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Is Road Wars Based On A True Story?

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From 2003 until 2010, Sky1 aired the police reality television series Road Wars, which was produced by Raw Cut TV for British Sky Broadcasting. Lee Boardman, an actor, has been the show’s narrator since Series 1. Actress Claire Goose served as series 7’s narrator for the second half. Road Wars monitored the activities of police officers while capturing the evolving criminal strategies and the UK police forces’ response.

Is Road Wars Based On A True Story?

is Road Wars Based On a True Story
is Road Wars Based On a True Story?

The program followed police officers in the Thames Valley for six seasons before moving to Devon and Cornwall for the final season in 2009. Additionally, the program includes some police films from the US and the UK. Up to the second half of series 7, Mancunian Lee Boardman narrated the program with a humorous and pun-intentioned style. The unexpected is always around the bend in Road Wars, according to Boardman’s opening narration. Is Road Wars Based On A True Story? yes, it is a real police tv show.

Malcolm Laws and Nainital Desai wrote the title song. Bill Rudgard, the series’ co-creator, composed additional music. In the first season, the title card simply said “ROAD WARS” in a red dot matrix. For series 3, a brand-new title card was created, which was later modified with yellow accents for series 6. Six episodes made up each of the first two seasons, eight episodes each of series 3 and 4, and 20 episodes each of series 5 and 6. An entirely new title card and piece of music were written for series 7 when the show switched to a different police force.

The final eight episodes were narrated by Claire Goose when Boardman departed his role as narrator. The show focused on the 14 members of Tango Victor, the Thames Valley Police’s proactive road policing team (also known as the Road Crime Unit). According to reports, they are also referred to among their peers as “Tango Vulture,” a nickname made up of their callsign prefix TV (Tango Victor) and the joke that they swoop in to grab arrests from other cops as they went about their work. This team’s video material is integrated with footage from international police forces (though largely UK and US forces).

Is Road Wars True_
Is Road Wars True?

The high-end, unmarked 3.2L V6 B2 model Vauxhall Omegas used by the Thames Valley Police squad was eventually replaced by unmarked 2.8L Turbo V6 Police Special Vauxhall Vectras. The unit is tasked with actively pursuing criminals, particularly street robbers and burglars, while also carrying out routine traffic enforcement (the officers are drawn from normal Roads Policing teams). Below is a list of the officers who participated in Road Wars. Officers typically appeared in a few episodes or just for one as a specialized unit.

The Thames Valley Police withdrew from the program in October 2008 due to concerns over how its personnel was portrayed. [2] The Road Crime Unit and the front-line Dog Squad of the Devon and Cornwall Police were the subjects of the show starting with Series 7. The marked BMW 3 Series and unmarked 2.5L Ford Focus ST are both driven by the Road Crime Unit. Eight different Road Wars series have been released.

There have been four special episodes, including two American episodes (known as Road Wars USA) that aired in 2005 and featured British police from the show visiting the U.S. to observe the differences between police and criminal behavior, as well as two Christmas specials that aired in 2003 and 2004.

Road Ways can be watched on Vudu.

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