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Into The Night Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot Speculation and More!

Into The Night is a Belgian science fiction thriller drama television series based on a Polish novel named The Old Axoloti by Jacek Dukaj, Jason George created this show for Netflix. This was the first Belgian-originated television series that premiered on Netflix. The first season of Into the Night was released in May 2020 and the second season premiered recently in September 2021. Since the release of the second season, the fans are impatiently waiting for the release of Into the Night Season 3.

The show is set on a fictional story. It showcased the events of a plane hijacked by an Italian NATO Soldier. However, the same day a deadly catastrophe broke out in the world due to the exposure to sunlight. It then depicted the struggles and hardships faced by the passengers of that plane to survive by escaping the daylight. It is a binge-worthy watch for those who love to watch sci-fi movies and series. 

Both the seasons of Into The Night had only six episodes each making it a mini-series with only twelve episodes in total. The average runtime of each episode is around 35 to 40 minutes. The second season of Into The Nigh concluded in 2019 and since then the fans are waiting for any kind of announcement related to Into The Night Season 2 by the makers. This article will cover every detail and information you may need to know related to the release of Into The Night Season 3.

Into The Night Season 3 Plot Speculation 


The first season started its journey with a plane being hijacked by a group of people. The plane was on a red-eye flight and was supposed to take its flight from Brussels. Red-eye Flight is a term in commercial aviation used for a kind of flight which is scheduled to depart at night and arrive early the next morning.

The plane was hijacked by an Italian NATO Soldier named Tereznio Matteo Gallo. NATO stands for the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. It is an intergovernmental military alliance between a few countries in Europe and America. Terenzio hijacked the plane and demanded an early take-off.

Unfortunately, the same day a catastrophe broke out in the world due to heavy exposure to sunlight. The rays of the sun became deadly for all living organisms. The passengers of the plane were amongst the few survivors of the deadly global event. 

The show then progressed on a higher note. It showcased to us the various ways in which the passengers tried to survive. 

The plane then headed west in an attempt to survive the deadly sunlight and flew the whole night. The group of passengers worked together in order to survive and keep the sun behind them. They were supposed to deal with fuel shortage, food scarcity, and a few other problems. 

They planned to reach an underground military bunker of NATO. They somehow secured their way to the bunker escaping from the rays of the sun. It portrayed the conflicts between the passengers and the military members of that bunker. It was getting difficult for them to co-exist together. 

There is no official synopsis or brief which could navigate us into the storyline of Into The Night Season 3 but we can still speculate a plot on the basis of previous seasons. 

There might be chances that Into The Night Season 3 might focus on a solution to deal with the deadly catastrophe. It could also illustrate the scarcity of food and other resources for the survivors. 

Into The Night Season 3 Cast and Characters 


The official casting for Into The Night Season 3 is still not revealed. But we assume that if the show continues, then most of the characters might be retained from the previous seasons of Into The Night. The cast and characters, we predict might return to Into The Night Season 3 are – 

  • Pauline Etienne as Sylvie Bridgette Dubois. He was a former military pilot and played a major role in helping the passengers land at the NATO Bunker safely.
  • Laurent Capelluto as Mathieu Daniel Douek. He was an airline co-pilot.
  • Stefano Cassetti as Terenzio Matteo Gallo. Terenzio was an Italian NATO Officer and was responsible for the hijack of the plane.
  • Mehmet Kurtulus as Ayaz Kobanbay. He was a mysterious Turkish man.
  • Babetida Sadjo as Laura Djalo. She was a health nurse.
  • Jan Bijvoet as Richard “Rik” Mertens.
  • Ksawery Szlenkier as Jakub Kieslowski. Jakub was a mechanic.
  • Vincent Londez as Horst Baudin. He was a climate scientist.
  • Reginal Bikkinina as Zara Oblonskaya. She was a Russian woman who was travelling with her sick son, Dominik.
  • Alba Gaïa Bellugi as Ines Melanie Ricci. She was an internet celebrity.
  • Nicolas Alechine as Dominik Oblonsky. He was the sick son of Zara.
  • Émilie Caen as Théa Bisset
  • Dennis Mojen as Cpt. Markus Müller

These were the cast and characters that we expect might return in Into The Night Season 3. There may be a few more characters who will reprise their role in the new season. Some new faces can also be introduced in Into The Night Season 3.

Into The Night Season 3 Release Date 

The official renewal status of Into The Night Season 3 is still on hold. The makers are unsure whether the show might continue or not. 

Looking at the fame and success of the previous seasons, the makers might consider giving this thriller drama a new season. The second season concluded in September 2019 and since then there has been no news regarding the new season of this Belgian television series. 

We anticipate that if the show gets renewed this year then there may be chances that we might see Into The Night Season 3 returning to our screens by 2023.

Into The Night Season 3 Trailer 

As of now, there is no trailer for Into The Night Season 3. We will update you once there is any kind of official announcement regarding the trailer release. Until then, you can watch the trailer of Into The Night Season 2 and can predict a storyline for Into The Night Season 3.

Where to watch Into The Night?

Into the Night was the first Belgian show ever to premiere on Netflix. The first two seasons of this drama are available to stream on Netflix exclusively. We assume that the third season of Into The Night might also mark its release on Netflix only.

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