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Is Grand Army Based On A True Story?

Is Grand Army Based On A True Story? Read now to know. Hey guys! If you are curious about Is Grand Based On A True Story then here is the right place to know. This platform tells you everything that you want to know. Read the full article for all the insights about the show and its inspiration.

At Brooklyn, New York’s Grand Army High School, a public high school, the show follows the lives of Joey Del Marco, Dom Pierre, Sid Pakam, Jayson Jackson, and Leila Kwan Zimmer. The students struggle with a variety of issues, including rape culture, racism, sexual identity, bullying, violence, and terrorism. Grand Army is an American teen drama streaming television series that debuted on Netflix on October 16, 2020, and was created by Katie Cappiello. It is loosely based on Slut: The Play by Cappiello. The show was canceled in June 2021 after just one lone season.

Is Grand Army Based On A True Story?

Is Grand Army Based on a true story_
Is Grand Army Based on a true story?

Yes, “Grand Army” is based on a collection of genuine stories. Cappiello expanded on some of the concepts from her 2013 piece “Slut: The Play” when creating “Grand Army.” Cappiello and her writing partner Meg McInerney went into great depth about the writing process in the prologue of “Slut.” They founded the Arts Effect All-Girl Theater Company in 2007 to provide young women with a stage on which to perfect their acting abilities. They were also able to speak openly about their experiences with misogyny and slut-shaming in a protected environment.

Members of the group sometimes sobbed as they described how they had been slut-shamed for everything, including flirting with strangers, “strutting” down the hallway, having large breasts, coming out as lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, being Black or Latina, being confident or curious, kissing someone, liking sex, or liking their bodies.

Grand Army's True Story
Grand Army’s True Story

The plot of “Slut” was based on these tales. Three of Joey’s closest buddies are the rapists, not some random strangers. This is not the first drink she’s shared with them, the character in the play claims. Nothing about that evening could have possibly forewarned her of what lay ahead. Then, it boils down to whether or not her story of the incident is credible compared to theirs.

Cappiello and McInerney stated in the prologue that “Slut” was written and produced, to tell the truth. “This play reveals the harmful language, shame, and ingrained misogyny that feed rape culture, brought to life by actual girls. We don’t think “Slut” offers solutions, but we do think it raises important concerns. Apart from Joey, Dom also makes an appearance in the first play, however, she plays a quite tiny role.

What inspired Grand Army_
What inspired Grand Army_

Cappiello expanded Dom’s role in the “Grand Army” while also introducing Sid, Jayson, and Leila. This aided her and her contributors in exploring youth in the twenty-first century from numerous angles. The play serves as a form of self-reflection for Cappiello in several ways. She emphasizes several times in the early episodes of the season how Joey’s white feminism harms the students of color. She and Dom argue about this at first, but by the conclusion of the season, they can appreciate and understand one another.

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