Homediscovery plusIs The Show Mountain Monsters Based On A True Story?

Is The Show Mountain Monsters Based On A True Story?

Is the show Mountain Monsters Based On A True Story or not? Read on to find out! Mountain Monsters is an American cryptozoology-themed reality television series that aired on Travel Channel. It originally premiered on June 22, 2013, on Destination America. Their goal is to prove the existence of mysterious creatures such as bigfoot, hellhound, lizard man-to-man, Wampus cat, spear finger, and werewolf.

It has over 8 seasons. Here are certain details about them-

Season 1 – The AIMS teams head to places like Wolfe County, Perry County, and Pleasants County to catch the beasts prevailing in the regions such as a 1000-pound Grassman, the blood-sucking devil dog, the lizard demon, and more to save the people.

Season 2 – The AIMS teams yet again head to different regions this time with deadlier than ever beasts to win the battle against such as a huge canine predator in the very 1st episode ton within the season and ends with their encounter with a massive bigfoot-like creature.

Season 3 – The AIMS team has special bigfoot editions exploring the countries of Putnam, Eastern Kentucky, Lincoln, Clay, and Washington.

Season 4 – The season begins with yet another bigfoot edition consisting of a stonish giant from Harrison County, a lightning man from Blair country, and ravens, and ends with the battle between AIMS VS The Rogue Team.

Season 5 – The season titled ‘secret of the dark forest ‘consists of the rise of the rogue team, entering the dark to capture the black wolf, and ending with the encounter with the woman of the woods.

Season 6 – The season titled quest for spear finger has the revealed secret of the dark forest and encounter with the Waya woman of Jackson County and more.

Season 7 – In the second last season, the mission from trapper involves the remaining members of the gang giving a tribute to their team leader and friend John Trapper Tice, and ends with their visit to the den of the smoke wolves.

Season 8 – The final season of the much-awaited and long-running series titled Tygart valley mysteries, includes the encounter with bigfoot, cow killing Bastar, huckleberry’s monster and eventually capturing bigfoot on camera finally putting an end to the Trapper’s mission.

Is The Show Mountain Monsters Based On A True Story? The Truth Behind The Mythical Beast

Is The Show Mountain Monsters Based On A True Story? The Truth Behind The Mythical Beast
Is The Show Mountain Monsters Based On A True Story? The Truth Behind The Mythical Beast

Similar to paranormal investigators, audiences are fascinated with the unknown. While it’s exciting to watch this team of “experts” try to hunt down alleged beastly creatures roaming the Appalachian valleys and trails, many of its viewers still wonder if Mountain Monsters is scripted or true. So, now let’s get straight to – Is Mountain Monsters Based On A True Story or not?

After a major blast with six seasons, the AIMS crew has seemingly come up with very little evidence that is scientific to expose the falseness and hollowness of the myths of mysterious creatures they claim to be hunting in the show. Throughout the series, as we proceed, we as audiences get to see certain unknown, unidentifiable blurry images and tiny figures caught on camera that they want us to believe were the live evidence of the supposed beasts and mythical creatures, but it’s hard to tell if this evidence has been fabricated or manipulated for the show. One must know that CGI has come a long way!

Also, if you’re a big fan of this long-running Travel Channel series, you may recall the episode in which Huckleberry was allegedly hypnotized by the Mothman. One may come to know whether or not the show is scripted through this episode. This may be the biggest red flag that the show is heavily scripted. While the news that the men are seemingly paid to act as monster hunters on the show may turn off some while other fans still love watching Mountain Monsters.

“I do know it’s fake, but I enjoy the lore and mystery of it,” wrote one fan on Reddit. Another added, “Some people I know don’t like it because of the scripting, but the lore is legit and it’s entertaining as heck. I love them, boys.” 

The Truth Behind The Mythical Beast
The Truth Behind The Mythical Beast

In the interviews, the character trapper reveals he has a serious health condition on Mountain Monsters. Following an 18-month hiatus or break, Mountain Monsters finally returned to our televisions, only to spoil everything in an instant for the fans as they received surprising news when their lead hunter, Trapper, revealed he is suffering from serious health-related issues. He revealed much to the disappointment of his love-giving fans ‘I’m facing up to dying. I got to,” the 72-year-old said to co-stars Buck and Huckleberry.

“That’s what’s happening to me. I’m dying.” It was not the. The first time that the Mountain Monster star has suffered a major injury during the shoot. Four years ago, the reality star suffered a blood clot in his leg, which forced him to depart the show. Though his health is deteriorating, Trapper has a different outlook on life and for the love of his fans he confessed “I’m one of those people that never worry about dying too much”.

You can watch Mountain Monsters Based on Discovery+.

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