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Future Diary Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline and More!

The Future Diary season 2 better known as Mirai Nikki in Japanese, is considered one of the famous and popular Japanese Anime series which is based on the Manga series of the same name has been a subject to discuss around the table after the popularity received by South Korean adventurous gaming series ‘Squid Game’ in the past year. It is considered as one of the highest grossing Television series which got both critical and commercial acclaim in 2011 when the series got released.

The Japanese Television series ‘Future diary’ is based on a diary game theme was aired from 10 th october 2011 to 16th April 2012 as 26 episodes through famous front row Japanese Television networks such as Chiba TV and TV Saitama, created by Studio arshead on the same Manga series by Sakae Esuno who is known for his works such as Big order and The detective Akechi is Berserk and directed by Naoto Hosoda.

Future Diary Season 2
Future Diary Season 2

Future Diary Season 2 Story

The anime series ‘Future Diary’ is revolves around some unexpected events which occurs in the life of a school going teenager and his new age Phone diary (Digital diary) where he keeps writing on the events and experiences happened on that particular day as a habit. But soon things got changed when the habit of him got him to involve a Battle royal deadly game where he has to play for survival against 11 players to save his life.

Future Diary Season 2 Plot

The story of ‘Future diary’ is begins with the antisocial lifestyle of a school going teenager named as ‘Yukiteru Amano’ also known as Yuki, he is an introvert in person and he is unable to communicate with others because of shyness and thus tries to keep writing down all of his activities and memories of a day on his phone which also works as a digital library for him. Apart from habit of writing down everything to the phone he also has the routine of talking to imaginary which he made up as a solution to overcome his asocial attitude.

But this reality of Yuki’s life began to change slowly and this new occurred atmosphere around Yukitheru began to make him uncomfortable. Then he began to notice the changes which happening in his phone as well as his life carefully. One day, when Yuki wakes up he found writings of some events which displayed on his cell phone and this wasn’t done by him and later that day he finds out that these certain events mentioned in his cell phone had happened in that day.

Initially he thoughts about a coincidence but it was for real had happened in the next moments. This new unusual circumstances had made him to connect with one his classmates – Yuno Gasai who has a secret crush on Yuki.

Future Diary Season 2
Future Diary Season 2

And soon after spending few moments with her he understands that Yuno also keeps a similar phone-digital diary and she also experience the same. Together they began to unravel the secrets thus they began to understand that the imaginary friend of him whom he find as solution to reduce the anxiety of not being a social the ‘Deus’, the god of space and time is real.

Then he joins to the game where he began to play against 11 players who holds the same life of him and the same habit of keeping a digital library. These cell phones are really working as a Prophetic device that acts as a mirror to the owner’s personality and which helps in connecting with the player to the God of time as well as giving control over their future.

The game which is considered as a death match against 11 other mentally scarred individuals like him. By conducting this game one of the 12 players who succeeds all the tasks and the competitions and alive till the end will be the successor of Deus and the new god of time. The series develops with the focus on Yuki and Yuno, without having any other options has to find ways to survive from this game by using their cell phones.

Future Diary Season 2
Future Diary Season 2

Future Diary Season 2 Cast

The cast of Future diary includes various Japanese and English voice artists such as ‘Togashi Mizusu’ as ‘Yukitheru Amano’ and ‘Tomosa Murata’ as ‘Yono Gasai’ portrays the main protagonists of the movie. Apart from the main characters there are supporting characters such as ‘Manami Honda’ as ‘Mur Mur’, ‘Norio Wakamoto’ as the ‘Deus Ex Machina’ the god of space and time.

Future Diary Season 2 News

The Future diary is known among anime lovers as a perfect action, anime, romance, drama, and adventure fiction series along with the tagline of a perfect example of a Manga-based anime series. Thus every anime fan of Future diary is expecting a renewed season of this psychological and mystery thriller series from its release to till date. Its been more than 10 years of its release but still the popularity and widely praising of the quality of content is not changed a bit and that is why still people are discovering and recommending it.

But till this date, the Studio ahead or even the other associate production houses didn’t make any official announcement regarding a new season for The future diary. Although the Manga sources for a new season is scarce and inadequate and also it’s not really easy to predict a new season on behalf of this point. But still, there is no news on the cancellation or renewal of the series so it is possible for a return.

Future Diary Season 1 Trailer

Watch the trailer of Future Diary (Mirai Nikki) season 1 here.

Where to Watch Future Diary Season 2?

The series is available to stream in other than the aired channels one can find it in Netflix as well as Funimation which streams in Northern American countries, Kaze UK in United Kingdom also in Hulu TV original. The Future Diary is available in both Japanese and English audio with English subtitles.

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