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I Am Legend 2 Release Date, Storyline, plot, cast, and More

I Am Legend 2 is an action thriller movie and is the sequel to I am legend. The director of this film is Francis Lawrence and the screenplay is done by Akiva Goldsman and Mark Protosevich. The main character of this film is Robert Neville who lives in New York City. New York City was affected by a virus where all mankind was suffering from the virus. This virus came into the picture when all the doctors started to invent a cure for cancer. Except for Neville, all mankind was wiped off. Neville had a strong immune system and something exceptional in him that safeguarded him from the virus.

I am legend film was released on December 14, 2007, in the United States and Canada. This film had huge ratings and it is a box office movie. People loved this movie and it received many positive reviews. This film earned around $585 million.

I am legend 2 Release Date

The official release date of the I am legend 2 can be expected in 2022 or the starting of 2023. All people are eagerly waiting for a sequel. People are excited to see this movie. We can expect that the sequel movie also can be a box office movie. Will Smith is a great actor he is the main character of the movie. He is nominated for so many awards and Oscar awards also for great actor and best picture. He is occupied with receiving the awards so the movie is becoming delayed. We are expecting the release date soon. As the movie is an action and thriller all people are interested to see movie and all are waiting for I am legend 2 movie.

I am a legend 2 cast and characters

I am legend2 movie has various characters. So many people are involved to play respective characters. The talented actors are

  • Will Smith plays the character of Robert Neville. Robert was main lead of the story. He is a military and virologist. His city was suffering from Krippin virus. He is immune. Since three years he was searching for a cure to the virus. Except Neville all the mankind in the city was affected by the virus.
  • Alice braga plays the character of Anna. When the virus has spread in the city Anna tried to save her life. She was at the Red cross ship, a member was affected bye the virus in the ship and the ship was wiped off. The remaining immune people, Anna, Ethan and other three people were survived.
  • Charlie Tahan plays the character of Ethan. Ethan and his brother going to school with their parents then he noticed that the virus is spreading in the city. Ethan is the one of the survivor along with Anna. Ethan and his family on the road until sunset. He was seeing the other families and then he noticed the Darkseekers, they warn Ethan’s mother and they took her.
  • Salli Richardson-whitfield plays the character of Zoe Neville. Zoe Neville is a wife of Robert Neville and she has a daughter, her name is Marley Neville. When the virus is spreading in the city Robert took his wife Zoe and his daughter Marley to a safe place. Robert protected his family in evacuation point. When a helicopter carried Zoe and Marley they were attacked by Darkseekers and Zoe instantly died in that attack.
  • Willow Smith plays the character of Marley Neville. Marley is a daughter of Robert and Zoe. When the helicopter is carrying Zoe and Marley, Darkseekers attacked that area and helicopters are leaving both of them by seeing Darkseekers. In that fight all the helicopters were crashed and Marley died.
  • Dash Mihok plays the character of Alpha Male. Whenthe virus were break out in the city one male is affected by the virus and turned into Alpha Male Darkseeker. After three years he was searching for his daughter in every colony where the daughter is under Neville custody. Neville is testing on her to invent the cure. So the Alpha Male targeted Neville.
  • Abbey plays the character of Sam. Samantha is also known as Sam. She is a Neville beloved best friend and survivor of virus. Sam is a puppy and became a part in Neville family. All members in Neville family took care of Sam. Marley gave Sam to Neville. After the death of Zoe and Marcy, in three years Sam is raised alone by Neville.
  • Steve Cirbus plays the character of military police.
  • Samuel Glen plays the character of military driver.

I am legend Storyline

I am Legend storyline

A virus is spread in New York City. which is actually invented to cure cancer, but this became a Krippin virus. All people in the city are affected by the virus and become Darkseekers. Except for Robert Neville all mankind is wiped off. His wife and daughter have died. Neville started working on the cure. Three years he did so much hard work to invent the cure. He met so many friends, they all helped Neville. Anna, Neville, and Ethan were attacked by Darkseekers and they escaped with Alpha female to Neville laboratory.

Alpha Male is attacking the laboratory door. Neville kept his life at a cost and at last, he became successful. Anna and Ethan took that cure and went to the military office they explained what happened in the laboratory and they also said that Robert Neville is the main reason for the cure and he kept his life at the risk for the cure. All started appreciating Neville brave act and he is the real hero.

I am legend 2 trailer

In I am legend 2 we can expect so many characters not only Robert Neville but also black panther actor Michael B.Jordan. with the two biggest stars the movie become a box office movie. All people are excited to see those actors on one screen. This movie has high ratings and all people are waiting for the details of the I am legend 2. The official trailer is not available as of now.

Where to watch I am legend 2

We can watch I am legend 2 on Netflix.

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