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Is Eternal Love Of Dream Based On A True Story?

Is Eternal Love Of Dream Based On A True Story? Read the full article to know the truth. Hey k-drama lovers! If you are wondering where to look to know Is Eternal Love Of Dream Based On A True Story then you have come to the right platform. Here you will get everything that you require. Read the full article to know if it is real or not.

2020 Chinese online television series Eternal Love of Dream, also known as Three Lives Three Worlds, The Pillow Book, stars Dilraba Dilmurat and Vengo Gao. The sequel of the 2017 drama Eternal Love, is based on Tangqi Gongzi’s book Three Lives, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book. It describes the complicated, three-life love affair between Donghua and Bei Fengjiu. Bei Fengjiu is moved to repay Donghua for saving her when she was a child. Her awe and thanks develop into love over time.

Is Eternal Love Of Dream Based On A True Story?

Is Eternal Love Of Dream Based On A True Story?
Is Eternal Love Of Dream Based On A True Story?

Bai Feng Jiu (Dilraba Dilmurat), the queen of Qing Qiu, is the only known nine-tailed fox in the entire globe. She was therefore raised in a luxurious environment, but she only ever showed her more spoilt side in front of the people she truly loved. She was a good queen and a strong, fearless woman in the eyes of the people she controlled. One day, when Feng Jui searches for crops in the mountains, a wild animal charges at him. Feng Jui is saved from a hazardous situation by the unexpected apparition of Dong Hua, the unifier of worlds and Emperor of Heaven (Vengo Gao).

Bai Fengjiu was saved by Donghua once being raped by a wild animal and once stranded in Monster world as a young kid. Fengjiu has committed to the event this life debt since he feels each grateful and indebted. She enters Taichen Palace, the residence of Donghua, with Siming’s facilitate as a fairy maid.

She trades the form of Nie Chuyin’s magic for her nine-tailed fox fur to transform into a daily one-tailed fox, that he transforms into a pet and carries back to his castle to guard him against the Ten-Lotus ward. Fengjiu departs the Taichen palace and heads back to Qingqiu once being physically hurt by Jiheng’s pet lion and psychologically scarred by Donghua’s option to wed Jiheng.

When Chong carver reports that the fox is missing, Donghua goes in search of her but is unsuccessful. serving Donghua through his mortal challenge permits Fengjiu to pay back her life’s debt to him. Her debt to the mortal Qingti WHO died to avoid wasting her is promptly repaid. She guarantees to resuscitate him once she returns from the mortal world.

Each in Qingqiu and in heaven, Donghua, and Fengjiu cross methods multiple times, and he like a shot develops a crush on her. Fengjiu transforms into a piece of material in a shot to urge off from Donghua, however, he takes it and claims it as his own. A cyclone washes each Donghua and Fengjiu into Fanyin vale as they fight Yan Chiwu.

Donghua arrives in the valley six months after that. In order to win a pimpon fruit that will revive Qingti, Fengjiu enters a contest. For competition practice, Donghua works with Fengjiu. Soon after winning, Fengjiu is dismayed to learn that the prize has been changed to peaches and devastated to hear Jiheng’s explanation that Donghua gave her the pimpon fruit on her demand.

Fengjiu enters Aranya’s dream by arriving at the snake’s labyrinth in his unwavering quest to obtain the fruit at any cost. In the end, Donghua saves her once more, and they both come to terms with their affection for one another. When Fengjiu returns, she uses the fruit to heal Qingti’s wounds.

Donghua does not attend their wedding because Jiheng uses emotional blackmail to force him to remain unmarried forever and prevent him from attending. Her body’s poison is violently transferred from her to his, and he forbids her from ever leaving the Monster realm. Fengjiu, who is broken-hearted, departs and begins a new life with her son Bai Gungun in the mortal realm.

Donghua offers her a ring crafted from part of his heart during their final encounter before fighting Miaoluo in the end, but she rejects it. She then unintentionally learns that Donghua is set to lose his life in combat, which motivates her to take part in the conflict and aid Donghua. Even if they are successful, Fengjiu gets hurt. Donghua runs across his son Gungun as he is attending to Fengjiu.

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