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Hurts Like Hell Season 2 Release Date, Storyline, Trailer, And More

Curious about Hurts Like Hell Season 2? Here we have compiled all the latest updates you may need to know! continue reading to find everything out about the show! Hurts Like Hell is a series based on real-life fights of famous Muay Thai fighters. The show seeks to shed a spotlight on the dark and murky life in the ring and beyond. This is a Thai life for all sports enthusiasts, especially boxing enthusiasts, known as Muay Thai.

Muay Thai is a vibrant sport for them and the life of many boxers. But few know that he faced struggles and roadblocks to becoming the face of Thai boxing. The series sheds light on the dark secrets behind all the battles behind these ring chains and shows the unimaginable life these players can dream of. , match-fixing, and many other illegal acts were committed. This series explores this dark secret from a different perspective than humans.

Hurts Like Hell Season 1 Story

Hurts Like Hell season 1 Story
Hurts Like Hell season 1 Story

The show Hurts Like Hell was directed by Kittichai Wangprasert. This is a narrative documentary series coming to Netflix. The series hasn’t been released yet, but the show’s theme and plot can be predicted from the trailer. This show revolved around the life of a Muay Thai fighter and his story. This story consists of the dark and scandalous secrets behind the world-famous sport of Muay Thai. 

The trailer also said that the heart of this sport is gamblers and illegal business owners, whose lives are in the hands of the players. The life of a muay Thai fighter is like winning gambling coins that the fighter uses. This isn’t a game, it’s more of an irreversible gambling risk. This series looks different from all other documentaries on Netflix. Viewers can’t wait to watch this series.

Hurts Like Hell Season 2 Storyline

Hurts Like Hell Season 2 Storyline
Hurts Like Hell Season 2 Storyline

Hurts Like Hell succeeds in telling the hidden truth about the Thai boxing world where you can do whatever it takes to achieve your goal of becoming a spectator’s dream fighter. . Gambling, match-fixing, and other illegal activities are winning. Without a doubt, it is the perfect watch for sports enthusiasts who want to be introduced to the unknown side of competitive sports.

First, it’s about players choosing a sport and then where that sport takes them.
Viewers will be amazed to learn that this captivating series is inspired by real events. This Kittichai Wangprasert-directed film is a narrative documentary set for release on July 13, 2022. In Season 2, we can expect to learn deeper details about the sport that have been forever hidden from viewers. Increased competition, illegal activity, and other unimaginable events may occur.

Hurts Like Hell Season 1 Cast

Hurts Like Hell Season 1 Cast
Hurts Like Hell Season 1 Cast

The authenticity of this series is heightened by real-life actors and survivors of Muay Thai sports.
Main his cast with Thanet Warakulnukroh playing Bad His Genius, Nopachaijayanama the homestay, and Nat Kitcharit playing his Four Kings.

Others who played key roles in Hurts Like Hell include Vithaya Pansringarm, Puripat Poonsuk, Supakorn Kitsuwon, Kiartwaran Piboonsin, Chonnikan Netjui, Narueworn Lamchareon, Udomsak Onkaew, Phumphat Chartsuriyakiat, Seedthawut Porntanawut, Miinpat Ngamkerdteerasee, Nut Keasanond, and Tammanoon. Includes Sakchareon, and Sombat Inopast. Kwanruean Lohakat, Thanitphong Phakkhaphantharut. The characters make the series more realistic and worth watching for the viewer.

Hurts Like Hell Season 2 Cast

The main cast of this mini-series is, Nat Kitcharit as Phat Vithaya, Pansringarm as Wirat,
Chikan Netjui as Mint, Supakorn Kitsuwon as Unknown, Thanet Warakulnukroh as Kom, Nopachai Chaiyanam as Wichian’s Trainer, Phuripat Poonsuk as Wichian, Phumphat Chartsuriyakiat as Wirot, Kwanruean Lohakat as Wichian’s Mother, Seadthawut Porntanawut as Jack.

Hurts Like Hell Season 2 Trailer 

Hurts like Hell Trailer
Hurts Like Hell Season 2 Trailer 

Hurts Like Hell Trailer leaves in the minds and eyes of viewers a dark picture of the dark and scandalous world of Muay Thai. Trailer dialogue is more exciting and increases the desire to watch. The way the characters push their emotions into the scenes makes the trailer better and raises the expectations of the viewers.

After the trailer was released, it gained considerable popularity and positive reviews from critics. The trailer for this new  Netflix series was released on YouTube on June 15, 2022.

Hurts Like Hell Season 2 Release Date

Hurts Like Hell season 2 Release date
Hurts Like Hell season 2 Release date

With the release of the season 1 trailer, there is a tidal wave of questions when season 2 comes out. Will there be a Season 2 of Hearts Like Hell? Fans are consciously wanting to know about Season 2 updates. Here’s an update: Netflix has neither announced nor mentioned a reference to season 2. No further information from other sources.

Where To Watch Hurts Like Hell Season 2?

Hurts Like Hell is a Netflix miniseries. It differs from his other web shows because it offers insight into real-life scenes rather than fictional stories. If you want to see something more unique and fresh than his usual OTT content, this mini-series with realistic renderings and
unique themes are the ideal watch.

As a narrative sports drama, we bring you something unique and worth knowing. It releases on July 13th,2022, so stay tuned and wait for the next season. Until then, watch the awesome trailer again to get a glimpse of the series. This authentic viewing experience will keep your audience waiting.

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