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Gaslit Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Many More

Who doesn’t love a good thriller series? There are many good thriller series like You, Archive 81, and many more. Everyone loves a good thriller series, the twist and turn to make our heartbeat fast and it creates a different kind of excitement.

The joy of binge-watching a thriller series on a Friday night sounds amazing, right? But nowadays we’re missing a good thriller series that gives us goosebumps right? But what if I tell you that awfully soon we’ll be watching not just any thriller series but a political thriller series that is set in the 1970s. Surprising right, we were too.

Gaslit is an upcoming series directed by Matt Ross. And the series is based on a podcast by Leon Neyfakh Slow Burn. The podcast talks about Historical Drama and Political commentary.

Gaslit Release Date And Time

Gaslit Release Date And Time
Gaslit Release Date And Time

The Thriller is all set to release on 24 April 2022. So, go and set the remainder on your calendar, cancel all the plans and watch the first episode with your loved ones. The series will be released at 9 pm and will contain 8 episodes. The second episode will release on May 1.

What Is Gaslit About?

What Is Gaslit About
What Is Gaslit About

Gaslit will be a political drama about the 1970s political Watergate scandal, hidden stories, and forgotten characters. The Watergate scandal involving the president Richard Nixon began in 1972 when the president was accused of helping 7 robbers, who were arrested in the office of the Democratic National Committee located in the Watergate complex.

The scandal had become such an issue that president Richard Nixon had to resign as president in 1974. In the series Gaslit, we will be seeing the story through the eyes of Martha Michelle, the wife of President Richard Nixon’s attorney general. The story is based on a horrible yet true story.

The Cast of Gaslit

The Cast of Gaslit
The Cast of Gaslit

Ever watched a brilliant series without good acting and cast? No right! The story of Gaslit is no wonder stunning, but the cast of the series takes it to the sky. Some of the Important cast are-:

  • Julia Roberts as Martha Mitchell
  • Sean Penn as John Mitchell
  • Dan Stevens as John Dean
  • Shea Whigham as G. Gordon Liddy
  • G. Gordon Liddy as Marty Mitchell
  • Nat Faxon as Bob Haldeman
  • Patrick R. Walker as Frank Wills
  • Carlos Valdes as Paul Magallanes
  • Chris Conner as John Ehrlichman
  • Brian Geraghty as Peter
  • Patton Oswalt as Chuck Colson
  • Nelson Franklin as Dick Moore
  • Reed Diamond as Mark Felt
  • Adam Ray as Ron Ziegler
  • Raphael Sbarge as Charles N. Shaffer
  • Erinn Hayes as Peggy Ebbitt
  • Billy Smith as Ken Ebbitt
  • Betty Gilpin as Maureen Kane Dean

Gaslit Trailer

The Gaslit trailer reflects the life of the 1970s wonderfully. As we mentioned before, the series is going to be from president’s attorney general John Mitchell’s wife Martha Mitchell’s perspective. The trailer shows how bold or how heroic the woman is. She was the woman against The whole country. She was tortured by the president men, she was forcefully injected with drugs to prove that she wasn’t mentally stable. But, she still fights to get the truth out.

There was this scene in the trailer where she was slapped by a man and she slapped him back and says “My Mama slapped me harder than this” What an extraordinary woman she was. The series will not be just any thriller series but a strong female lead series, fighting for the truth with the president, the people, and even her husband. And who doesn’t want to watch a bold female lead on the screen?

The Gaslit Plot

The Gaslit Plot
The Gaslit Plot

As we already know the movie is supposed to be set in the 1970s scandal. The Watergate scandal has left a huge mark on the history of the U.S but most people don’t know what happened so the president of one of the powerful countries has to resign. Martha Michell was the first person to blow the involvement of the president in the scandal. Her husband John Mitchell was the president’s attorney and a close friend which made him choose between his wife and the president.

The trailer shows how The cast has made us believe that they are in the 1970s. The accent of the cast was unbelievable. You’ll believe that the series is set during that time and not now. Gaslit will reveal many secrets buried in the history of the US. The movie is created by Robbie Pickering, Directed by Matt Ross, And produced by Robbie Pickering, Matt Ros, Sam Esmail, Chad Hamilton, and Julia Roberts.

Where You Can Watch Gaslit?

Gaslit will be available on STARZ for the US and Canadian audiences. For the rest of the world, it may be available on Amazon Prime however the official announcement is yet to make. But for US and Canada be prepared for a ride you’ll certainly enjoy.

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