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Girly Air Force Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More!

Girly Air Force Season 2 is a Japanese light novel series written by Kōji Natsumi and illustrated by Asagi Tōsaka. The Anime television series is directed by Katsumi Ono and produced by Takaaki Yuasa, Tomoyuki Oowada, et al. Shingo Nagai writes the series. The music is given by I’ve sound.

Girly Air Force Season 1 was released on January 10, 2019, and concluded on March 28, 2019. The show has a total of 12 episodes in its first season. Season 1 was not a great hit but the storyline of the story was nice. The Girly Air Force holds an IMDb score of 6.7 out of 10. Since the collusion of season 1, its fans are eagerly waiting for season 2 but we are not sure even if it is coming or not.

Girly Air Force Season 2 Plot

Girly Air Force Season 2 Plot
Girly Air Force Season 2 Plot

Girly Air Force Season 2 revolves around a young Chinese-Japanese teenager named Kei Narutani. The earth is attacked by a mysterious armed group called “Zai”. They were using weapons that were more advanced and technically better than the weapons used by the Terran military technology. Kei Narutani and his Chinese friend Minghua were forced to evacuate the city after it was attacked by the Zai. They both lived in the city of Shanghai.

During their escape by sea, several Zai fighters begin sinking the evacuation fleet when Kei suddenly witnesses the Zai being repelled by a strange airplane. When the plane subsequently crashes, Kei rushes to aid the pilot but is surprised to find a pretty girl at the controls. Kei arrives back in Japan and started investigating the origin of the mysterious plane. While he was investigating, he was captured by Japanese secret service agents. He learns from them that it was a Swedish fighter retrofitted with a special technology developed by the JASDF.

In order the Zai, their technology – HiMAT (Highly Maneuverable Aircraft Technology) and EPCM (Electronic Perceptory Countermeasures) – was reverse-engineered and applied to existing fighter models, which are codenamed “Daughters”; but in ordtoion properly. The technique required to do so was an autonomous interface unit called “Anima”, android-shaped human-like girls who are made from salvaged Zai parts. The name of the girl was Gripen whom Kei met while he was flying the online.

Gripen is such an “Anima” unit who formed an emotional attachment to him when he came to her aid. Later Kei was called by the supervising developer to be the partner of Gripen in the Anima project in order to boost her flight performance and prevent her from being scrapped.

Girly Air Force Season 2 Cast

Girly Air Force Season 2 Cast
Girly Air Force Season 2 Cast

Girly Air Force Season 2 Cast is not confirmed as of now but as we are expecting a season 2, this is important for us to know who all are going to be a part of Girly Air Force Season 2. The show’s upcoming season’s cast is going to be somewhat similar to season 1 along with the addition of a few new characters. The addition of new characters is a must for every season of every show, may it be 1 character or more than that. We cannot predict the new characters but we can tell you about the character who will be seen in Girly Air Force Season 2.

We are here with a list of characters who are going to be a part of season 2-

  • Kei Narutani is seen as a Chinese-Japanese teenager who was living in Shanghai before it had to be evacuated due to a Zai attack. After witnessing Gripen fighting a pair of Zai fighters and then crashing into the sea, he impulsively comes to her aid, which creates an emotional bond between them.
  • Gripen is a pink-haired Anima unit flying a Swedish JAS 39F Gripen produced by Saab. She suffers from an inherent emotional defect that leaves her scatterbrained and lacking a sense of purpose. When they first meet, Gripen forms an emotional dependency on Kei.
  • Eagle is a  blonde Anima who flies an F-15J Eagle, developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. She has a perky and capricious personality and is also a very talented combat pilot.
  • Phantom is an Anima with the call sign “Barbie 03”, who arrives at Komatsu separately from Gripen and Eagle. She flies an F-4 Phantom II, and she is the first Anima created by the JSDF. Her specialty is tactical reconnaissance.
  • Viper Zero is another Anima produced by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, her designated call sign is “Barbie 04”. She flies a Mitsubishi F-2. Her actual appearance is unknown.
  • Minghua Song Kei’s forceful Chinese childhood friend lost her parents during the chaotic evacuation of Shanghai. She has formed a crush on Kei and considers herself his girlfriend; but since she never told him about her feelings, he just views her as an older sister.

Girly Air Force Season 1 Recap

Girly Air Force Season 1 Recap
Girly Air Force Season 1 Recap

Girly Air Force Season 1 ending was not that great. Kei Narutani and his childhood friend, Song Minghua, are Chinese refugees who are fleeing from the Zai, a mysterious organization that indiscriminately terrorizes their country and its people. Fortunately, during their escape to Japan, they are saved by a strange red aircraft.

Kei’s fascination with this aircraft leads him to meet his savior: a girl who is an “Anima”—the pilot of a unique type of airplane called a “Daughter.” The girl goes by Gripen, an adorable JAS-39F fighter aircraft. Kei develops a bond with Gripen and is then recruited by the Japan Self-Defense Force to help Gripen overcome her troubles with flying.

Later joined by Eagle, a carefree F-15J-ANM, and Phantom, a proud RF-4EJ-ANM, the squadron takes up arms, determined to protect humanity. Together, the five individuals battle against the invasive Zai, forming the last line of defense against the threatening alien force.

Girly Air Force Season 2 Release Date

Girly Air Force Season 2 Release Date
Girly Air Force Season 2 Release Date

Girly Air Force Season 2 Release Date is not yet confirmed. we are not sure if season 2 is going to come up or not. There is no official announcement being made about the release of the show.

Girly Air Force Season 2 Trailer

Girly Air Force Season 2 Trailer is not yet released. There is no sure about the release of the Season 2 trailer.

Where to Watch Girly Air Force Season 2?

Girly Air Force Season 2 is available for online streaming on Amazon Prime Video

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