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Hilda Season 2 Ending Explained

Hilda Season 2 Ending Explained is here. Hey guys! If you wanna know about Hilda Season 2 Ending then you can read it here. Here you will get everything in detail. Read the full article to know about the show and its ending.

Hilda, an animated series from Netflix, is a sweet journey that consistently ranks as one of the top children’s programs available on the streaming service. Fortunately, Hilda and the Mountain King, an 80-minute feature film, provides rather adequate resolutions to all of the unresolved issues the series left behind. Now that we are aware of the precise resolution to Hilda’s (voiced by Bella Ramsey) narrative, it is appropriate to examine the conclusion of Hilda and the Mountain King and discuss the magic used in Trolberg’s final confrontation with the trolls.

Hilda Season 2 Ending Explained

Hilda Season 2 Ending Explained
Hilda Season 2 Ending Explained

The title character and her mother (voiced by Daisy Haggard) get lost under the underground troll kingdom that is spread out around the city of Trolberg after Hilda’s second season. They encounter a kind troll with a young child there who assists Hilda and her mother in returning home safely. The “kind” troll put a spell on Hilda, turning her into a rock troll and teleporting her to the center of the mountain kingdom in the middle of the night, while the baby troll changed into a human and took Hilda’s place in bed.

Naturally, Hilda flees, which brings her to a tragic run-in with Trundle (voiced by Dino Kelly), a huge blind troll imprisoned inside a cave ringed with several bells. As a result of her transformation into a troll, Hilda can communicate with Trundle in his native tongue. In exchange, Hilda will help Trundle complete a list of tasks in exchange for him changing her back into a human girl.

Hilda returns to her adoptive troll-mother Trilla to pass the time and enjoy her freedom to travel the troll country (voiced by Rachel August). The girl discovers she misses the time she spent in the woods with her mother before moving to Trolberg, and she also comes to love the independence of living in the mountains.

The most important thing Hilda discovers is that trolls experience a mysterious attraction toward Trolberg, like a call from a long-forgotten voice. Trolls are generally unaware of the origin of this calling, but even though most of them are kind people, this is the reason why rock monsters are pulled to the city. However, some trolls desire to destroy the city walls to exact revenge for the bells’ toll, which caused them such harm. And eons ago, the Mountain King, a strongman who desired to wage war against humanity, rallied an army of enraged trolls under his command. A bloody civil war resulted in the demise of the Mountain King.

The conclusion of Hilda and the Mountain King emphasizes the moral of the series by demonstrating how the city learned to accept the trolls’ right to visit their creator rather than to battle them. The trolls, who now reside peacefully around Trolberg, are welcomed once a year with a large festival. The ancient troll mother is still buried beneath the city, ensuring that the humans can carry on with their lives now that she has reconnected with them.

Hilda continues to travel to the Mountain Kingdom periodically to play with her new troll companions. It’s brilliantly explained in Hilda and the Mountain King that there isn’t truly a conflict between people and nature; instead, if we want to survive, we must coexist and share the planet.

Hilda Season 2 can be watched on Netflix.

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