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Is Shades Of Blue Season 4 Canceled?

Curious whether Shades Of Blue Season 4 has been canceled or renewed? Read on to find out! Shades of Blue is an American T.V.mbc series based on the novel Shades of Blue: 30 years of (Un)ethical Policing which Michael Rudolph wrote. The series was created by Adi Hasak, a screenwriter, producer, and former journalist, who belongs to Israel. Priscilla Porianda and David DeClerque are the producers of the show.

The show perfectly blends crime, Action, Drama, Thriller, and Mystery elements. The acting, writing, and overall aesthetic of Shades of Blue are all of the highest caliber. It had all the makings of a fantastic series. The main plot revolves around a New York Police Officer and a single mother, Harlee Santos, who is forced to work in the Anti-Corruption task force of the FBI while struggling with her financial hurdles.

Shades Of Blue Cast

Shades Of Blue Cast
Shades Of Blue Cast
  • Jennifer Lopez acted as Harlee Santos, a corrupt detective working for the 64th Precinct of the NYPD in Brooklyn’s Street Crimes detective unit and an FBI informant for the anti-corruption task force.
  • Ray Liotta as Matt Wozniak, a corrupted lieutenant working as the head of the detective unit investigating street crimes at the 64th Precinct and the focus of an FBI corruption probe.
  • As Tess Nazario, a detective in Wozniak’s team, Drea de Matteo struggles with her personal life, particularly her marriage.
  • Warren Kole as Robert Stahl, a handler for Harlee and an FBI special agent assigned to the Anti-Corruption Task Force.
  • Dayo Okeniyi acts as Michael Loman, a young detective assigned to the 64th who tries at first to maintain his integrity despite the unethical behavior of his coworkers but eventually adopts the life of a dirty cop by the end of the series.
  • Hampton Fluker as Marcus Tufo, a detective who likes to think of himself as a ladies’ man and frequently has to deal with his brother’s faults.
  • Vincent Laresca acted as Carlos Espada, a detective who works as the muscle of the squad led by Wozniak.
  • Sarah Jeffery acted as Cristina Santos, a 16-year-old daughter of Harlee and a musical genius.
  • Gino Anthony Pesi as James Neva, the brand-new assistant district attorney who has a love relationship with Harlee in the 64th Precinct.
  • Leslie Silva as Gail Baker, an old acquaintance of Harlee’s, an FBI special agent in charge, designates her as the mole under Stahl’s supervision.
  • Margaret Colin as Linda Wozniak, wife of Matt.
  • Dov Davidoff as Tom Verco, a detective, working as an Internal Affairs investigator who gradually comes to support Wozniak and his team despite his reluctance.

Shades Of Blue Season 3 Summary

Shades Of Blue Season 3 Summary
Shades Of Blue Season 3 Summary

Six months after two near-death experiences, Hurley and Wozniak react radically differently to their respective traumas. Hurley tries to start over with her, rejecting the shortcuts, temptations, and bribes that surround her. However, her ordeal in the Stahl Forest still haunts her, and visions of her apostate FBI agent haunt her. Meanwhile, Wozniak is driven to embark on revenge and reclaim his reputation and the realm of petty corruption and effective police.

At this existential crossroads, the crew responds to a midnight massacre deeply rooted in his NYPD’s unruly and corrupt intelligence department, led by Captain. Ramsey. Ramsey’s chief lieutenant Cole befriends Hurley, unlikely allies who once pledged absolute loyalty to their respective leaders now wish to pursue their moral paths—finding common ground in compulsion and conflict. Walking a tightrope between justice and protecting the evil forces within the NYPD, Wozniak and crew draw Harley into the crucible of her life.

Is Shades Of Blue Season 4 Canceled or Renewed?

Is Shades Of Blue Season 4 Canceled or Renewed?
Is Shades Of Blue Season 4 Canceled or Renewed?

Season 3 of Shades of Blue is the last and final season. The show was renewed for the 3rd season on the 17th of March, 2017. As per NBC’s announcement during the confirmation of season 3, they said that season 3 is the finale of Shades of Blue. Season 3 premiered on the 17th of June, 2018, and ended on the 19th of August, 2018. Season 4 was never intended, and the show was not picked up for another season. So, there is no season 4 for Shades of Blue, and it is canceled.

Where To Watch Shades Of Blue?

The three seasons of Shades of Blue are available to binge on the official site of NBC Network and also on other streaming services like Apple TV and Vudu.

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