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Half Baked Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Plot, And More!

Half baked has been a cult film despite receiving negative reviews since its release in 1998. It has memorable characters and unforgettable dialogues making it one of the best comedy films.

Half Baked was released on 16th January 1998. Directed by Tamra Davis, Half Baked starred Dave Chappelle, Jim Breuer, Harland Williams, and Guillermo Diaz. The movie has a 6.6/10 rating on IMDb. It made $17.5 million at the Box office.

Half Baked Storyline

Half Baked Storyline
Half Baked Storyline

In Half Baked, a group of friends tries to earn money illegally for bailing out their friend from jail. Things however don’t go as they had originally intended.

Half Baked Cast

Half Baked Cast
Half Baked Cast

The cast of the film Half Baked included:

  • Dave Chappelle As Thurgood Jenkins/ Sir Smoke-A-Lot
  • Kevin Duhaney As Young Thurgood
  • Guillermo Diaz As Scarface
  • Matthew Raposo As Young Scarface
  • Jim Breuer As Brian
  • James Cooper As Young Brian
  • Harland Williams As Kenny Davis
  • Michael Colton As Young Kenny
  • Rachel True As Mary Jane Potman
  • Clarence Williams III As Samson Simpson
  • Laura Silverman As Jan
  • Tommy Chong As Squirrel Master
  • Steven Wright As The Guy On The Couch
  • Tracy Morgan As V.J.
  • Snoop Doggy Dogg As Scavenger Smoker
  • Jon Stewart As Enhancement Smoker
  • Janeane Garofalo As I’m Only Creative When I Smoke Smoker
  • Stephen Baldwin As MacGyver Smoker
  • Willie Nelson As Historian Smoker
  • Bob Saget As Cocaine Addict

Half Baked Plot

Half Baked Plot
Half Baked Plot

In the film Half Baked, four lifelong friends Thurgood, Scarface, Brian, and Kenny, who are also stoners, live together in New York City. Thurgood is a janitor at a medical club. Kenny is a kind kindergarten teacher. One day, Thurgood borrows some weed from Samson, the famous dealer in his locality, for all four of them to smoke.

Kenny accidentally kills a diabetic police horse when he feeds it junk food. To bail the gentle-natured Kenny, the rest of them are forced to raise $1 million. Afraid the ruthless prisoners in the jail might take advantage of Kenny; the friends are desperate to earn the money quickly.

Back at the lab, a scientist orders Thurgood to bring him a pound of cannabis from the storage. After he accomplishes the task, the scientist rewards him with free weed. He takes the weed with him to his home to smoke it with his friends. Suddenly, Scarface gets the idea that Thurgood should steal marijuana from the lab to sell it and earn the bail money.

When Thurgood next visits Kenny, he meets Mary Jane. A romantic relationship begins between the two of them. Mary is an anti-drug woman so Thurgood hides the fact that he smokes marijuana.

Samson Simpson, the local drug dealer extorts the trio for $20,000 a week. Mary Jane soon finds out that Thurgood lied to her so she dumps him. Now eager to get rid of Samson along with freeing Kenny, the trio plan to rob the medical lab. Unfortunately, their plan fails and they get arrested as well.

However, Thurgood has another idea. He strikes a deal with the police. In exchange for freeing Kenny and dropping the charges against the trio, he promises to wear a wire when he next goes to meet Samson. He does as he promises but the police fail to arrive on time to catch Samson. The police later arrive and Samson is arrested.

The friends are released and Thurgood makes a promise to Mary that he is giving up marijuana. The couple gets back together at the end.

Half Baked Release Date

Half Baked Release Date
Half Baked Release Date

The American stoner film, Half Baked was released on 16th January 1998. It earned $7,722,540 on its opening weekend. The movie ranked No. 6 in the USA.

There had been a few rumors about the film getting a sequel but nothing has been confirmed about its release yet.

Half Baked Review

Half Baked Review
Half Baked Review

Half Baked is one of the movies that you will either love or hate since there’s no middle ground. The negative reviews surely discourage the viewers from watching the movie but there must be something about the movie that this movie is considered a cult film. The movie has some of the most hilarious scenes but what is unexpected is that these potheads actually learned a lesson before the movie ended. The movie is totally recommended but it’s suggested to keep an open mind while watching the movie. You might either find it a stupid stoner movie or it just might become your next favorite comedy movie.

Half Baked Famous Quotes

Half Baked Famous Quotes
Half Baked Famous Quotes

Half Baked might not have been critics’ favorite, but the quotes sure are hilarious, bringing a bout of laughter. Here are some of the epic one-liners from the movie!

  • “Who’s Coming With Me?”
  • “You Gotta Understand Who Killer The Dog Was.”
  • “I Know This Isn’t Your Responsibility.”
  • “I Used To Suck Dick For Coke.”
  • “Hey Girl, You Hungry?” 
  • “Butternuts!”
  • “I Wanna Talk To Samson!”
  • “We Callin’ Dominoes.”
  • “Did You Get My Message?”
  • “The Back Of The $20 Bill… On Weed.”

Where To Watch Half Baked?

Half Baked is available on Amazon Prime Video so you can stream it anytime you want.

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