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Fuuka Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline, and More!

Fuuka Season 2 is much awaited by the fans of this anime who loved season 1. Fuuka is based on a Manga i.e. Japanese comic book or graphic novel which was illustrated and written by Kōji Seo who’s a professional manga creator. 

Season 1 of Fuuka was aired from January 2017 to March 2017 which included a total of 12 episodes and since then the fans are eagerly waiting for the announcement of Fuuka season 2. 

On March 15, 2017, the Fuuka Sound Collection soundtrack album, which includes all of the anime’s insert songs and soundtracks, was made available.

Fuuka Season 2 Storyline

Fuuka Season 2 Storyline
Fuuka Season 2 Storyline

The narrative centers on Yuu Haruna, whose life is being followed. He and his sisters had recently relocated to Tokyo when their father was compelled to take a job overseas.

A high school girl suddenly collides with him as he is walking to get dinner while checking his Twitter feed. Yuu’s phone is taken by the girl, who believes he was photographing her in an upskirt. She then hits Yuu and breaks his phone before leaving Yuu on the ground. It turns out that this girl, Fuuka Akitsuki, is a student at the institution to which Yuu is transferring.

Fuuka is unlike other people in that she doesn’t own a cellphone and she even uses a CD player to listen to music. These two eventually get closer and decide to start a band with their pals and break into the music industry as professionals.

Fuuka Season 2 Cast

Fuuka Season 2 Cast
Fuuka Season 2 Cast
  • Yuu Haruna – is voiced by Aaron Dismuke(English).
  • Fuuka Akitsuki – is voiced by Jill Harris (English)
  • Koyuki Hinashi is voiced by Jeannie Tirado (English)
  • Makoto Mikasa is voiced by Ricco Fajardo (English)
  • Kazuya Nachi is voiced by Shawn Gann (English)
  • Sara Iwami is voiced by Elizabeth Maxwell (English)
  • Maya Haruna is voiced by Felecia Angelle (English)
  • Hibiki Haruna is voiced by Alex Moore (English)
  • Chitose Haruna is voiced by Kristen McGuire (English)
  • Suzuka Akitsuki is voiced by Leah Clark (English)
  • Yamato Akitsuki is voiced by Todd Haberkorn (English)
  • Haruka Akitsuki is voiced by Apphia Yu (English)
  • Ms. Tomomi is voiced by Tia Ballard (English)
  • Hisashi Iwami is voiced by Seth Magill (English)
  • Nobuaki Yahagi is voiced by Ian Sinclair (English)
  • Tama is voiced by Caitlin Glass (English)
  • Nico is voiced by Jason Liebrecht (English)
  • Manager Yamada is voiced by Monica Rial (English)
  • Akira Mogami is voiced by: Aaron Roberts (English)

Fuuka Season 2 Plot

Fuuka Season 2 Plot
Fuuka Season 2 Plot

The first season of Fuuka is the TV show’s sequel to Suzuka from 2004. The protagonist of the story is a lonely Twitter user named Yuu Haruna who made a commitment to start a band with his childhood friend Koyuki Hinashi. On his way to fetch dinner one evening, he makes a stop to take a photo to upload to Twitter.

Fuuka Akitsuki, a peculiar high school student, accidentally bumps into him. She smashes his phone because she believes Yuu is attempting to take a photo of her underwear. Fuuka sends Yuu a CD, which she gives back the following day. Yuu and Fuuka start dating because they both appreciate each other’s personalities, but things become complicated when Koyuki, a now-famous idol, finds Yuu on Twitter and invites him to a party.

Fuuka Season 2 Genre

Fuuka Season 2 belongs to the genres of musical and romantic drama.

Fuuka Season 1 Recap

Fuuka Season 1 Recap
Fuuka Season 1 Recap

Therefore, after going through several phases of ups and downs in their romantic relationship, Fuuka breaks the band she coerced everyone into as Yuu sang from the heart, and Fuuka still doesn’t feel normal about seeing him and the band. She feels that because she chose to leave out of selfishness, she won’t be swiftly pardoned. She also has trouble comprehending or, perhaps more precisely, accepting these feelings.

However, Fuuka now understands how she is feeling since Koyuki made her aware of her feelings, just as she had done with Yuu. She is frank and open about her feelings, so when Yuu confesses his love for her, she can admit that she feels the same way. The Fallen Moon subsequently formed formally as a result, and to everyone’s shock, the group was offered a record deal. One that seems to be nothing more than an expansion of the one Fuuka received.

Fuuka steadfastly refused to meet with Yuu after he wrote a song to try and convince her to rejoin the band. They’ve been asked to perform at a live club once more as a result of the HEDGEHOGS paying them attention due to their increasing online notoriety.

Despite the fact that Fuuka has yet to rejoin the band, The Fallen Moon chooses to accept the music club’s offer to perform once more. Yuu vows to return Fuuka before then, though. Fuuka is approached by Koyuki, who encourages her to acknowledge her emotions for Yuu. Yuu locates Fuuka on the school roof on the day of the performance while looking for her. As they reunite in the music club, they declare their love for one another. The newly reunited Fallen Moon successfully performs and releases their new song, “Fair Wind.” The Hedgehogs come out of retirement and resume their performances with the band as they pursue their shared musical goals, while Koyuki forms a new band named Rabbitz.

Fuuka Season 2 Release Date

Fuuka Season 2 Release Date
Fuuka Season 2 Release Date

Right, So it’s been more than 5 years since the end of the first season of this great series and we still haven’t got any announcement regarding Fuuka season 2. The show hasn’t been canceled and you never know what can happen in the future, but chances are very slim, don’t forget that the first season ended on quite a convincing note.

You can always keep an eye out for any official announcement and if it ever happens we will update you. Meanwhile, check out the first season if you haven’t and if you have watched it then rewatch it as this series is worth a rewatch.

Where To Watch Fuuka Season 2?

So, now you know that season 2 isn’t announced yet, you can still watch and enjoy all the episodes of the first season which is available on Crunchyroll.

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