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Is The Finder Based On A True Story?

Is The Finder Based On A True Story? Read here to know. Hey guys! If you are confused about where to look for Is The Finder is Based On A True Story or not then you can know here. This article has all the necessary details about the show.

From January 12 through May 11, 2012, Hart Hanson’s American procedural drama television series The Finder aired on Fox. Prior to April 6, 2012, the show aired on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. It is a spin-off of the Fox television program Bones, whose “The Finder” episode from season six served as the show’s covert pilot in April 2011. It is partially inspired by Richard Greener’s The Locator series of two novels, “The Knowland Retribution” and “The Lacey Confession.”

Is The Finder Based On A True Story?

Is The Finder Based On A True Story?
Is The Finder Based On A True Story?

As it is based on an alien invasion it is not based on a true story. Read further to know about what happened actually in the story. A veteran of the Iraq War Walter Sherman (Geoff Stults) assists a young child (guest star Brett Davern) in finding his lost father, a military pilot and war hero whose plane disappeared while on an unspecified mission after collecting one of John Fogerty’s (guest-starring as himself) favorite guitars.

For insider information on the missing colonel, Walter turns to Deputy U.S. Marshal Isabel Zambada (Mercedes Masöhn), who connects the lost plane to a powerful drug trafficker and its unlawful cargo. When Walter and Leo learn of this improbable link to the missing father, they not only find the crashed plane but also know the valid reason for the flight, giving the teenager closure.

Leo (Michael Clarke Duncan) and Walter, the bar’s co-owners, keep a close eye on Willa (Maddie Hasson), a girl on parole who works there as a condition of her release from juvenile incarceration. When a police officer was killed twenty years ago, Walter searched for the bullets used in the crime. Dr. Lance Sweets assists Walt in his investigations while also determining Walter’s suitability to take part in federally required investigations.

All-star baseball player Frank (guest star Lance Gross), Isabel’s new boyfriend, is robbed, and Walter intervenes to help track down his stolen valuables. Walter discovers Frank has lost something more significant than mementos via this process. Leo and Walter involve Willa in the investigation to gain her trust.

Is The Finder Based On A True Story?
Is The Finder Based On A True Story?

A magician named Preston Miller (guest actor Jonathan Slavin) asks Walter for assistance in tracking down his assistant after she disappeared during a botched disappearing performance. Walter and Leo discover hints pointing to a counterfeit currency ring with the assistance of Special Agent Judy Green (a guest appearance by Ever Carradine). Leo enlists Isabel’s assistance in caring for Willa in the interim.

Dr. Jack Hodgins of The Jeffersonian convinces Walter to look for an “Alien” spacecraft that was captured on camera by a departing space shuttle pilot who has since passed away. Col. Bradshaw, the other pilot, has had his reputation damaged for taking part in the disclosure by an unnamed government agency. His credibility is in jeopardy.

All is not as it seems, though, as a woman with the codename “Pope” poses a very real threat to Walter’s life as well as the lives of his family and friends (guest star Peta Wilson). In the meantime, the infamous Uncle Shad tries to dissolve Willa and Timo’s marriage contract.

Walter starts looking for the original after learning that a painting he had discovered four years earlier was a counterfeit, but Langston arrives with the bad news that their father is passing away. As a final request, their father gives Walter the responsibility of locating his ex-wife, who just so happens to be in the Witness Protection Program. Willa is battling her impending arranged marriage to Timo in the meantime.

Where To Watch The Finder?

The Finder is available on Amazon Prime Video and Disney+.

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