Memorial Release Date, Plot, Storyline, Trailer, And More

Five Days at Memorial is an American TV miniseries based on the book named “Five Days at Memorial” by Sheri Fink, published in 2013. John Ridley and Carlton Cuse were behind the development, writing, and also direction departments. The show’s producer is Sheri Fink.

Five Days at Memorial is still a respectable addition to the lineup despite its late-series hiccups. If it had been able to maintain its tone throughout, this could have been among the greatest, but even so, there is still enough to like in it. It is highly recommended that you watch this gripping biographical drama.

Five Days At Memorial Cast

Five Days At Memorial Cast
Five Days At Memorial Cast

The cast of the show “Five Days at Memorial Cast” is very vast.

  • Vera Farmiga as Dr. Anna Pou
  • Cherry Jones a Susan Mulderick
  • Cornelius Smith Jr. as Dr. Bryant King
  • Robert Pine as Dr. Horace Baltz
  • Adepero Oduye as Karen Wynn
  • Julie Ann Emery as Diane Robichaux
  • Michael Gaston as Arthur “Butch” Schafer
  • Molly Hager as Virginia Rider
  • W. Earl Brown as Ewing Cook
  • Stephen Bogaert as Rene Goux
  • Darrin Baker as Dr. Martin Bisley
  • Ted Atherton as Richard Deichmann
  • Jessica Greco as Sandra Cordroy
  • Jonathan Cake as Vince Pou
  • Damon Standifer as Emmett Everett
  • Tammy Isbell as Gina Isbell
  • Katie Boland as Kristy Johnson
  • Deborah Hay as Therese Mendez
  • Sarah Allen as Lori Budo
  • Sharron Matthews as Cheri Landry
  • Joy Tanner as Jill

Five Days At Memorial Plot

Five Days At Memorial Plot
Five Days At Memorial Plot

The book “Five Days at Memorial” is a best-seller and the recipient of numerous literary honors. Five Days at Memorial recounts the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina as it happened. When Hurricane Katrina strikes, doctors and nurses at a New Orleans hospital’s intensive care unit struggle to care for patients since the facility is without power for five days. describes the first five days after Hurricane Katrina’s landing in a hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Five Days At Memorial Storyline

Five Days At Memorial Storyline
Five Days At Memorial Storyline

In New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina makes landfall. Doctors, nurses, and staff at Memorial Hospital take care of patients while preparing for the storm. Susan Mulderick instructs Dr. Anna Pou to evacuate her staff to the opposite side of the hospital since it appears like a bridge connecting one side of the building to the other may collapse. The employees and patients at Memorial Hospital believe they have survived the worst even though there is some damage, which is rather minor. Because the situation is still urgent, Dr. Pou refuses to leave the hospital and instead goes back home with her husband.

The hospital loses power as the city floods. Susan Mulderick and the team make an effort to deal with the awful circumstances while getting ready for an evacuation. Dallas-based business employee Michael Arvin is trying to assist Memorial, but his managers don’t seem to be interested. The LeBlancs are attempting to return to New Orleans so that they may assist Mark’s mother, who is being treated at Memorial. The situation is becoming worse. Dr. Horace Baltz counsels Dr. Pou to take a break after she becomes agitated while attending to a patient.

Susan Mulderick is informed by a representative of the Department of Health that rescue boats would be available for them the following morning. In the middle of the night, a fictitious report of boats approaching circulates. By boat, Mark and Sandra LeBlanc arrive at Memorial and save Mark’s mother. Since no consideration would be given to evacuating pets, it is decided to euthanize all animals. No surviving patient will be left behind, according to Susan Mulderick, who also suggests that Dr. Pou consults with Dr. Cook about how to make patients comfortable.

In order to find out what happened to the 45 persons that were discovered dead at Memorial in the wake of Katrina, Butch Schafer and Virginia Rider work for the state of Louisiana. Pou interacts with a Tenet attorney, who claims that she represents the organization rather than specific medical practitioners. Pou is advised by the attorney to seek her own representation, which she does. She agrees to cease practicing surgery as a result of the press surrounding the inquiry into Dr. Pou’s alleged behavior at Memorial following Katrina.

Nine patients tested positive for one or both of the medications the pharmacist claimed he gave Pou, according to toxicology reports from 18 of the dead patients. Rider arrives at Pou’s home and detains her from the murders of four of the patients since he is sure in his case.

Numerous patient fatalities have been determined to be homicides by renowned forensic specialists, but prosecutors with the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office, which is currently in charge of the prosecution against Dr. Pou, are less convinced than Schafer and Rider. Although important witnesses and specialists were not called, the Orleans Parish grand jury decides not to indict Pou. Dr. Baltz questions Pou after she delivers a lecture regarding her account of what happened at Memorial.

Five Days At Memorial Release Date And Trailer

Five Days at Memorial has 8 episodes. The first episode was released on the 12th of August, 2022, and concluded on the 16th of September, 2022. The trailer of Five Days at Memorial on the official YouTube channel of Apple TV was released 2 months ago.

Where To Watch Five Days At Memorial?

On the review aggregator, Rotten Tomatoes, Five Days at Memorial has a rating based on 29 reviews from critics, it has a 90% approval rating, and a 7.8/10 average rating. The show has a rating of 7.8 out of 10 on IMDB. Five Days at Memorial is available to binge on Apple TV+.

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