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Iwájú Release Date, Storyline, Cast, Plot, and More

Iwájú is an upcoming American-Nigerian animation program that is being produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios along with the British-based Pan-African entertainment company called Kugali Media. The title of the series, iwájú roughly translates to “the future” in the language of Yoruba (literally “front-facing).

If you are a die heart fan of animated shows and want to know more about this fictional series, you have come to the right place. Hey! are you ready for this new upcoming fictional animated show? We are here with all the necessary details that you must know about Iwájú. Read the full article to know the information about this upcoming show.

Iwájú Storyline

Iwájú Storyline
Iwájú Storyline

Set in a futuristic Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria and the second most popular city in Africa, the series will explore “deep themes of class, innocence, and challenging the status quo”. Iwájú will explore themes of inequality and class divide.

The series is based on the reality of everyday life in Nigeria and other parts of the world. We will see in this show how the issues affect everyday society and how things change accordingly. Nelson also describes how the show will become an inspiration and desire to try and engineer society for living in a more positive way.

Animation is all about giving the inside image of the society we live in. From the darkest secrets to everything will explode through this animated series. One of the most highlighted parts will be the representation of “black African characters”. Telling a story through the African lens is itself an extraordinary fact of this series. It is to assume that Iwájú will show a hard and tough reality of contemporary society through its science fiction.

Iwájú Cast

As it is an anime, it will not have any cast members, it will have the characters-

  • Tola
  • Kole
  • Tunde
  • Bode
  • Otin

Iwájú Plot

Iwájú Plot
Iwájú Plot

Iwájú is a comic-style animated science fiction series set in Lagos that explores themes of class, innocence, and the challenging lives of people in society. How issues and hardships affect the status of society is a fundamental fact of Iwájú. Basically, this series will focus on the insight image of society.

Because it is difficult to forecast the plot of a series which is not aired yet and has no official announcement regarding the story or plot, it’s meaningless to say anything related to the plot of the show. As it is assumed that the date of the series will soon be announced, it’s only a matter of time before the fans discover more about the show’s storyline.

Iwájú Release Date

Iwájú Release Date
Iwájú Release Date

On December 10, 2020, Lee announced that WDAS and Kugali Media would be co-producing a new original animated series called Iwájú. In July 2022 it is announced that the series will be featured among other upcoming Disney projects.

The series will be the first “original long-form animated series” produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios in its history. The series is scheduled to debut in 2023. Although there is no official announcement yet regarding the date or month of the release of Iwájú.

Where to Watch Iwájú?

Iwájú is all-new original long-form series created in collaboration with Pan-African comic book entertainment company Kugail. The animated fictional series will be airing and streaming on Disney+. You will be watching episodes of Iwájú online once it will be aired in 2023.

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