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High Card Everything about this new Anime

High Card, the latest anime from Kakegurui creator Homura Kawamoto, has a new trailer and artwork.

The new teaser introduces the fantastical world of High Card. The series revolves around a unique deck of magical playing cards, each of which bestows supernatural abilities on its possessor. The five main characters in the series are members of “High Card,” a secret society dedicated to collecting all 52 cards and completing the deck. The anime is set to premiere in the year 2023.

Kawamoto and Hikaru Mino, who also created the novelization of Kakegurui, wrote the new series’ narrative. TMS Entertainment (Lupin the Third, Tiny Toon Adventures) and Studio Hibari, the parent company of animation studio Lerche, are collaborating on the anime (Assassination Classroom, Classroom of the Elite).

Gen Sato (Dr. Stone, Pretty Boy Detective Club), Toshiki Masuda (Haikyuu!!, My Hero Academia), Shun Horie (Rent-a-Girlfriend), Haruka Shiraishi (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime), and Yuichiro Umehara will all lend their voices to the series (Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans).

The universe of High Card will be explored in distinct manga and novel series in addition to the anime series. This isn’t Kawamoto and Muno’s first try at creating a multi-media brand: the two collaborated on the universe and storey for Build Dive -#000000 (Code Black), a multimedia franchise told through an anime series and a collectible card game.

High Card Plot

High Card is set in a fictional universe where some cards known as the X-Playing Cards have the capacity to grant people who possess them extraordinary superhuman abilities. There are 52 X-Playing Cards strewn about by a number of people. These cards activate a person’s ‘Buddy,’ granting them enhanced skills. The global order can be manipulated by using the abilities of these cards.

Finn grew up as an orphan on the streets. When he learns that the orphanage where he grew up is about to close, he resolves to make some quick cash. To do the same, he goes to a casino and tries his luck at gambling. However, he becomes embroiled in a car chase and deadly shooting that is sparked by a lucky card. Later, Finn learns about the existence of a secret organisation called High Card, which is made up of players. The King Of Fourland has direct jurisdiction over the High Card. They are given the task of collecting the X-Cards while posing as employees of the automobile Pinochle.

Finn joins the organisation as the fifth member and sets out on a quest to find the cards. Finn’s adventure, however, involves more than just card hunting, as he learns about the hazards of the profession. More organisations — the rival automotive maker Who’s Who and the mafia family Klondikes – are on the lookout for these lucky cards.

The rivals will face off against one other, each with their own goals in mind. Make sure you’re ready for the showdown.

High Card Release Date

The creation of an anime titled ‘High Card’ was confirmed by Kadokawa and TMS Entertainment in June 2021. Kadokawa, Sammy Corporation, and TMS Entertainment announced the anime as a cooperation project. It was also revealed that Homura Kawamoto and Hikaru Muno, the creators of the Kakegurui manga and light novels, would be directing the anime.

Following the confirmation, a new announcement was made on March 8, 2022. According to the most recent information, the anime High Card will be published in 2023. The news was accompanied by a visual teaser, as well as the names of the five key characters who will appear in the future anime.

It’s also been announced that High Card would be a multimedia production. In other words, the project will include not just an anime, but also a manga, a novel, and a Drama CD. The first drama CD of High Card will be issued as part of the project on December 3, 2022.

High Card Trailer

The trailer for the series has already been put on YouTube, and fans can see it at the top of this page. Fans will have to wait a long time to watch the series because it has been delayed for a long period.

The anime’s first promotional video was released on March 8, 2022. Take a look at the video below.

High Card Expected Cast and Characters

The main cast for the forthcoming animated series was also announced a while back. Take a look at the main characters who have already been announced, along with brief descriptions of their roles:

Finn, a 17-year-old boy, was portrayed by Gen Sato. He’s a quick-witted, vivacious, and rash person. Finn, who was raised with steel nerves, can maintain his cool under pressure. Finn spent the majority of his childhood at an orphanage after his family was killed in a tragic accident when he was young.

Because of his razor-sharp attention, he can focus on his victims as if time has stopped. He is an extraordinary thief as a result of this talent. After being chosen for the High Card society, Finn has begun working as a sales trainee at Pinochle’s Old Maid office.

Chris Redgrave, a 20-year-old character, is played by Toshiki Masuda. A flirty, street-smart guy who knows how to get a woman to do what he wants. He can handle any automotive, including vehicles, thanks to his unequalled handling talents.

He enjoys sweets and eats “Fudgees,” which are traditional candy fudge sticks. He drinks despite having a limited tolerance for alcohol. Finn’s boss works for Pinochle’s Old Maid division as a sales agent.

Where can you watch High Card?

It is currently unknown which network will telecast this show. It’s also worth noting that the show’s actual premiere is still a long way off, so fans may expect to hear something about it around 2022.

It’s gonna be a long wait for the anime but we’ll keep you updated, so, Stay Tuned!

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